– Hey guys, how’re you doing? My name’s Robby, and have
you ever been stressed? Well, you’ve come to the right video then, because today we’re doing 25
bright hacks against stress. Whatever that means. (nervous laughing) (upbeat funk rock) – Whoo, okay guys. I’m actually out in the
middle of the desert right now because I don’t wanna mess up my street, I feel like the middle
of the desert is perfect ’cause no one’s gonna complain if you just spray a bunch of paint in the middle of the desert. It’s biodegradable, okay? I made sure I got the right paint. – Good boy. – Okay, guys let’s run
over some paint, woo! Okay, so we got the car,
I got my GoPro set up, Now I gotta get the paint. I’m not gonna use all these colors. Which colors do you think I should use? Uh, let’s use green. – [Tori] Blue. – [Robby] And then blue. – [Tori] Pink!
– [Robby] And pink. Okay, let’s do it! I should have opened these
beforehand, I feel dumb. Okay, so we’re gonna go ahead and put this maybe like right here. I feel like this is
gonna destroy the paint. Oh my gosh. They use more like paint tubes in theirs, so, I feel like it might also
be a little bit different. But, it should be fine. – [Tori] Bullet casing. – I know, yeah we’re in the
middle of the desert, Tori. – [Tori] Oh my goodness. – So we got that one, and
we’ll do this one next. I really hope I don’t mess this up. I’m just gonna have all these paint things on the side of my car. I’m just sticking them
on my car right there. Okay, I don’t know, I
really hope that this works. I feel like, I hope
this doesn’t mess it up. Yeah, I’m gonna cry if this
messes up, like, I don’t know. Okay, so, now we just
gotta set up the backdrop where it’s gonna be shooting the paint. Okay, this one should work. (grunts) Yeah right here! Now I need something to prop this up. Uh… Hello! (rocks crumbling) I’m all good. Or a rock or something. – [Cameraman] And there he goes. (Robby screams) – Yeah, this oughta work Like that maybe, yeah! I can even sleep in it, when I’m done. (lullaby music) It’s perfect. (coughs) Okay, now we’re just gonna put this here. Ah man, I wish I would’ve
grabbed tape or something, I didn’t think this far ahead. This whole thing’s a mess! Maybe I should get it closer, you mean? – Yeah, I would say closer. – [Robby] Like that? Now I gotta reset the whole GoPro. The whole one GoPro. Yeah, that should be–
that should be good! Okay Tori, start the engine! (engine starts) – Oh yeah! – Okay, so it looks like this paper is kinda waving around. So I’m gonna have to sacrifice myself and go ahead and hold the
paper while this squirts. Okay Tori, go! (squishing) That was so lame! I feel so cheated! I feel so cheated! Aw man! Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say this one doesn’t work. I feel, I feel so cheated right now. Is there any paint left? Oh cool! We can do the next hack! Luckily, I think we still
have some paint in here so uh, we can actually do this! I went ahead and put
this board underneath, that way we don’t ruin the paper. So I guess we put a bunch of paint, oh that’s so much. Just like that. And then I’m gonna run
it over with my tire, that should be enough paint. (chuckles)
Yeah! I’m hanging this up on my wall by the way, I don’t even care what it looks like. You know what, let’s add the dots. Okay! Tori, time to start her up again! (engine starts) Now drive real slow! And go! – [Robby] Keep going, keep going! Whoa!
Okay now back up! Dude, it got all over my tire Back up, back up, back up! Keep going, and stop! Now go forward, okay now gun it! Tori, that wasn’t gunning it. Oh shoot. Well, this is what it
looks like when we’re done. Should we have her go
over it one more time? Oh, that’s still wet. Yeah, so that’s uh, this is our art! It looks great! Well guys, we’re gonna have
to say that this one works! Tori, look at this beautiful piece of art we created together. I mean, I put the paint
and then set everything up and then you just kinda
like pressed the gas. High-five the painting! – Ew no.
– High-five the painting! – No!
– High-five it! (Tori giggling) – [Tori] I don’t want to. Tori, come back! – [Tori] Rob! – I need to hug you with this painting. Oh well. (laughing) I didn’t bring a towel,
oh this is gonna be fun. (bright music) – [Robby] Oh, okay guys,
so here are our combs, here’s our knife and here’s our blowtorch. Let’s just go ahead and heat this up. That should be hot enough. Okay now let’s try this, you ready? I’ll zoom in a little
bit, okay, here we go. And oh my god this is so hot. Oh, my gosh. That just eats through it Ah, that’s kinda gross, okay. I’m not exactly enjoying this. How do we get it off? Ah, okay! I do it the other end? And it’s not hot anymore. Okay, time to heat it up again. Was that satisfying? Was this good? Did you guys enjoy it? Okay, yeah, this looks pretty good. A little bit, you know,
smokey but you know, a little bit of smokey
smoke never hurt anyone. Okay, next one, ready? Oh this is actually kinda scary, okay. Oh yeah, ugh, ugh, I
smell plastic burning. Is good? Stuck, It’s stuck, no! Yeah, this is great! Isn’t it nice? It’s great, right? Okay, might as well do
this last one I guess. Okay maybe if I put the
fork on the knife this time, Let’s try that, you ready? Oh, that looks so weird. Wow, okay. Well if you ever wanna reshape a comb, this is how you do it. This good? There we go, yeah, looks pretty good! Look at these beautiful pieces of art Yeah these are great! Why would you want a dumb regular comb when you can have these beauties, okay? Well guys, I’m gonna have
to say this one works! Pretty satisfying, I guess. (fast funk music) – [Robby] Okay guys! So here are our bath bombs, let’s just go ahead and get these what the, Toby!? Oh, oh! What were you doing in there? Uh, definitely not eating bath bombs! (vomiting) Toby, you’re not supposed to eat those. (vomiting) Well you tell me now I can’t get it out? Oh Toby, what am I gonna do with you? (groaning) Oh gosh! That was awful! Okay, I’m gonna go now. Okay, now that we got that all situated. Maybe I should’ve chose a pink background, I’ll be right back. Okay, here we go. That’s a little better, so here’s our bath bomb, here’s our knife, just gonna go ahead and start
cutting these bath bombs up. Oh yeah, that’s real
satisfying, yeah, looks great. I feel like I’m gonna cut my finger off, this actually feels dangerous. I don’t know, I don’t
really like this at all, I’m not digging this. I think it’s making my
knife really dull too so. I feel like this one, it
doesn’t feel very satisfying and it like just kinda
wastes a bunch of stuff. So I’m gonna go ahead and say
this one, it doesn’t work. You can’t cut bath bombs with a knife It’s just not a thing, it’s just not good. (pop music) (computer starting) (typing) – [Robby] I like this one! Where the heck is the Print button? Maybe I have to save it first? This is way too small of an image. I already know it. Oh that’s definitely
gonna do it, and print. Whoo! What, printing error?! (groaning) I don’t even know. I don’t understand what the problem is. Well, looks like we’re not
using a printed out Charmander. Oh, I heard something,
I heard it, it’s alive! Okay, we got more errors. Guys, I think this part
might not actually happen, this printer’s been freaking
weird for the past 10 minutes and I don’t know what to do. Can you please just work already? Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. (cheers) It worked, whoo! We’re gonna go ahead and cut
this bad boy out, here we go. Get outta here, we don’t need you. Here’s our coffee cups, they say “keep calm and drink coffee.” I didn’t feel like going
to Starbucks because, well, that would be a waste of Starbucks ’cause I don’t drink Starbucks. So it looked like it was
taped inside of a cup so that’s what I’m gonna go ahead and do. Right there, another one
on the back, there we go. Yeah, now it’s inside the coffee mug, let’s go burn this bad boy! Okay, so here’s our cup, put
it right there on my grill. It’s pretty windy so I’m hoping
that it doesn’t blow it away I went ahead and put some rocks in it, I’m gonna more rocks in it. Yeah, hopefully that’ll work, now we’re just gonna go ahead
and light this puppy on fire. (drum rolls) This is proving to be a
lot harder than I thought because it’s so windy out. Why is it so hard to light a cup on fire? Ah man, okay, you know what I’m gonna do? I’ll be right back, I’m gonna go ahead and put some lighter fluid in there. Yeah, maybe that’ll help, I don’t know. Okay, guys, here we go! There we go, now we’re cooking! Is it gonna do it, I don’t know. (dramatic music) Guys, I don’t think it’s gonna work, I think it’s too darn windy for this to actually work right now. Well, time to put it out. (metal clanging) Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, don’t play with fire,
kids, this is so dangerous! (upbeat rock music) Okay, so for this hack, all
I gotta do is cut some jello. But I guess the first step
is to make it, I suppose. Let’s see, I need to add boiling water. Good thing I got my water
boiler right here, turn that on, wait for it to boil. Okay, that should be about boiled. Put these off to the
side, here’s our bowl. I was supposed to measure
two cups, dang it! I don’t know if this is quite boiled so I guess I’ll wait longer, I messed up! Okay, now we’re really boiled,
put this off to the side Here’s our bowl, okay,
so we need two cups. Okay, so this is one, Oh, I got it everywhere, oops. And this is two, aha, perfect! Okay the next instruction’s add
boiling water to gelatin mix stir for two minutes until
completely dissolved. Okay, so I just gotta put the stuff in. Shake, shake, shake! Wow, this smells pretty frickin good, I haven’t has Jello in so long. I just gotta mix this for two minutes, once I come and get a clock. Okay, here you go! I hope I didn’t break the
clock again this time. Okay, no we’re good. Okay, I’m going to start mixing it… now! (fast-paced music) Okay, and we are done. Now it says I have to put this
in the fridge for four hours. Ugh, man, this is gonna take so long! Okay, I’m gonna go toss this in the fridge and I guess I’ll see
you guys in four hours! Okay guys, the jello’s all done. Now I just have to try and take this out and put it on this plate. Okay, come on, jello,
just please just plop out. Just plop out for me? Come on! Well, that is stuck in there. How to get jello out of a bowl. Remove and use your fingers to gently pull the gelatin
from inside of the mold. It should be easy, if not give– Wait, I didn’t use an actual
mold, I just used a bowl. It says “remember jello will melt.” (gasps) What if I put my blowtorch to it? I really hope I don’t crack the bowl. Okay, hopefully that did something. Is it hot? It’s a little warm. Ugh, it’s very sticky. Let’s see, did it come
out, is it gonna come out? Nope, that is very much stuck in there. Well, guys I’m gonna do my
best to try and get this out but uh, no guarantee
it’ll come out perfect. Oh, I can already see that
I messed it up, dang it! Okay, let’s try this again. Oh that sounds so weird. Oh, it came out perfect, whoo! Okay jello, now please
just move a little bit. Okay, yeah no, that’s not moving. That’s stuck on there just how it is. Okay, you guys ready to cut some jello? And here’s our knife and
we’re just gonna go ahead and cut this bad boy. You ready? Is it good, yeah? Maybe we’ll get some other angles of this. Okay, yeah, looks good. Let’s just watch it jiggle a little bit Whoo, that looks so funny. Okay, gonna cut it. Yeah, is good, you like that? Whoa, don’t mind me, I’m just cutting some freaking jello here. I mean, I guess this is kinds satisfying. It’s not that satisfying to watch but it’s pretty satisfying
cutting jello, I guess. Just cut it into the thinnest
little pieces as I can. Whoa, I basically just made jello bacon, come on, get out of there. I’m trying to grab a piece of jello bacon. Look at that, it’s a perfect
slice of jello bacon, I love it. Jello bacon! (laughing) Whoa, yeah, so I guess we can say this one is kinda
satisfying, I don’t know. The only thing I know for sure is uh, we know for sure we can cut jello and I’m pretty sure
that’s what the hack was. So I guess we can say that this one works. Okay guys, now it’s everyone’s
favorite part of the video where we re-create a thumbnail, whoo! Okay so first thing, here’s our
iPhone with a nice blue case to contrast that pink case that they got. Probably gonna change my
background up so this is pink later so the next thing we need is a fried egg. (fast paced music) Ugh I broke the yolk, this is useless now! We try again. (fast paced music) I think that this might be the one. Yes, you’ve got this, egg. And it’s perfect! Okay, don’t mess this
up, don’t mess this up. Come on, there we go, yes! Okay yeah, that looks pretty good. Now I have to full this syringe with yolk, we’re just gonna get our
egg, get out of here. Okay, I think these eggs
might be frozen or something. Okay, now do the old bottle trick. I got it! Okay, empty that out,
let’s put our yolk back in. This looks so freaking weird! Okay, so I guess I’m gonna
try to suck up the yolk using the syringe. Uh, let’s do it, you ready? Oh, it’s kinda working! Come on, oh my god, there’s a little sack of ,
like, the egg right here. That’s so weird looking,
ugh that’s so strange. Okay, awesome, we got our egg, we got our syringe full of yolk. I guess it’s time to
re-create the thumbnail! Our pink background, yeah looks good. So here’s our phone, zoom
in just a little bit, yeah, that’s looking pretty good. Now I have to carefully put
this egg on top of this phone. This is vital for this,
guys, it’s super vital. Do I have a spatula or something in here? I don’t think I have a spatula! (groans) Okay screw it, I’m gonna
do this with my hands, it’s like I’m gonna do brain
surgery right now almost. Ugh, this is so gross. Okay, and whoo, we did it, perfect. Awesome, looks better
than the original so far and here is our syringe full of yolk and that should do it! Phew, okay guys, thanks so
much for watching the video. If you liked it, make sure
you give a little thumbs up all the time, fire right down there. You guys wanna watch me do
more fun life hacks and crafts, I have a whole playlist
dedicated to me doing them, right here! If you guys are new, make you
hit that subscribe button. You guys want this shirt
or any of my other merch you can click right here. Okay guys, love you so much and I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love and WiFi (mumbles) okay, bye!

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