Tummy time exercises for your baby

When you take your baby home from the
hospital you will have been given instructions, which are very important,
that you put your baby to sleep on his back, in his own bed, it should be in your
room, close to your bed, the bed should be flat with no blankets
pillows or any toys, and this will ensure that your baby has
a safe sleep environment. But because of this we need to then give the baby
opportunities to help strengthen his shoulder and
abdominal muscles. So a good rule of thumb is that every
time you change the diaper, you turn the baby gently over onto
his tummy. At this point when you get the baby over onto his
tummy, you’ll see that most of the weight is through his face. So you can gently
puts some pressure on his bum i do this with the my forearm gently
pushing down on his bum. Bring his elbows in front of his shoulders and you
can keep them there with your hands and this will help encourage him to lift
his head. As you see his head come up you know that
he is beginning to use his shoulder and his abdominal muscles. You can do this for one or two minutes and in this way you’re insuring good
strength of these muscles which will help his development as we move forward
in the future. Once you’ve done this with every diaper
change for one or two minutes roll him back onto his back and this begins to give
you a good opportunity to begin to make eye contact with your
baby. Around the six week mark the baby can begin to see your face. Your face is becoming more clear. So this
becomes a time where you begin to make eye contact. If you keep your face nice and calm you
help the baby keep his head in the middle. You can even put your hand on
the baby’s chest which will also help keep the baby calm
and help his head stay in the middle. By you keeping your face calm the baby
can then begin to look at you and you’ll see that you will begin to make eye
contact and you may even see a gentle smile. This is the beginning of your baby’s thinking skills, the beginnings of language, the begins
of attention and obviously attachment between you and
your baby.

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  1. Hundreds even thousands of babies have survived with out of these tummy time there No manufacturing direction every babies different so what work with one may not work with the next itโ€™s a live and learn deal old ideas arenโ€™t bad just old

  2. Coolest baby ever, please i want to know when to this practical its after the baby most have eaten or before eating ? And i want to know how many day old baby is the baby so i can know when to start doing it for my baby becauae very very soon and soon he will arrive.

  3. This is so stupid. What's the point of holding the baby down like that? You just put them on their tummy and they lift their own head with no assistance. They also try to crawl and get on their knees at least mine did. Also they can make eye contact with you around 3 weeks mine did.

  4. My baby sleeps on her stomach in the middle of the couch she was 11 pounds 2 oz she has colic but I was a stomach sleeper still am side with a body length pillow ๐Ÿ„

  5. NO ITS ON HIS SIDE! If on his back, and he spits up, he can choke. Also, having all that pressure on his, still soft head, it can morph his skull. Don't watch out dated videos!

  6. I miss being a baby…
    I just wanna be cute again
    cuz my parents said Iโ€™m not cute as Iโ€™m growing up…
    Iโ€™m mad
    Now I will get attention and my sister wonโ€™t >:D
    Look at that baby,
    Itโ€™s cute
    And chubby
    Iโ€™m so jealous
    Look at him, so beautiful :O

  7. hi .. my baby girl was limp at the time of her birth.. she does not cry.. immediately put on ventilator.. she is now 9 months old . 10 kg weight .. growing well.. but she is not rolling or sitting till now..neither she hold objects.. neither try.. she is active while lying on bed.. recognise her name and sounds.. i m stressed bz everybody says that she will be handicape child.. will not walk or sit.. plz suggest.. its difficult to see her like this .

  8. Tummy time should be done while holding the baby their first month, at an incline, because they still get the urge to lift themselves and they'll be more comfortable in your arms by far. Newborns being on their stomach on a floor or bed just isnt fun for them.

  9. In the 80s nobody advised us not to let babies sleep on their tummy most of the time and it worked for my son ,, he slept on his tummy all the time and he is very well .

  10. My son lifted heโ€™s head after 3 days all the doctors and nurse were doing test to see why he was doing that they just came to an understanding that he is a quick learn and even started crawling at 1 month and walked at 5 months

  11. My baby is already and month old and can roll on her tummy on her own and left her head with out any support..

  12. So many ignorant people in this comment section. Just because people didn't do something a certain way in the past, does not mean the new ways of doing things are wrong. As humans, we must constantly learn and improve the way we do things. Sure, you can do things the old way, and it may turn out fine, but it isn't for the best. If your baby doesn't tolerate being on their stomach on a surface, then just hold the baby against your chest so they can practice using their neck muscles that way.
    As for the sleeping on their backs, it reduces risk of suffocation and death. Why risk it? Don't ignore this advice, it could cost your child's life. That should be enough motivation to follow it. No matter how big or small the risk, why risk at all, when it comes to your child's life?
    At the end of the day, ask your pediatrician for advice if you are curious about the necessity of things like in this video.

  13. Perfect video!!
    Short, simple and strait to the point
    Make more of these videos it helps new moms like my self !!!

  14. To loft the head we are not using abdominal muscles.. we are using the erector spinae muscles on the posterior side of the body. Still core muscles but totally opposite from abdominals

  15. Please don't do this to newborn – 8 weeks

    Their neck muscle and abdominal muscle is not developed enough

    Unlike adult, babies have abdominal thoracal breathing pattern in which they use abdominal muscle to initiate breath and expand diaphragm, the only time newborn – 2mo need to be lie on back is when you are burping them and even then not on the floor or blanket (you hold them gently)

  16. So nice baby boy. Ohh god pl giv us a healthy n cute baby boy jus like that ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™. Muaaahhh. So cute cutie pie…

  17. Hello mama can I stop water to my 2 months baby can I give him gripe water what is good for gaining weight for my baby reply me soon

  18. Great video, thats true, you should put your baby on a tummy as early as possible, but after a belly buttom heals

  19. You should this every time you diaper change and let them get a good fit on every time so they get stronger don't pick them up the minute they start fussing!!!

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