Turmeric Golden Milk for Incredible Health Benefits

My favorite golden milk recipe is right
here. It’s got a little twist, it’s keto and it’s going to give you all the
benefits of that ancient Indian ritual drink that can help improve your mood. It
can help as an anti-inflammatory, it can help your brain produce more brain cells
and so much more. So this is Coco golden milk that’s so cozy and so delicious
you’re going to want to end your evening with it. It’s got ghee.
It’s got creamy MCT, it has collagen and I started to get really excited about
collagen around 15 years ago when I was all over Asia and everybody was
consuming tons of it. So now here we’re starting to understand that collagen can
help in all parts of our health. Then we’ve got cinnamon, we’ve got turmeric and I’ve got some capsules because we’re going to use one capsule right in
here to get the high levels of the curcumin. Salts, we’ve got ginger, we’ve
got cacao with over 710 compounds. We’ve got a little bit of black pepper to
increase the bioavailability of the tumeric and we are good to go. We’re
gonna add 2 tablespoons of my creamy vanilla MCT oil. I love starting the base
of this delicious… Now I’m putting two tablespoons one two
you can’t get too much of that and you’re going to add two tablespoons of
ghee. So the creamy MCT has an incredibly therapeutic effect on your microbiome as
well as the ghee. I love the good fats that come in ghee and that it’s lactose
free. It’s used throughout India. So this is the traditional part of it. You’re
going to whisk this together. Once they’re whisked together you will use a
teaspoon of cinnamon. You’re gonna use a teaspoon of ginger. You’re going to use one or two teaspoons
of cocoa depending on your taste. We’re gonna add a teaspoon of monk fruit, if
you want to. And then we’re gonna get the turmeric in there. Now, here’s for the turmeric. I add one
capsule of turmeric in there because I’m getting that again the 95% curcumin
standardized right in there. So I know that we’re getting a therapeutic dose of
turmeric I’ve got it all over my fingers. Now you’re going to add your collagen. So
collagen is good for all your joints and you think about this you’re gonna add your
pepper. So I want about one, really one peppercorn and then you’ve got some salt
in there as well and the salt is helping with the electrolytes. Now this is 4 cups
of coconut milk so this is what I prepare the evenings for
my whole family. You can use different forms of milk. I like to use coconut milk,
some people will use almond milk, I find that coconut milk is superior because of
the high level of saturated fat that’s in it when you’re on keto. So here’s a
golden milk that’s cacao based. You’ve got all of the traditional Indian
ingredients in it along with sort of what makes it
more special the collagen, the MCT The golden milk keto style and
that’s it. So simple, so fast, so now you’ve got your Coco golden milk for a
cozy delicious treat that you can drink every night to really help you improve
your mood your sense of well-being reduce your inflammation and have sweet
dreams. So yummy I hope you love it as much as I do
thanks for watching you can click the description below for so many different
videos that we have on tumeric you can see on this channel who are completely
obsessed with tumeric and my fingers are covered in it too it shows the true
obsession. But really tumeric benefits us in so many different ways and you can
see all the different links. The description will take you right to my
website where you can find the recipe and so many more recipes. I love your
comments I want more of your comments keep sharing and to your good health.

8 thoughts on “Turmeric Golden Milk for Incredible Health Benefits

  1. Naomi, in the fitness industry there is a phenomena known as ''natty or not'' which basically questions wether the body obtained by the trainer/guru was done with or without steroids.Of course they are in fantastic shape and claim to be natural in order to promote themselves. My question is which works better, Tumeric milk daily, or Botox once every few months? If you had to stop one or the other which would you choose?

  2. Thanks for the video. In Ayurveda they say Never mix salt with cow milk which can invite disease.
    Note – in the above video it’s coconut milk.

  3. Naomi, this recipe sounds delicious. I was going to brew it up tonight, but I discovered I had run out of cinnamon and Cacao. They both go fast in this house.
    I look forward to imbibing in my curcumin cocktail every night, starting tomorrow. Thank you.

  4. I noticed Naomi uses coconut milk in many recipes including this one. Is she really using 4 cups of the full-fat canned coconut milk, or is it the carton style? I usually add 1/4 c of the canned to drinks since it’s so rich, or a few cups of carton unsweetened cashew milk.

  5. Hi Naomi
    You always talk about citrus bergamot. Do you have any cocktail recipies with citrus bergamot juice. (Keto please)

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