TVJ Midday News: Health Ministry Report Increase in Dengue Related Death – November 11 2019

good afternoon of ashen brown with the
midday news special welcome if you’re watching on one spot the
Health Ministry is reporting that it is seeing an increase in dengue related
deaths and hospitalization head of the national vector control program Shireen
hundred Jones says it’s this time of the year that they see an increase in the
numbers and therefore she’s reiterating calls for persons to immediately seek
medical attention once they have dengue like symptoms kavita’s Jamila pullin
reports the Minister of Health says more than 5,400 cases of dengue have been
reported in Jamaica so far this year head of the national vector control
program Sharon Huntley Jones says between October and February is usual
the time when they see an increase in the number of dengue cases mrs. Huntley
Jones says the results from this can be very serious all for serotype
circulating at one time or the other and the data shows that once persons have
been exposed to one or more types of painted they’re more predisposed to get
in the more severe form and so because there are population at large I’ve been
exposed to more than one time we are going forward we’re going to see
increasingly an increase in the number of persons who are going to be
hospitalized and unfortunately the number of persons but me it’s not
detected early that may end up dying mrs. Huntley Jones says despite the
warnings some Jamaicans are still waiting until the symptoms become severe
to seek medical treatment it’s why she’s urging persons once they experience
dengue like symptoms to reach the nearest health care facility we’re
finding the child not coming these are a more severe form so even if the fever
breaks got this dangerous people so the illness is accompanied by fever but
sometimes after this people breathe but the child is not resolved in or the
child it’s not coming back though these are her normal self
maybe called meanwhile vector control measures are continuing to try and
reduce the spread of the virus engagement of say 1,100 temporary
workers who have been engaged to conduct treatment across the islands in our
high-risk communities and they will continue to do so down into December and
probably on into March of next year in addition to that we have ramped up for
assaulting activities so the minister said a team of teams across the island
they have been following seven days per week in response to where we have been
cases confirmed and secondarily in our high-risk community shamil apollon TV G
news a man who was understand Thomas police most wanted list was this morning
shot and killed during an alleged shootout with lawmen he’s been
identified as Garfield right otherwise called foodie according to police
reports about 5:30 this morning a police team was in the spring garden community
when mr. Wright allegedly opened fire at the police now the police know the fire
was returned and mr. Wright was later found with gunshot wounds a firearm was
recovered from him he was wanted by the st. Thomas police for the illegal
possession of firearm shooting with intent and wounding with
intent there’s a call this afternoon for the relevant authorities to move with
urgency in building a new courthouse in Manchester following damage to the
parish court by fire last week justice of the peace Vivian Morris Brown who
worked regularly in the courts argued that the Mandeville courthouse has long
outgrown its capacity to deal with the volume of persons who use it I would
like to think of this as an act of God because it really provides an
opportunity for the powers that be those persons who make and implement the
decisions for change and for the future it is an important opportunity for them
to look at our optionals and optional means of providing for the
court system the justice system here in Manchester this is a good time to
replace what has been lost in the courthouse repair it as much as possible
restore it to its former glory what
move the justice move the court system out of the courthouse the needs the work
that it is required to do no that’s way beyond what it was required to do when
it was first constructed speaking with TVJ news on Sunday mrs. Brown Morris
says another issue is the manner in which files are being kept at the
courthouse who you know walking into the courthouse
the files old files are bulging this is not an institution that has become
digitized yet which is unfortunate and so I have been
able to observe those challenges and with people coming into the courthouses
people can hide the fan places to sit and if for some sittings they just have
to wait outside until their cases are called and even so the accommodation
outside is not what it really ought to be now last weekend Justice Minister
Delroy chalk said the government was moving ahead with plans to relocate to
the courthouse he said though finding land has been a major setback progress
was being made the leadership of the Jamaica Labour Party GOP is being taken
to task over its selection of a candidate to represent the party in San
Tomas now following the recent staging of the party’s error to council meeting
at the Paul Bogle High School in the parish a number of party supporters
expressed a disappointment with the selection of the counselor dr. Michele
Charles that we are not accepting a candidate in the name of mr. Chow’s
represent Thomas they told a TV Jen use that it is high time they are given the
responsibility in selecting their candidate when rwandan which I find it Patera been
prescribed in pills for support when I watch it no more
we are supported one opposition leader dr. Peter Phillip says if the People’s
National Party PNP forms the next government it will ensure people in
rural areas who live in to work on lands for a certain period and get to their
titles dr. Philips was addressing a and it’s no time for break but stay with us
more stories right after these messages please welcome back continuing the news now a
defiant defense of this afternoon to the government’s 2030 vision from sentence
by Mayor Michael bell nervous for him persons are only focusing on the
negatives in their assessment of the targets more in the support from TV J’s
Dwayne Anderson the 2030 vision to make Jamaica the place to live work raise
families and do business has been scoffed at by many as a pipe dream but
for sentence B Mayor Michael Bell nervous the pathway to vision 2030 is
getting clearer but to see this he feels more persons need to start looking at
the positives for him the marked improvements in the society include just
a few years ago people are always on TV calling and asking for justice want more
justice today that is not so much the call throughout all the souls that you
are doing throughout the country we haven’t had any situations where human
rights have been abused so we’re making good thread ways towards our third 2030
objective education is another area in which mayor Bell Navis feels great
strides have been made by the authorities towards achieving vision
2030 particularly with the removal of fees are the infant primary and
secondary levels the mayor was keen to stress education since he was addressing
beneficiaries of scholarships at an award ceremony as the Moon Palace Hotel
in Saint Anne the hotel donated more than 3.8 million dollars to nine
University master students this year in the hope they will reinvest their skills
and time in Jamaica for which much is given much is expected and I believe
that you are given this opportunity so you look at Moon Palace is not
necessarily looking to get something back from you directly but they are
looking for you to make a contribution to Jamaica the country in which you went
to school and the country in which most of the I believe every one of you here
have been morning so it is important for you to recognize that you have to give
back to the country of your birth doing Addison TVJ news parents of students
attending homestead primer school in st. Catherine are this afternoon taking
issue with the school’s principal ax they say they are not satisfied with how
they are treated by the principal the parents in a bid to have their concerns
heard staged a protest outside the school compound the principal lacks
professionalism she’s Volga she does not know how to speak including the parents
the parents have a concern and soared above the wishes of the community no
another concern relates to meal preparation at the school when 24 new
array Sofia dog children as somebody who loved me if you’re cooking me then 8180
CMS restaurant alone RCM 0pf in and our food government money no support
obviously that we need better kitchen staff and the food are cooking good
karma eternity in the food some time to shadowy to Jaipur our guest Ricardo
wanted to eat them made for the better no one parent recounted an instance of
her child first catch it funny Billy motika
mosquito bite him up over there an assembly Duma status that’s pretty
funny anonymity bloom there no calling for the principal to resign with
immediate effect while her camera was on location representatives from the
Ministry of Education came on the scene to hear the complaints of the parents
now we tried to get a comment from the school’s principal however we were on we
were told that she was not available Jamaicans are being urged to consume
more locally produced foods in a bid to reduce the country’s high import Villa
last year the bill stood at just over 900 million u.s. dollars the renewed
call came at the launch of the e to Jamaica month 2019 held at Megamart in
Kingston on Friday president of the Jamaica agricultural society Len Worth
Fulton so the focus of the campaign this year is to promote by Jamaican we need
to take a new look at the business proposition presented by non food
agricultural products and material such as bamboo lumber cotton touch that is
used all over the in the hotel industry party culture cannabis pharmaceuticals
etc these are as important for foreign exchange earning as any and other
horticultural products to which will make food more palatable in the meantime
Chief Technical Director in the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Monica
Gibbs noted that eating Jamaican will impact the growth of the economy eating Jamaican as you know has many
advantages one of the most critical of these is the potential impact doing so
can help on our economy by more Jamaican eats in more Jamaican and exporting more
Jamaican value-added products will certainly have a positive impact on our
economy meanwhile mr. Fulton is calling for the Agriculture Ministry to deal
with issues affecting the local production of ginger currently he says
farmers of the crop have to be battling the rhizome rot which is costing them
a lot that government need to take off because it was the preparation of tree
planting material through the SRC and borders and Rada I think that program
need to be continued but it needs funding so that when you’re planting
ginger you get clean planting material and also they just owe a seed bank at
borders which is 25 30 years late at the same time the Jas president is warning
farmers to desist from planting ginger we are advising ginger farmers not to
plant their crop unless they have it tested that it is free from rhizome and
no it does not affect the taste of the ginger what is a is a is a fungal
disease that affect the soil so it affects other root crops if you plant
yam are dashing in there you have deformity the Jamaica Constabulary force
has officially launched its quick response unit for Western Jamaica in
Montego Bay on Friday now 27 police from Trelawney’s and James Hannover and
Westmoreland completed a six week quick response training course Police
Commissioner Major General Anthony Anderson said training should become the
culture of the jcf the training is always taking place somewhere and with
some people and that nobody remains out of training in there indefinitely at
some point you work will pull you back into training we sharpen your skills we
enhance those skills and we’ll put you back out there that that’s that’s the
cycle ever going to it we’re working on institutionalizing that get it the
culture of training as part of what we do the commissioner says the new unit
comes a just in time for the Christmas season the new unit will be outfitted
with motorcycles to aid members in their duties in the meantime deputy
commissioner Clifford Blake revealed that more courses and the training are
being offered to police officers course with 31
and that driving course also William Stewart again I inquire the cost of
train I know that a lot of money is going into that training what you are
seeing happening here a lot of cheer has taken place
it means we’re whipping you to provide better service to the public at a time
of a sports raiga boys head coach Theodore Whitmore
is hoping the Jamaica Football Federation will do more to help improve
the national team’s performances going forward the country has seen its best
rankings in over eight years but he’s not a risk resting on the team’s laurels
more in this report from Daniel Drake the Recker boys is dominance in league B
of the CONCACAF nations League has seen them jump to 45 in the world and a third
in the region however head coach Theodore topper Whitmore isn’t fully
happy with the current state of the program speaking on TV Jay’s eye on
sports recently Whitmore says he wants the jmf to do more in terms of the
technical aspect we need some simple things
it might sound simple what we need to check all the players it we need to chip
in a one-hour session again it can’t be actually an in session finished no and
I’m saying to Jeremy Jeremy this is what what I keep doing on the field where is
a proof no is for us not to sit down as a technical team where we can cut and do
everything uncommon show Jeremy inside Jeremy and this is not any remote right
this is what I keep doing but I can come here and talk to Jeremy not all I want
and Jeremy in the most believe occurred German goes about caught up now
okay pool so so some simple things but despite his issues with more wants to
continue moving forward we don’t like to to complain you know we just want to
work work with all the oven okay the stakeholders everybody could see they
were that and come on board and join us for or was to be successful 2020 and
Beyond Whitmore in the past has been critical of local premier league coaches
for not cooperating with him but are no different as they seek to improve
football in the country everyone we try to other a coaches forum even
yesterday we had one you know because uh I don’t want the court is to feel like
the program belongs the topic are the program belong to Ricketts I mean you
know it’s for all of us and they are the one of the players we can recall so it’s
for us not to bring it to them to tell them listen to me listen the players are
not stepping up we need and to be honest yes dear you started to see improvement
where that is concern the reggae boys will return to action later this week
when they take on Antigua and Barbuda on Friday before hosting Guyana
next Monday Daniel Blake TVJ sports and that’s the midday news on Vashon brown
join us at 7:00 for prime time news package on behalf of the news sports and
production teams have a good afternoon

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  1. They need to let us know what parish they are finding the increase in because most person are not very acceptable for vector person to enter there home…

  2. A some 30 add years ppl a wait pon title & party come & go without this issue resolved. Doesn't it make more sense to just collect leases & never have ppl own the land so later u don't have to buy it bk from them if need be? Those are the gov exact thoughts & action & that's y prosperity is never within reach for us because of that scarcity mindset.

  3. 2 Chronicles Ch. 7: v14 – If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    ISAIAH 9: v16

    For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed.

    These Office-elders never knew that, whenever you make mass-over sea (abroad) purchases would create a high-bill backlash of Currencies shortage (deficiency).
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