Twinkl Wellbeing | Stretching and Flexibility Exercises

Hi everyone I’m Lucy from Scupt Fitness studios I’m just going to take you through a few simple stretches. So, to start with I’m going to turn to the side but you can still face forwards to show you. Just going to have feet underneath your hips and we are going to take a nice big breath in. Keeping that spine nice and long palms up, reaching up as you inhale and then as we exhale we are going to take the arms out to the side. Nice flat back Keep those legs as straight as possible and we are following through to the floor. We want to tuck that chin under and we just want to hold it there. You can hang, let that head go, and just feeling that stretch go all the way down the back of your legs here. So just a few nice deep breaths in through the nose and out through the nose. Nice and steady. Lovely. And just one last breath in. And one last exhale, breathing out. Ok, so we’re going to take the hands onto the floor. Take the leg straight back into a lunge. We want that front foot as far forward as possible, and we want that back leg as straight as possible. We want that chest over the leg. Nice straight spine. And we’re just going to hold that there. So you should feel that stretch inside your legs, through the hip flexes. We want to really focus on sinking the hips down to the floor. Again, nice deep breaths. If you want to deepen this stretch just push those hips a little bit further down and sink deeper. Lovely. We’re going to take it into a little rotation, so getting this spine moving. We’re going to turn open, open the chest up, the arm extends high, looking at your hand, extending those fingers. You should feel this in your shoulders and a little rotation through your spine. Holding that there nice and steady. Brilliant. Last breath in. And breathing out, exhale back to your lunging position. We are going to bring that leg back in to the centre and we are going to switch so the other side now. A nice deep lunge again focusing on pushing those hips down Perfect. And just hold it. Keep that spine nice a long pushing the chest out. Great stuff. One last breath in. And exhale. We’re going to rotate the opposite way now. Again, lifting the arm up to the sky, open chest, shoulders back, and hold. Good last breath in. And exhale coming back to the centre. Bringing that leg in. We’re just going to sit forwards with your legs wide. We want the balls of the feet together in out butterfly stretch. Here we’re going to imagine a piece of string pulling our head up, spine long, lifting up, chest open. I’m just going to do a few nice deep breaths here letting those knees sink feeling that stretch again in your hips. Lovely. And for the last breath we’re just going to tilt forwards. Take your elbows onto your knees. Sinking a little bit deeper, you want to imagine pushing that chest out. Don’t hunch over. Again, just hold. One more breath here. Brilliant, that’s it. And breathing out. Perfect. Ok. I’m just going to relax and we’re going to take a nice roll up. If you come to the balls of your feet. Tucking that chin under, hands on the floor. The tailbone is going to come up first. Hang those arms, hang your head. We’re going to roll up through the spine, vertebrae by vertebrae. Nice and steady in your own time. Lifting up, chin lifted. Breathe in, shoulders to ears. As you exhale, rotate those shoulders back. Nice and tall. Awesome. Give yourself a little shake. Fabulous. Thank you.

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