Two Hand Piano Training Exercise #1: Scales

21 thoughts on “Two Hand Piano Training Exercise #1: Scales

  1. Hey students,
    Want to learn more about how to play piano hands together at the same time?
    Well, I highly recommend you take a look at this playlist!

  2. Hi Tim. I'm a subscriber of your lessons and am a big fan. Question on practicing scales. Do you have a video explaining the value of leaning scales? When learning notes and then learning to play songs there's obvious value there. I just started to practice scales and have found myself wondering what's the point and is it worth it? Why not spend my practice time on leaning notes and playing actual music? Thank a lot. Scott

  3. Hey Tim, I had a quick question, should I be following your finger placements for the scales? I’m trying to play C and it really is a struggle to not want to just move my hands all the way over instead of moving my thumbs under my hand and such.

  4. Hey tim, i am new to piano but i am practicing sight reading for sure. Im sight reading river flows in you and badly wanna play it. And also currently practicing c major scale. Is it a good thing that im sight reading that piece?

  5. When playing two octaves or more repeat the pattern but whenever you see finger 5 replace it with 1 st finger except at top and bottom of the scale.

  6. I am just starting to learn piano but play sax so I know all the scales by heart so that is a slight advantage but fingering still difficult. I am doing these scales now but wondering why not go in the opposite direction of the circle – starting with C, and then F, and then Bb, etc. It seems most songs are in and around these concert keys. Thanks for tip on piano scales as fingerings are awkward for things like F

  7. Greetings Tim, so to clear it up and have accurate understanding, so basically your saying play the the left and right hand key at the same time when it hit c with my right hand i'm hitting c with my left hand at the same time right, i was confused because before i started watching your videos i was following a beginners books and it started giving me songs to play using both hands i didn't know if i was supposed to play the left and right at the same time or if i'm playing it one at a time….please help me clarify this, glad i found you on YoutTube, i really wanted to learn how to read music an your lessons helped a lot…

  8. Hello I subscribed please make a sheet music vid my mom told me to play piano I am 8 years old I am a boy thank you if you comment me OK bye

  9. The main challenge here is not to know and play multiple scales, but to be able to coordinate both hands on the simple C-scale by overcoming DIFFERENT FINGERING of the left hand and the right hand on the go and return. I control easily and fastly with separate hands only.

  10. Ok, i see lot of people teach how they play, mimic is not for me… I like how you give information of what is, and not make it how you do it, I hope?…I will refresh me as I dint play for long speciality is song and music writing…

  11. Can you also give a practise routine template? You said it could take 6 weeks to master all scales given you go for 2 scales in a week. Is working on arpeggios at the same time going to be beneficial or should one practise arpeggios after that?
    Would be great if you could provide a practise routine template for a day.

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