UC Davis School of Medicine: Affiliated Student Run Clinics

(upbeat music) – The student run
clinics have been here almost from the beginning, so they are part of who we are. – [Tonya] They’re part of
the safety net in Sacramento. Officially, here, we serve
anybody and everybody. (patient speaking foreign language) The students really pride themselves on providing culturally humble care and creating an environment where patients feel safe and cared for. – Our students are really a great asset, and their liberal spirit in this regard leads us on our social mission. – Do you wanna go back and tell
them what’s going to happen? – As the medical director here, my main job is supervising what is an entirely student-led effort. We have volunteers who
are both undergraduates over at the main campus,
and thinking about careers in medicine, and
first and second year medical students who are really early in their medical training. (speaking in foreign language) As a medical student, you
can’t wait for that opportunity to get your feet wet,
to really meet patients, to understand what they need, to understand what’s
the role of a physician to care for a community. That all happens in the
student-run clinics. – For medical students,
there’s no other experience that better prepares you
to be a kind, skilled, and compassionate doctor. – And this redness is
traveling up the veins– – Learning how to treat skin infections, taking blood pressure, but
also, even more important thing, that takes so much practice,
is counseling a patient about their health. You know, this is what
we think is going on. This is what we’re recommending for a plan to how to manage it. Do you have any questions? Like, learning those skills
really takes a lot of practice, and this is a great environment
for them to do that. – One, two, three, intake! – It takes about 80 of us
to put a clinic together every single Saturday. So that’s definitely one
of the biggest things that I’m taking with me, is teamwork, and that when we all
have a similar mission, we can make things happen. – We are very much connected to the whole consortion of clinics, so
if there is a patient here that has an issue that we
don’t have the resources to refer to them, we reach
out to the other clinics. It’s honestly, like this
amazing, powerful network of people who care. (speaking foreign language) – [Tonya] They’ve worked
very hard to provide really good care, not
just accessible care, but really good accessible care. It just shows you how
powerful students are, right? Undergraduates and
medical students to create a high-functioning clinic. – Not many medical students
have student-run clinics or at least their not
as robust as UCDavis. Our medical students feel very strongly about fairness and injustice, and we want to be a part of making sure everyone gets the medical
help that they need. – We gotta wake up at five
in the morning to get here, and it’s always, “Ah,
I don’t wanna get up.” But it’s the patients themselves. They are so gracious. They just always are so appreciative of the work that we’re able to do, and it really helps you sort of be like, yeah, you know what, I
am making a difference. – [Spencer] I can think of no
better way to remind yourself of why you got into medicine than to see and assist students
learn how to do it right. – We all go into the health professions for noble aspirations of helping people. But there’s much of the training that moves students and
physicians away from that. So this is a nice reminder
of what really matters. (speaks foreign language)

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