Using a Kickboard for Water Exercise – Ask Doctor Jo

Heyy! Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Here’s
some more aquatic therapy exercises. If you’ve already mastered the basic exercises, these
are really going to get you moving and give you a good workout. I’m going to use a kickboard
today, so let’s get started. You wanna put the kickboard about halfway in the water to
start off with. It’s going to give you a big splash, but don’t worry about that, you’re
in the water so you’re gonna get wet. Push out and in as you’re running. It’s gonna make
a big splash and really push in and out. The next one you’re going to do is go backwards.
Same thing, push back and in, back and in. Really make some waves if you can, pull it
back and in. Then you’re going to go forward, keep your whole body forward. Put the kickboard
on your arm out to the side, but keep your body straight the whole time. When it’s pulling,
you’re body’s gonna wanna go to the side, keep it straight. That’s working the core.
Pushing out, pushing out. Don’t let it push you in. Keep your body forward. Then switch,
keep your arm straight out, and pull forward, pull forward. Those were some aquatic therapy
exercises. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you would
like to check out some more videos, go to Don’t forget to follow me
on Facebook and Twitter. Remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon!

5 thoughts on “Using a Kickboard for Water Exercise – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. Are there strengthening exercises to do in deep water? (We are on a lake where there is no access to shallow water.)
    Thanks for your time!

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