Using Physical Product to Monetize Your Streams

Hey, you. Yes… YOU — Artists thinking about
releasing your next album as a streaming only release — I want to talk to you. Hi,
I’m Tony van Veen, CEO of Disc Makers. You’re really gonna do streaming only? I
thought we were friends. Now seriously, of course your music has to be on the
streaming platforms. You have to be on Spotify, on Apple, and Amazon. That’s where
the listeners are. That’s where the fans are. But a digital only release, while
it’s great for reaching a wide number of fans, really pays very, very little. Yes,
mega artists like Drake and Billie Eilish, they do fine with their streams. But
because the per stream rate is so low, most independent artists who I know who
are relying on streaming, they’re practically starving. So that got us and
the team here at Disc Makers thinking, “What can we do to help independent
artists who are getting streams but not making a lot of money from the streams
actually make more money from their music?” And especially artists who are
thinking, “I’m going digital only.” And so we came up with really an entry-level
kind of package that I think is perfect for you to try without putting a lot of
money at risk. And the package is this: It’s 50 discs in cardboard jackets for
$99. So if you weren’t thinking about this before, hopefully for just 99
bucks, you can see this is worth trying. It’s a beautiful, high-gloss, full-color
jacket printed on recycled board. The disc has
black on silver printing. You can do a beautiful color jacket. You can do a
beautiful black and white jacket. They’re lightweight, easy to bring to your gigs.
They’re done in about ten days, and, by the way, if you need them faster, you can
get them as fast as three days. You can get polywrap. You can get color on the
disc itself for just a couple of bucks more. But the point is you can take these,
you can bring them to your gigs, and you can sell them for five bucks or ten
bucks. And so, what you do is you take your fans from the streaming platforms
to your social media platforms and then get them to your concerts. And at your
concerts, you sell them the disc. And all of a sudden,
now, there’s a revenue stream. You see, it takes 25,000 streams to
make $100 in streaming royalties – or just sell 12 discs – you make
the same hundred dollars. Which do you think is easier? And that’s why we’re
here to help you monetize your music. And by the way, it’s not just about
monetizing. Physical product makes an impression. When you have a beautiful
physical product like this, it helps you build your brand, establish who you are,
it helps you build relationships with fans across the merch table when they’re
talking to you, they’re buying the discs. They love that. And by the way, when
you’re autographing that disc, they will have a memento that they will cherish
and hold on to forever. So come on. Have it convinced you yet? 50 discs, 99 bucks.
Isn’t it worth a shot? We’re here for you. See you next time.

6 thoughts on “Using Physical Product to Monetize Your Streams

  1. Wow! You have convinced me.

    I haven't worked with disc makers in a while- I have had my artist doing predominantly everything online, and most of our products are digital.

    However, you gave me something to really consider.

    That is a damn good point- in terms of the branding and having a tangible item in a person's hands, that leaves an impactful impression.

    So, you are absolutely right; and we will do business

    Thank you for this invaluable info.

  2. I do sell physical CD's to my fans, but my core fan base is age 45 and up! But The only thing about physical CD's to a lot of this YOUNGER generation is… They really have nothing to play it on. except maybe their xbox and playstation! The newer cars don't come with CD playersin them, Radio's today don't come with CD players, Laptops don't come with disc drives. etc etc. I don't even think most of todays generation don't even have CD/DVD players in their home. But 1 thing I can say is awesome is the $100 for 50 CD's in a full color jacket. now thats great.

  3. Here's what I'd like: A 7" 33 1/3 disc with it's potential 15 minutes total time with a full album download link individual to each 7". Feature 2 to 4 (or if you're a punk band 6) songs on the vinyl and include a download of the 40 min+ complete album. Fan gets a momento and the complete album in a format they can play. That's the kind of cool physical medium I'd like. Offer varying qualities of outer sleeves, with or without inner sleeves, plain, printed b&w or color inner sleeves, colored vinyl, picture discs, etc. Gimme 50 of those for $100, please…

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