UW-Stout: B.S. Health, Wellness and Fitness

(gentle guitar music) – My name is Victoria Lammar. I am in the Health,
Wellness, Fitness program here at UW-Stout and
most people call me Tori. Biology, anatomy, and physiology. Health classes and gym
classes really inspired me to do the Health,
Wellness, Fitness program. The other thing that gave me so much passion for this program is being a three sport
athlete in high shool. One thing neat about the Health,
Wellness, Fitness program is that we have a whole bunch
of different core classes. So, we got like, our nutrition core, health science core, and
then we also have like, business core classes, marketing, which gives us that edge in the real world and to other competitors
when we apply for a job. The professors here at
UW-Stout are awesome. The cool thing about Stout is that class sizes are 25 students or less and that gives professors
a chance to know my name, for me to ask questions,
and for them to really care. My polytechnic learning
experience here at UW-Stout has prepared me for my future. For example, learning how to do CPR, measuring vitals, blood pressure, pulse, measuring body fat, going
into the weight room and learning how to lift correctly and also like, wrapping ankles. Learning how to ice properly. It’s things like that
that makes it really fun. Stout really encourages
networking for their students and they also encourage to pick
one thing other than school. Just be involved, whether
it’s in the community base, in a student org, a club,
and that really prepares you to interact with people in the future. What I love about the Health
Wellness program here at Stout is that whatever you
learn in these classes, you can always apply it not
only to your future career but also, to your personal life. If any of you are interested
in health, exercise, sports, helping others, getting involved,
you should really consider the Health, Wellness, Fitness
program here at UW-Stout.

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