VA Digital Tools for Veteran Health Care Delivery and Self-Care Management

Hello. My name is Frank and I am a proud Vietnam
Veteran. I receive health care
Services at my local VA hospital. I use a variety of online VA
programs to help me manage my health and better connect with my
health care team as well as others in VA. So can you. From scheduling appointments to getting my VA prescriptions
refilled to learning more about the
health issues that matter most to me there are a variety of online
tools available. You can use a phone laptop
PC tablet or even the VetLink Kiosk that may be available in
some of the waiting rooms. It is all about giving you a
variety of ways to manage your health so you can have a better
health care experience. There are many ways the VA can
help you manage your health care tasks. First, we will review some
common tasks involved in managing your health and tell you what online tools
and programs are available for you to use. Then we will get to know a few
Veterans like me and you who use these online VA tools to
manage their own health care. To schedule an appointment
picking up the phone and calling is always an option. If your VA Medical Center and
provider offers online scheduling you can use your phone
laptop or PC to log-on to My Health e Vets VA
Online Scheduling tool to request cancel or
reschedule an appointment with your VA provider. You can also manage your VA
appointments using Secure Messaging. To communicate with your VA
Health Care team you have a number of options. My Health e Vet has
several features you can use to track your health and share
information with your doctor. One of the easiest ways
to communicate with your VA health care team is by using
Secure Messaging My HealtheVets secure
online messaging feature that is similar to email. You can send and receive
Secure Messages with your health care team as well as
other VA staff. You can share all types of
information about your health care using Secure Messaging. You can use other MyHealtheVet
tools like the HealtheLivig Assessment a health assessment that gives
you an assigned age that reflects your current health
status as opposed to your
actual age. You can share results with
your doctor through Secure Messaging. There are also online tools
where you can self-enter and track a variety of your health
measures such as blood pressure blood
sugar your weight and much more. You can even graph your
results and provide your doctor updates through Secure
Messaging on your progress. The VA Blue Button on
My Health e Vet allows you to view print
save and/or share your
VA health record with your providers inside and outside
of VA. As you can see There are lots of ways to use
all of VAs electronic resources to proactively manage
your health care. For Veterans who live a good
distance from a VA facility or who have conditions that make
mobility difficult Telehealth is a great way to
electronically access health care services. Telehealth uses
technologies that make it possible for care coordinators
to check on patient symptoms measure vital signs and
provide health coaching in the home. The VA Home Telehealth Program
will send you your technology which has an easy set-up
using regular telephone lines a cellular modem or cell
phones that directly link with your care coordinator to help ensure the right
treatment is delivered at the right time right from
your own home. Another VA program VA Video
Connect allows you to receive Care from your home using
real-time video to home technology. If you are interested in
Telehealth or VA Video Connect ask your VA provider
if its right for you. There are now different ways
to fill your VA prescriptions make or cancel your
VA appointments access your lab and tests
results and a lot of other information that is stored in
your VA health record. On My Health e Vet try
using the Prescription Refill tool that allows you to refill and
track delivery of your VA prescription medications. It is both fast and easy. Why
thank you very much! Also try the Labs and Tests
feature that allows you to view and track laboratory
tests and results done by VA and
non-VA providers. Should you have any questions
use Secure Messaging to contact your doctor. My Health e Vet is
an ideal way to manage your health history. Once you are
can self-enter and track as much or as little of your
health information as you desire. For Veterans with a Premium
My Health e Vet account you can access much of the
information that is available in your VA electronic
health record. The VA Blue Button and Vitals
Tracker have features that let you manage your own health
history. You should also know about the
new Annie app text messaging service that your VA health
care team may recommend you try. With Annie you will receive
automated text messages reminding you to track your
health readings and you can update your team
on your progress. You will also
receive motivational messages to help keep you on track. As mentioned earlier Home
Telehealth and VA Video Connect are two great means of
connecting with your care coordinator right from your
own home. The VA has also developed
Clinical Video Telehealth that connects you at a home or a
clinic to a provider elsewhere
covering more than clinical services such as specialty and
primary care as well as Store and Forward
Telehealth that lets you forward pictures images and
details on your health history to other providers in other
locations. Plus, there is more. Upon arriving at your VA for a
scheduled doctor visit you can check in and
update personal and insurance information by using any
available VetLink Kiosk just one more way to use
technology to manage your health. Sometimes you just want to
know more about a There are many ways you can
use VA online resources to help you find the information
you need. The Veterans Health Library on
MyHealtheVet contains a wide range of
health information for both Veterans and their
families. There is an additional medical
library called Medicine Plus and you don’t even need to be
logged in to explore either one. There are also many videos on
YouTube. Itis important to make sure
videos you access for health information are provided by
legitimate sources. Did you know some videos on
YouTube have been produced by VA to give you easy access to
important health related information? If you see the VA logo you’ll
know you are accessing videos that are accurate current
and endorsed by the VA. Speaking of web-based
resources are you interested in using mobile
apps to get health information and manage your
health? Here is a web address worth
knowing https//
That is the address of the mobile app store. On it you will find dozens of
apps pertaining to many health issues that Veterans often
encounter. Youve seen a quick overview
of some of the many electronic tools available to you. Now let’s see how a few
different Veterans engage with these tools for their own use. And why not start with me? Personally, I enjoy the
/ convenience of My HealtheVet so no matter where I am I can
access My Health e Vet as long as I have connection to
the Internet. I use the VA Online Scheduling
app to schedule my VA clinic appointments. Then I log them into the
My Health e Vet Health calendar where I log in my VA and
non-VA clinic appointments allowing me keep track of
them in one place. I like how I can communicate
with my doctors and other VA staff through Secure
Messaging. If I have a question about a
co-pay I can send a Secure Message. Its not just for healthcare
issues any more. I can also get email reminders
about upcoming appointments and on occasion cancel
appointments. I also use VA Blue Button to
download and keep all of my health records in one place. Here is another wonder of
technology. I live a ways away from my VA
hospital so I began using
this Telehealth blood pressure monitor to communicate with my
doctor directly from home and that has made a huge
difference. Now Im able to send updated
health info regarding my high blood
pressure – right from home. ThroughTelehealth there are
a variety of ways to communicate directly with
yourdoctor – right from home. That has really helped cut
down on my number of scheduled visits. I’m also always looking for
ways to better manage my hypertension and diabetes. I have found a lot of useful
information about both topics in the Veterans Health Library
and Medline Plus both available on
MyHealtheVet. I have even downloaded a health
app to log my food intake and my exercise to help manage my
health behaviors. Those are the main
electronic tools I use. Now let us meet a few other
Veterans and see what tools the use. Meet Mike who served in
Operation Desert Storm and is currently enrolled in
a smoking cessation program. Mike also uses
MyHealtheVet. The VA Blue Button tool allows
him to view his health information. He also uses Secure Messaging
to send updates to his doctor when needed. Mike has been worried about
his weight gain as a result of trying to quit smoking and has been keeping his
doctor in the loop through this secure means
of communication. His doctor suggested he use
the new VA Annie app to receive inspiration tips and advice on
cutting back on his long-time smoking habit. Looks like Mike is getting the
message! He also took the
Health e Living Assessment on My Health e Vet. Which was suggested by
his doctor. The Health e Living Assessment
results gave him some additional motivation he was projected at being
years older than he actually was. Now Mike is using the
tracking tools on My Health e Vet to
record and track his key health measures such as his weight and blood
pressure. He has even gotten into
graphing those results and has actually
seen improvements in his health. On the day of his scheduled
doctor visit Mike checks in using the
VetLink Kiosk – he likes how he is automatically queued
up for his visit. Mikes doctor told him about
the Vas ‘MOVE’ weight loss app as well as a few other weight loss apps he
could consider – and he is definitely interested. Mike is certainly putting a
lot of VAs Online tools to use. Just how many tools you
utilize is up to you. Here is how one other Veteran
is putting them to use. her as she is
hoping to start a family soon with her husband. This is Peggy. She served in
Afghanistan and suffers from pain and PTSD. Changing her eating habits and
managing her PTSD have become priorities to her as she is
hoping to start a family soon with her husband. She likes the ease of the
Prescription Refill tool on My HealtheVet as it
allows her to refill and track delivery of her VA
prescription medications. She also uses the VA
BlueButton feature on My HealtheVet. It allows her to view VA
laboratory tests and results and a few other non-VA lab
results that she entered herself. Peggy also discovered some VA
Mobile apps that provide advice and additional
information on PTSD that’s he downloaded on her smart phone. Soon she hopes to be reading
up on pregnancy and newborn infant care. All of these digital programs
and tools are integrated to bring digital technology to
Veterans like me Mike and Peggy. You can use one or all of
these tools to manage your health care. Through all the virtual
technology of these digital tools the VA delivers health
care where and when you need it. One more thing when I decided
I wanted to use ALL the tools My Health e Vet
has available to manage my health and my VA health care I had to get a Premium My
HealtheVet account. You see having a Premium
My Health e Vet account enables me to schedule
and manage my appointments online exchange Secure Messages with
my health care team and much more. I verified my identity through
a quick and easy Authentication process at my
VA facility. This protects
Veterans private health information. Veterans who are enrolled in
VA can complete the authentication process at
their VA outpatient clinic if that is where they are
typically seen for appointments. Next time you are at your
local VA if you do not already have a Premium
account ask one of the VA staff how
you can upgrade your My Health e Vet
account to a Premium status like Peggy Mike and me and get started in managing
your health care using VAs electronic tools. Join us and the millions of
Veterans who use VA digital tools like My Health e Vet Telehealth and mobile app to
stay connected to your health care.

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