Vertigo Treatment for BPPV with Brandt-Daroff Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you how to relieve vertigo with the Brandt Daroff exercises.
So let’s get started. So these types of exercises are for the positional vertigo, the BPPV. If you have
other types of vertigo, these might not help, but it might be worth a try. Just a
disclaimer to let you know that these exercises will probably increase your
symptoms and sometimes unfortunately it will make you sick. So keep a bucket
beside you just in case. If you have really bad vertigo, there’s a possibility
that you might throw up, but hopefully it won’t and each time you do it you’ll
feel a little bit better. So I always tell people when you do these, don’t have
plans to go anywhere afterwards. You want to be able to kind of just relax and be
in a quiet place after you do these. So with that said, you’re going to do these
exercises 5 on each side. You’re going to alternate back and forth, but it’s going
to be a total of 10 times. So 5 on this side, 5 on this side, and you want to do
it twice a day. So the trick to this is when you’re going down to one side, you
want to turn your head at a 45 degree angle. You don’t want it to be at a 90
degree angle where it’s uncomfortable, and you don’t want it flat down where
you’re looking straight ahead, you want it to be kind of in between. So as you go
down, you’re going to bring up your feet and put your head at about that 45 angle
right there. So not here, not here, but right here, and you’re going to hold
this position for 30 seconds. Now like I said, this position will probably make
most people dizzy if they have that BPPV. If you can tolerate it, try and really
hold for that 30 seconds because as you lay here it should start going away.
After that 30 seconds, you’re going to come back up and stay in this position
for 30 seconds as well. And again when you come back up you might be feeling
that dizziness your eyes might be jumping just a little bit, but as you sit
here it should go away, so just try and try and tough it out if you as you can.
And then after that 30 seconds you’re going to go to the other side, so coming
down bringing your feet up and then putting that head at about that 45
degree angle. So again not all the way up, not
straight forward, but that 45-degree angle, and hold that for 30 seconds. Then
after those 30 seconds, come back up. Hopefully if it’s still dizzy, it won’t
be quite as bad this time, and then again you’re going to go back
and forth until you do five on each side. So it’s easy as that, but remember it
might make you feel pretty bad, so make sure you don’t have anywhere you have
to go right afterwards, and make sure you have a bucket just in case, but the more
you do it, the better you’ll feel. And try and do this twice a day for at least two
weeks, and if it’s that BPPV, it really should go away. But even if it goes away
within a couple days, I still recommend to go ahead and do it for the whole two
weeks just to make sure that that you’ve got everything realigned in that inner
ear. So if you’d like to help support our website and channel, click up here, and
don’t forget to subscribe down here. And remember, be safe (have that bucket), have fun
(no more dizziness), and I hope you feel better soon.

77 thoughts on “Vertigo Treatment for BPPV with Brandt-Daroff Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. i have asked bppv in practical exam and i had no idea about it after that i studied about it on net. and this video is really helpful for . i wanna tell you topics which came in my mind soon or after you posted video related to that last time IT band strech and now bppv .

  2. Check out my demonstration of Gaze Stabilization Techniques for Vertigo in this video:

  3. I was diagnosed with vertigo in both ears. Will this exercise still work? It seems like doing both sides, like in the video, it should still work. Also, how many times should you go back and forth for?

  4. Do these excercises actually shift the crystals out of the canal or does it get your brain used to the movement of these particles?

  5. Hello ! Thanks a lot that tutorial . Just a quick question-Can we continue to do it even after two weeks on regular basis ?

  6. Wow – had a nasty attack of this yesterday (reminded me of when I had a concussion). I think I got it from straining my head/neck/back while chopping overhead ice with a heavy axe. Anyway – I tried this and woke up this morning absolutely fine!!! No dizziness. I tried to keep my head in that 45 Degree angle while I slept. Thanks for posting this!

  7. is vertgo related to acid reflux?? coz iam having an attack of dizziness or vertigo when my stomach acid is getting worse? help me iam suffering looks like every 2 years..

  8. Doctor i am suffering from both headache and vertigo since six months ago. I did my almost whole body check up but the doctor said everything is fyn.. but one of my ent doctor guess may be it is vestibular migrane …he gave me some medicine to control vertigo and pain killer for headache.. but he said that he isnt sure if my vertigo will be cure permanently.. im really depress because of this.. i need some advice …can you please tell me what shall i do ?

  9. Thank you. This exercise has been recommended to me by a doctor at the House Ear Clinic. He said it's the best thing a person can do at home to get those crystals back to where they came from. He also said that it will stretch out the times before every attack. So glad you posted. Vertigo is anxiety producing and depressing. Just knowing we can help ourselves helps. I do these exercises, not fun, but helpful. I just had a vertigo attack after four years since my last one!!! Thank God that it was so long ago. I think it would be a good idea to just incorporate this into daily exercise routine. I had sort of forgotten about vertigo until it hit with a vengenance. Thanks again, hope others find the help that I did with this exercise.

  10. hi mam please please help me out with this , this is for my mom ,
    its been a three years now during which I had visited two doctors in two different hospitals ,
    answer which I had received is that its bppv , calcium crystal in right ear
    so I was advised to do Brandt daroff exercise which we were doing that time my mom was happened with it after that she stooped doing that and after 9 month it started giving a problem agian in rainy season.

    situation when it attack
    1 my mom is not able to balance her /she can not stand
    2 she feels thirsty ,long breath , sweating headache,all these are remained around one to two minutes now , because in starting it was more than this .

    please advise what it is ?
    how can we be resolved by it ?
    please help
    I will be very grateful to you mam please help

  11. Thank you for this. I get the vertigo and probably every 6 months give or take. Started feeling it last night as I slept, if I rolled onto my side. I'm like, ok… I know what's happening. Hopefully, because it's just starting this will eradicate it before it gets too bad and ruins my plans. I notice it's definitely affecting my right side significantly more. Is that normal? Still do both sides though, right? Just did the exercise. Felt like it got somewhat better as I was doing it. It's not fun though!

  12. Hi mam i have been doing this same exercise as advised by my doctor for the last 5 days.
    I am feeling better and also dizziness that i use to get after the exercise has reduced completely (gradually).
    But at times i feel sense of fatigue and a sudden feel of dizziness in a flash when i am
    fully concentrating on a thing and make sudden eye movements.kindly help me to know why i am getting these implication.

    Before i start doing this exercise i didnt face any of the above implication but only a sense of dizziness when i lie down.

  13. Hi dr I had bppv twice within 2 months so when I went to doctor he did the epley excersis to me but no vertigo happened then he said ok u can go u r ok now … is that true

  14. Doctor Jo, Hi, I was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease about four years ago. Through these four years I’ve been struggling with vertigo. I’ve tried the epely maneuver with little success. Currently having a week of not being able to function. Been to my clinic and they try the epely, but it still doesn’t work. Even trying this and I’m still having no relief. 2-4 major episodes each day. Any advice? I’ve never had the vertigo last more than a day or two. Thanks

  15. I have vertigo and diagnosed with vestibulopathy. The physiotherapy had taught me on this exercise. How long do i have to do it?

  16. OMG my wife put way too much Adobe seasoning on dinner last night and I got super dizzy BPPV from it. I did these exercises and got super dizzy on the laying down on both sides. I can feel my eyes twitching back and forth when I close my eyes. I did one round and felt a little better, I'm too chicken to keep going lol.

  17. Where did you get that shirt?! I'd love to get some for the PTs I'm working with! 😊 thanks for the video, a dr gave me a paper with this exercise, but the picture isn't clear.

  18. Thanks so much. So if I feel dizzy when doing this, laying on my left shoulder and looking (up) to the right…does that mean its on my right or left side? (My left ear often feels plugged but Dr sees nothing when he looks).

  19. my ears are crackling and sometimes when it rains i feel pressure . going to give a go. i had vertigo from a broken nose years ago where fluid from sinus built up in inner ear. lets see.. ☺

  20. I was diagnosed with pastural vertigo..came all of a sudden.
    I am trying this..I only get dizzy when I do this on my right side..not much on the left does that mean it's my right year?

  21. I’ve had this feeling for over 6 weeks now, its triggered based off my head positions (usually laying down) it happened randomly while I slept & woke me up. It started on my left side (2 weeks) then switch to my right (4 weeks-current) is that common? Do I do both Epley & Bandt exercise together? How many times a day? Also, will it be gone forever if the exercises work or is this something I live with for the rest of my life?

  22. My vertigo on my right side has returned again in last couple of days.., but a lot milder than before. is it common for it to come back?

  23. Can I do this with other exercises for Bppv? I tend to have it on my right side pretty consistently. I usually sit on my bed with pillow behind my shoulders, turn my heat 45 degrees to the right, then go down quickly. Stay for 60 seconds, then turn my head to the left, wait 60 seconds,roll onto my stomach, wait, then get up slowly facing the left..I’d like to incorporate this with yours! Ok or no ? Thank you

  24. Thanks for the helpful videos. I have been diagnosed with BPPV (right ear) by my doctor. He told me to do the Epley maneuvers once a day. I have done them twice since then. Should I continue doing those to see if they work (not cured yet) before attempting the ones you are demonstrating here ? In other words should they be combined ?

    Also, can someone be physically active with this condition ? I've been working out several times a week since always it seems and now, I'm afraid to do just about anything involving weights especially while lying down (presses).

  25. Would you consider the B-D exercises a maintenance when the bppv returns? I'm going to my second Epley tomorrow. My bppv occurs several times a year, almost seasonal with allergies.

  26. Dr. Joe great video. But I have a question. The neurologists we went to told us to do it FAST! Almost like throwing yourself down and then fast up. I much prefer how you are doing it since there us less likelihood if hurting your neck. So can we do it slowly like you performed it? Thank you Dr. Joe! Kathy

  27. Ok…twice a day for two weeks…but in one exercise how many Times up and down from side to side and sit??!

  28. I get VR Sickness (Virtual Reality sickness), sometimes I get dizzy when staring at something and also when going down steps I get a bit dizzy. Would this help me with my problem?

  29. Okay my question is can this activate vertigo if you don't have it? I've always been worried about the movements I've seen because I feel like they would knock the crystals out in the first place, but also maybe knock out more of them.
    Thank you SO much for warning that it can make it worse at first because you are moving the crystals during. When I first had an attack, we read up on it and tried some of the moves, it got SO much worse. I was terrified and went to the ER. There was no warning on doing those movements that it can get worse at first. I've been VERY scared to ever try any exercises myself since then.

  30. I haven’t officially been diagnosed with vertigo yet, but can I try this anyways to see if it helps? Or should I wait for a proper diagnosis first?

  31. Soy Otoneurologo en México!!! Ahora todos mis pacientes tienen tu vídeo…. Sinceramente: Gracias 😉

  32. Hi Doctor Jo. Thank you for this demonstration. I had the Epley done today because I have BPPV by my ENT Doctor. How long you think I should wait to do the Brandt Daroff exercise? The ENT Dr said tomorrow but how would I know it’s necessary. I don’t want to undue what he did with Epley. I hear different instructions from other ENT Doctos and the reading material he gave so it’s confusing . The reading material i was reading today says to do the B-D only if the Epley fails. What do you think? Thank you

  33. Hi doctor! Ive been diagnosed by a specialist that i have bppv and its been a month now doing all these maneuvers with no progress.. how long do u think it will take to heal?

  34. Hi Dr. Jo. Well, I have been doing the B-D exercises for almost two weeks now and still get some minor dizziness when I initially go down on my right side and then sit up. I have been diagnosed with BPPV (loose crystals). Shall I keep doing these exercises beyond the 2 weeks? I am determined. I have also had the Eply maneuver done a few times by a qualified physiotherapist back in the spring but when I fell a month ago, my vertigo came back so thought I would try the B-D exercises. I also do the stabilizing eye exercises when I remember. Thanks.

  35. Thanks so much for the info, will certainly share. Question; isn’t there another exercise for same where you start from a kneeling position and lean forward and head towards side?? Or similar to that?? Is that for something else? Thanks again

  36. Hi Doctor ..I am having a similar symptoms like vertigo, when i undergone VEMP test, the impression denotes "Indicative of Sacculo collic reflex pathway disfunction" does this impression is something serious, if I do this exercise for this impression do I get a cure, kindly advise

  37. Doctor shall i repeat more than 2 times a day or when ever I feel uneasy like feel drowsy (actually when I am not feel sleepy) or when I am feeling on top of my head some weight added or both on. Since I am getting the dizziness when the above symptoms (both) starts

  38. It is very good excercise. But tell me, should i combine with some other excersice such as epley manevoeur? I really hope your excercise is enough because it is simple and it works almost allways. You say 2x per day, for 2 weeks.

  39. Mam I'm 20 years old. My father is also suffering from this so am I.
    Please tell how long should I continue this exercise? Can this vertigo be cured completely?

  40. Buy a printable worksheet with the Brandt-Daroff Exercise in this video here:

  41. Do you have any opinion on when to perform this exercise? I had been doing the Semont maneuver once a night about 10 minutes before going to bed.

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