Vlog: What We Ate On "Mary's Mini" McDougall Potato Diet (Days 1-5)

Jessica yeah I was expecting this to be harder me too welcome to Crocs in the kitchen and I am Brian as many of you know we are currently doing what is called Mary's mini we put out a video earlier this week all about it and why we're doing it and what it is so if you want to go check out that video if you haven't already seen it then you can learn more about Mary's mini and what it actually is but why don't you give them a just brief summary just in case a brief summary of Mary's mini what it is is that you pick one starch be it potato acorn squash brown rice quinoa something along those lines and your primary thing that you will eat over a 10-day period is that one starch so of course we chose potatoes because that's what we started out with when we kicked off our whole food plant-based diet yes so this is based on a diet created by dr. mcdougal and his wife Mary mcdougal and that's why it's called Mary's mini but like we said we did a whole other video explaining all about that so check out the link in the description below for more information on that so we wanted to do a better job of documenting this then we did our potato time when we did the plain two weeks of potatoes which you can also find a link to a video about that if you haven't seen that we didn't really know great job documenting we filmed random things here and there but we wanted a really document like everything that we've eaten during this this 10-day period and all that yeah so we're currently at what is this the end of day six so right now we're gonna show you the vlogs that we recorded four days one through five and go through you know how we're doing on it so far if you can't wait between videos getting updates here you can find us on Instagram Jessica is posting everything that we eat while on the Mary's many giving little video updates on stuff and just generally having a blast it seems posting things to Instagram but please if you want to check us out on find us on Instagram and we would greatly appreciate that follow yes and a lot of there's actually people who've joined in our Mary's many and they are posting their photos on Instagram too so anybody who tags me on their potato photos I've been reposting those to our story as well so it's just a really fun way to interact with you guys so let's go way back to the past Monday when we started our Mary's mini what are you staring at [Applause] so today was day number one of our very many one day down it was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be I was definitely easier than the first day of our plane potatoes oh yeah the first day of playing potatoes was horrible so we started out the day with hash browns for breakfast we bought a bunch of frozen ones and we put them on the griddle ER and then we use some spicy ketchup on it which was really tasty yep the only complaint I have from breakfast was I feel like we should have eaten a little bit more maybe add it in some veggies or greens or something with it because I got hungry around 10:30 which normally does not happen for me so yeah definitely more and then for lunch once we had like three smallish baked potatoes with a bag of mixed vegetables and I topped mine with some of our chili cheese mix and some salsa and I know Jessica topped hers with some yellow mustard and yes it was really good I think mixing the veggies with the potatoes definitely helped it added a little bit more moisture to the whole situation different textures different textures so you know it was really good the only thing again they're around like 4:30 or 5:00 I got hungry again and I didn't have any more potatoes with me at work so definitely need to figure out you know having a little extra stuff with me just in case but it was nothing Kurt you know there's nothing wrong with going hungry for a bit like you're not gonna die then I told Brian I texted him I said I want a potato feast for dinner so I came home and he was furiously running around the kitchen doing three different kinds of potatoes all the ones yeah I made mashed potatoes I made roasted potatoes and I made potato chips yes I think my favorite was definitely the mashed potatoes mashed potatoes was actually really nice I've boiled the potatoes in some salted water and and mashed it with some veggie broth and then added in some nutritional yeast simple it was just that simple mixed it all up bing-bang-boom mashed potatoes on top of mine it was and I added a little bit of garlic or no salt seasoning on top yeah all of it was really good I contributed by cooking a frozen bag of broccoli in the microwave yeah and adding a little bit of seasoning to that and that was my contribution to dinner so yeah I'm I'm excited for the next day the only thing that I've been having today throughout the day is at the end of each meal I kind of want something sweet usually and so usually I'll have fruit or just maybe a tiny piece of like this vegan chocolate bar that I love and I can't have that nope it's like kind of driving me mad like I I just want something sweet at the end of the meal and you know but that's I think it's good to do something like this where you you realize the cravings that you're actually having and kind of reevaluate that yeah the thing that I'm actually most excited about now for the ten days after today is just I think we're just gonna be forced to do so much kind of more experimenting with cooking and but with simple cooking which is really nice like it's nice to have a simple mashed potato recipe in your real house it's like and we never had tried that out before yeah um so I'm very excited to see what else Brian I'm calculating that crazy head of his I got I got a few ideas percolating I want him to be a potato master by the end of this yes Brian the great potato master anyway did you have any any issues the only thing that I wanted was today was an apple that was the only sweet thing I actually kind of craved at any given point it was just a nice cold Apple but yeah you know didn't have any so couldn't have one yeah is what it is all right well we'll check back in for day number two and see how we're doing all right so day number two started out and we actually were not feeling very well at all we were we were both feeling a bit sick to our stomachs and just generally felt kind of weak and tired and stuff it was not a good start to the day and so we we don't really have like a lot of footage at least from the the get-go what do you think for me it was actually just that I was so hungry in the morning because I didn't eat enough on Monday yeah I was trying to gauge like how much I actually needed to eat and so I just was feeling you know how you get so hungry that you don't want to eat because you just feel kind of nauseous and that's kind of how I felt but the good news was we got some really good breakfast we had hashbrowns and then we added in some broccoli with it which actually helped bulk it up quite a bit and the broccoli hashbrown combo is pretty darn good yeah so we added some spicy ketchup as well and that definitely helped settle my stomach and I felt better for the rest of the day and then for lunch for lunch we both had the same thing which was a baked potato covered in three three baked potatoes covered in some steamed vegetables and I had some salsa on top of mine and a little bit of nutritional yeast I think thrown in there as well all in all I thought it was a it was a good lunch for what I was going for yeah I had pretty much the same thing I also had salsa with mine the baked potatoes are still not my favorite I like I'm preferring other types of preparations than just standard baked potatoes but it wasn't it was a decent lunch it kept me full and it was good definitely was a filling lunch so then we came home from work and did a bit of prep for getting some veggies ready for the rest of the week alright so it's day number 2 and I just wanted to go over some of the stuff that we bought that we're gonna get prepping today to incorporate into our Mary's mini so we got onions and some mushrooms we got some zucchini broccoli cauliflower green beans kale we also got some spinach in the fridge so yeah we're just gonna go ahead and prep a bunch of this so it's ready to grab and go I'll week you know when we want to steam some veggies or you know add any of these to our potato dishes that will have them on hand and then also if you'll come over here Brian so over in the freezer we have you can see plenty of hashbrowns we really like this mister Dells brand because it has only one ingredient just potatoes there is nothing else absolutely nothing else added so we've been doing these for breakfast and they're just really convenient to have in here we also got some frozen green beans and a bunch of frozen steamed veggies we like taking these California medley these are the California medley we like taking with us to work so that we can just heat it up in the microwave for five minutes and have veggies ready so we got a mix of fresh and frozen so as far as condiments goes we had to stock up a bit because we don't usually keep things on hand like sriracha or a lot of salsas but we went ahead and picked up sriracha we got this patch of valley salsa which actually is super tasty from Trader Joe's we've got our fire roasted tomato salsa which is the salt free kind that we love from Trader Joe's we have some spicy ketchup leftover from Fred and Ricky's which was a store in st. Louis that has oil free vegan stuff and then we already had a bunch of different kinds of hot sauces and all that kind of stuff so we're pretty good on that and of course don't forget the yellow mustard I almost forgot the most important thing that we purchased was potatoes so we bought about 20 pounds of potatoes there's five pounds in each of these bags we've already gone through a 10-pound bag and we're only on day two so obviously we're gonna have to go stock up we actually decided that we were only gonna do russet potatoes for this Mary's mini and not like mix it up with a bunch of different varieties just because weird like that after all the prep was done we decided to make dinner and I was kind of missing our salads and so I decided to make a salad using one of the cold baked potatoes a little bit of seasoning on top and on some spinach and you know kind of like made up a little bit of a dressing unfortunately for me it was not very good I did not like it very much at all and I kind of you know it bummed me out a little I recommend eating the baked potatoes cold yeah that's probably where I messed up but I didn't want like a hot salad so yeah I wanted to cool I just wanted to make a salad of my own but it was a mashed potato salad which is sounds really weird but I took a bed of spinach and I put mashed potatoes on top and then some of the hatch chili salsa that I've discovered from Trader Joe's which I absolutely have been loving it is super tasty and has a lot of flavor and apparently Ollie pop also thought that it would be super tasty because he kept trying to get to it but anyway it was really good I'm telling you mashed potatoes and spinach is my new favorite thing the combination and it sounds weird but it really goes well together who knew so we have finished day number three of Mary's many I thought it went pretty well today I experimented a bit more because I was home from work this afternoon and I did an OK recipe I need to make it better though it can be better yeah it looked really pretty but he did so for one she did a twice baked potato yes with mushrooms and onions and it looked really really really pretty when he sent me the pictures and then I had the leftovers for dinner and it was tasty but yeah it was good but I can make it better yeah I skipped breakfast today because I thought I was getting blood work done when I went to the doctor but they actually aren't doing blood work just yet so I skipped breakfast but I didn't really get that hungry like yesterday I got super hungry so I guess maybe I ate enough yesterday to curb off some of the hunger yeah but for lunch I had made like these weird like I took baked potatoes cubed them up seasoned them cooked them again did all this weird it was okay it wasn't great to be honest mm-hmm it was I put way too much sriracha but then a dinner the start of the dinner for me was mashed potatoes mashed potatoes on a bed of spinach is super tasty I can't explain to you yeah so far the mashed potatoes have been like my favorite thing for sure so I might take me a potato x' for lunch tomorrow okay I got you a ball of it yes yes so so far were doing really well honestly this is like a cakewalk compared to the planting potatoes that we were super easy I mean yeah so as day number four and I just told Brian that I wanted a lot of breakfast and then he informed me that this is my portion of the hashbrowns for the morning so I'm also wanting to add some broccoli and some cauliflower to my hashbrowns this morning you seem pretty moody today I'm just tired i'li kept me up Ali would never keep anybody awake he would never keep anybody up at night looking at him he isn't angel you're an angel aren't you anyway number four we survived another day actually we're doing really well yeah so far this is this has actually been really simple super easy I mean like yeah I can't even explain it like all of the stuff with the the first time that we did it like with our two weeks of playing potatoes it was just so horrible this is like hey I get to eat potatoes that don't really really suck yeah it's great it's something at some points I'm like wow this isn't really that bad so I feel like is it really doing anything but when I think about it I am looking forward to eating salads and fruit and all these things so I think it's gonna give us a renewed you know sense of appreciation for all the whole food plant-based stuff that we eat on a normal basis so after we're done because it is still even though it's nice restrictive as plain potatoes it's still pretty restrictive yeah but you know so far what are you you're down 4.2 pounds something like that yeah I'm down a couple of pounds so we will definitely like well update you guys on our weight throughout this whole thing but yeah today for breakfast Bryan made me some super awesome hashbrowns that were had some chili yeah we were like chili powder spiced hash browns in fact she loved them so much that I'm making her some for tonight and for tomorrow so yes so hash browns were good you also have been putting veggies on the griddler for me and making what he calls smashed vegetables and so they're kind of like they get grilled but they're kind of flattening them and it's deemed a little yeah and they're really good I had a tandoori spice hash browns for breakfast and they were super good but I really really like Indian spices so yeah and then for lunch I had some leftover mashed potatoes that he made yesterday yep on a bed of spinach I brought a ton of spinach with me to work and the spinach mashed potato combo I'm telling you guys it my new favorite combo I also put a bit of the hatch chili salsa from Trader Joe's all the time she's like addictive that smell stock up on that stuff that's really good and it's actually like pretty low sodium compared to most yeah it's basically just blend it up pepper so that a fair amount of sodium but it's lower than a lot of the other salsas that I've seen oh yeah yeah it's like fancy lunch like yeah he's give me a picture am i dying what are you doing at home well what I have when I have time to experiment and to really really get into something I like to have a lot of fun with it so I made a crusted potato puffs with curried vegetables and mustard mashed potatoes yes well I mean the I mean I added curry seasoning curry spices to the vegetables and the potato puffs were super easy to make I took the mashed potatoes and I seasoned them up a little bit more coated them in some of the herbs seasonings that we have and then put them in the airfryer and cooked them up I can do it better but it was still really good I will make you some more when we make more mashed potatoes okay then for dinner I was actually at work throughout dinner so I had brought some extra hashbrowns I had left over from breakfast with I just brought two bags of scene vegetables and just I had this giant bowl it was like one of these bowls like full vegetables and stuff like that so yeah it was giant Bowl I put a bit of the hatch chili sauce on top of this well and super tasty and you had for dinner I ended up making an Italian baked potato with a tomato sauce made from fire roasted tomatoes mushrooms and Italian seasonings and I put some nutritional yeast on top of the potato as well and served it up with a side of grilled green beans yes but I am still Jessica's like I'm gonna put stuff in a bowl and I'm like oh I'm gonna make fancy dinners I'm so hungry it's like 10:46 and I just got back from work so I'm gonna go take some of these hash browns and eat them yep and then yeah but we will check in tomorrow yep number five going well I have an evil plan that we're gonna continue this for like 18 days total instead of the ten days until basically leading up until his birthday and he is kind of lukewarm on it right now but he'll come around I'm gonna go buy bananas and keep him at work y-yeah but otherwise we'll see you tomorrow for day number five so we started out day number five with surprise more hash browns so this is the entire scoop on how we get our photos of our food so we usually put it in the windowsill because that's the only place we have natural light the funny part is the dogs I've started to realize this and so every time I get to come over to the window so they gather around and they are like hey what can we get can we get some stuff I got like 18 bags of California medley veggies that are cool from all weeks we've been using those for lunch so weird even like to add a plenty of hash browns we got plenty of veggies all right so day number five today hash browns for breakfast and for lunch because we ran out of russet potatoes Bryan took the last of the russets for lunch you also had hash browns for breakfast yeah and then dinner we made a fancy feast of veggies and mashed potatoes mashed potatoes and green beans honestly like that was one of the best meals I've had in a while where'd you go Oh Scout shooting on the remote so Bryan had to go rescue it anyway that was one of the best meals that I've had for a while um super tasty Branzburg Scott like I have rescued the remote yeah so any other thoughts uh no like you said this is just I know we seem to say it every day this has been just crazy easy I mean especially compared to the two weeks of playing potatoes but I mean I honestly feel like we could do this indefinitely practical the only thing it's only mildly annoying that I can't use other stuff to cook with though well the only thing today that got to me too was when I went to a grocery store into the shopping and walked through the fruit aisle and I was like oh my god there's so many you want bananas there's so much good for like a couple bananas every day Salem yeah I even after I finish the meal we just had I want something sweet like I'm I got some condition and hopefully this will help me like break some of that but I just want something sweet after my meal yeah anyway Bryan wants to end this you can tell he's getting antsy he's ready to end this because he's like this video is gonna be like 500 sorry for making it so long but this is just what it is so but that is the end of day five technically halfway through the Mary's mini but I know Jessica wants to kind of keep going on this I don't know where I stand as far as that's concerned but wait let's get to day number six so there you have it five days of us eating Mary's mini and now we are at the end of the sixth day and you guys aren't going to see this until we are on the seventh day but the primary question that most people would probably ask us is are we losing weight on Mary's Minnie Jessica are we losing weight yes I actually don't know the numbers right off top of my head right now but we are definitely losing weight we both lost a few pounds we are recording our weights at the beginning of each day so at the very end I'm going to make a chart because you know I love me a chart of exactly where our weight has been the entire time and so you can see how much that we lose end up losing during the entire Mary's mini but it's definitely been a good like kick restart to losing some more weight yeah yeah so what do you think that we've actually learned while doing this in the last five days it's been interesting because at points I've actually been thinking like are we are we making our stuff too fancy yeah are we adding you know are we going to like should we just be super super basic with it I see a lot of things on Facebook like there's a Mary's mini Facebook group that we joined and different recipes and stuff and I know people are doing a lot of like fancier stuff with the Mary's mini as long as you stick within the guidelines of you know the one starch the non starchy vegetables that are like super simple vegetables and then the condiments and some you know white seasonings and we've been sticking within that it's actually amazing what you can make with those yeah a few ingredients for me I know that it's a challenge and not like in it is challenging for us because it's actually been fairly simple for us but it is a challenge to cook potatoes in all of these different ways and make them good for what we're trying to do yeah and so like I say that you know you're supposed to have the potatoes fairly basic the you know it's supposed to be boring like but my brain just doesn't work that way when I get started on these things and it's like every single time I sit down and I have a meal my brain is thinking you what can I do to improve this what can I do to season season this better next how can I make this overall dish better and I want to keep doing that yeah purely to to find out what I can actually create with this so I've learned a lot just in in the sheer number of ways that I've been able to prepare potatoes and some veggies too we've gotten the the one that surprised me was the kale like I'm definitely still worrying about I'm definitely eating a lot more kale going forward I just think it kind of has given us a chance to you know explore with different stuff cuz we get kind of stuck in our rut of doing the same things over and over so this is just like this will just like reinvigorate our love for eating this plant-based lifestyle yeah I think that the other thing that you will you just like you learn to appreciate all the things that you are able to eat on your normal diet like all the fruit in that kind of stuff it'll just make us think more I think when we switch back to eating our normal way it'll make us think more about you know be more appreciative of certain things that we we can eat and definitely cutting out some of the more like processed junk kind of stuff but yeah you know tends to sneak in over time so yeah I think it's just a really good it's just a really it's been fun yeah the experimenting has been you know absolute blast for me it's I like I had talked about in the previous video I have been feeling kind of depressed and down the last few weeks and this is just giving me something to be excited about like I'm excited to come home and figure out like what crazy way Brian's gonna prepare potatoes next and yeah it's just been really fun and it's been good for me mentally and just everything it's just I yes and I can promise that in the future you will be getting our mashed potato recipe our potato puff recipe as well as the twice baked potato recipe yeah I am I'm still working on still working on now and I did want to know what what recipes you know if there's there's any stuff that you see and any of the photos that we've shared in this blog or our future ones let us know which things you want to see recipe videos for because yeah want to make some videos for you guys and then if any of you are trying out Mary's many you'll have some recipes to help follow as well yep so also don't forget to follow us on Instagram like he said earlier I'm posting like real-time updates of the Mary's mini and all the things that we're eating click on that story also it's a good place to send us you know quick question through messages so that I can get back to you quickly we had so many on YouTube but we do go through all the comments on YouTube and we're making our way even ones that were posted a month ago we're still going through and responding yeah when we get time to actually sit down and respond to comments we we do so yeah yeah so it is there but yeah Instagram is always a good way to ask us a quick question as well but anyway do you have anything else yes I do Jessica thank you for asking please subscribe to the channel if you have not done so already we would greatly appreciate it share this amongst your friends if you want to get them included in the Crocs community yeah I'm just throwing that out there no please subscribe if you haven't done so and click the bell that is right next to it so you can get all the notifications whenever we post a new video or something along those lines and yeah that's that's what I think that's all I got really I mean I mean I don't think you have anything else but I mean I guess I could add stay tuned for part number 2 of Mary's mini will they make it

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