Vocal exercise – Speaking #5: What’s your pitch pattern?

Anything you say has a pitch pattern. If you use the same
pitch pattern repeatedly, it will sound monotonous and
your listeners will switch off. Using different pitch patterns
– known as intonation – helps to give different
meanings to your phrase. Use a phrase that you might
use in your daily routine. It could be… I’d like a cup of tea
with milk and one sugar. I’ve got to run to catch the train. I need you to feed the dog;
I forgot to do it this morning. Say the ‘feed the dog’ sentence
as you normally would, but then repeat it with
your lips held closed. The “mm” sound helps you
to focus on the pitch pattern rather than the words. It also helps you to focus
internally on your sound. I need you to feed the dog;
I forgot to do it this morning. Mm mmm… Repeat the “lips closed” version
and then exaggerate it by making the higher notes higher
and the lower notes lower. Mm mmm… Now open your lips and
say the phrase again, using the more
exaggerated pitch patterns. I need you to feed the dog;
I forgot to do it this morning. The intonation can indicate
your emotional state, or the intention behind the words. You may find that your
pitch pattern differs with context. Notice how the pitch pattern changes your
understanding and communicates meaning. For example… Feed the dog. Feed the dog. Feed the dog. Throughout the day, be aware
of the pitch patterns you use and experiment with more
exaggerated or more subtle changes.

27 thoughts on “Vocal exercise – Speaking #5: What’s your pitch pattern?

  1. Greatly put. The trick is to internalize a bunch of different patterns to utilize.
    A great source of pitch patterns for reference are audiobooks.

    Now, after this video, I know how to collect and internalize them.

  2. I have to go back now and watch the video over again as I've spent the entire first run through fantasizing about the woman featured here and wasn't really paying all that much attention.

  3. 1.why Pitch important
    a.monotomous and the listeners will switch off.
    b.Different pitch will mean different meaning when communicating.
    2.choose a phrase that i normally would use.
    -for example,i need to feed the dog
    3.say the phrase as normally you would but with lips closed.
    – "mm" sound lets u focus on the pitch pattern rather than the words
    -focus on sound internally
    4.repeat the "lips closed "version and then exaggerate it.
    by making lower notes lower and higher notes higher
    5. open the mouth and say the exaggerated version.
    6.Pitch indicates emotional state and intention behind it.
    pitch also changes according to context.
    notice how pitch patterns changes understanding and communication meaning.

  4. It's weird that adults are taking about this like its a revelation. I figured this stuff out when I was about 5-6 years old.

  5. I never said I stole her purse

    Change the intonation of this sentence on any word you like, and it changes the meaning.

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