Warrior Diet explained – Intermittent Fasting

hey guys Kevin Kreider more than just muscle I’m going to speak to you about how i’m going to share with you how they’re getting really ripped and shredded tons of energy focus which is eating one meal a day and this is called the warrior diet and I didn’t make this diet up it was created by a writer named or a hawk McClure and he wrote the word diet especially at a time when people were speaking about five six times a day more frequently and this is where I got a lot of information from in the beginning when I was learning about intermittent fasting and this book was to showed up and I realized that a lot of people who speak about intermittent fasting and fasting actually took this information that already did and used it for their own and now I made it from my own as well from what I’ve seen and what I’ve done my research with and and other people who are leaders in the field going with that eating one meal a day a lot of people think oh my god like how am I going to do that well the thing is in this book it describes eating a warrior diet in a sense of you’re not totally fasted until that first meal so you can tell how black coffee please go out today coconut oil you can make it bulletproof style if you want to fruits a little bit of vegetables you want to and if you’re trying to bulk up and gain muscle you can have a little bit more of a protein frequencies like having eggs or a little bit of kefir yogurt while you’re in that basket state it technically breaks the bat obviously it’s just that you’re not having a whole meal to have your body digest everything so you’re in a slightly fasted state I guess you know that’s the thing it’s not a total fast I actually can make it to the end of the day now we’ll just coconut oil and coffee and some tea and some lemon modifying some real I’m hungry the thing is though you will get hyper focused and now what I do is if I have a lot of work to do and I need to clamp it in or if I’m traveling I will only have a weird i I’ll eat all my meals over all the calories in that one meal at the end of the day now the beauty of a warrior diet that I found is that at the end of the day I can just pile in the food and not really count exactly what i’m eating its true like I have some times I’ve gone up to 4,000 calories and I still find that I really lean and shred the next day I can say it’s probably due to the fact but because your mom or fast mistakes are in a state of lipolysis and your bodies using fatty acids to burn fuel especially if you do it with just coconut oil in mud and water you’re more of a lie pollicis date so you’re burning back with you like I said and then you can also make an argument stay in the growth hormone levels I just compatibly increased along you fast so but I just love the warrior diet it’s very convenient easy to use and it just takes a lot of thinking out you don’t worry about meal prepping or anything like the head you eat till you’re pretty much full it’s also recommended in this book to eat vegetables first vegetables don’t eat fruit with that last meal almost looks like berries and then the thing is you eat your protein next turn and carbohydrates last and there may be something sweet if you really want to at the end of it I find out I’m pretty satisfied and fall off of just that one meal I practiced it a little bit more when I what I’m traveling like I sex is just much more easy and convenient than I can go out to a restaurant and that really worried about oh my god like I’m not going to blow my diet like it for me right now how fast my metabolism goes I can eat about 4,000 calories in when i do that warrior diet that day and I don’t see a difference next morning so that’s the beauty of all of this it’s just that you can make it easy and convenient for your friends too so you don’t have to like look like that do shed all the orders of salad and you’re like not a known in Iowa I’m not dieting or anything like that look you shouldn’t care what people say anyway that’s the way you do it it’s just that I like to enjoy myself when i go out i will just not the other day and i got like this huge double decker burger with fries and a little bit of chicken for more protein the only thing you really need to worry about it in your protein levels if you’re dieting or building muscle the rest of the filling with calories of fats and carbohydrates it’s a lot more flexible than it used to be now is there competitive bodybuilder that’s a little bit different so the normal folk you can just fill in the rest of those calories and macronutrients with carbohydrates that’s what ever you really enjoyed so guys the link to actually check out the book the warrior diet the link is below I’ll see you guys next week and I hope you enjoy the video and please subscribe to my youtube channel

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  1. I did the warrior diet for the last few months of an extended fat loss diet last year. I found after about 19 hours fasted I would get a crazy rush of energy and insane focus. I even noticed my senses sharpened. My ears were more sensitive to sound and I could smell better too. Then I would break the fast with a huge salad and then a pound of meat. Then eat all my carbs before bed and sleep like a baby. Warrior diet was very helpful once I got around 7 to 8 % body fat because my hunger was so crazy high. But saving all my carbs for night when I craved them the most helped me to satisfy my craving while still staying in a caloric deficit

  2. honestly the warrior diet is not a diet for me its s lifestyle change well atleast intermittant fasting is Im flexible intermittant fasting  vool thing about it is when you have as much excess fat as I did (I dont think I was obese but I mightve been kinda close) its the do all be all. soda milk bread high calorie foods within the first weeks of intermittant fasting my cravings for all of these foods vanished into thin air so I replaced them with fruits and veggies at first I had to force myself to eat them but after a while they became really enjoyable now not only do I eat in a way where I think Id still lose weight if I ate three meals a day but Im NEVER hungry and Im not even losing muscle Im actually starting to notice I look a liitle bulkier everyday this could be because my muscles are actually coming out now but I think itd also that I am getting stronger

  3. How can i prep food? for example wich food should i prep? i want to get bigger and shredded for the summer session

  4. You should make a video of what an actual meal would look like. A lot of us can't eat junk like you ate in your video.

  5. How does this impact your pooping? Presumably over all the volume of food is less, so do you find you poop less often only eating once a day? If so, does that mean your poop is more dried out and hard from sitting in your gut for a longer period of time? Why do these diet videos never address the pooping angle? :3

  6. @Kevin: you mentioned drinking bullet proof coffee during times you may be hungry while in a fasted state. How much coconut oil do you add to 1 cup of coffees… and since coconut oil contains fat.. Would that not technically break the fast somewhat? Thanks

  7. It's difficult to stay on OMAD if your morning workout person and especially if you swim…any tips in how to handle that?? Appreciated.

  8. I started the warrior diet at 384 pounds it hasn't been 3 months and I'm down 40 pounds I fast 23 hours and eat in a 1 hour window. I have not started working out yet but eventually I will. I make sure that I only drink water or black coffee until my meal time and I can do this for the rest of my life😁

  9. I'm Mexican af and don't understand what y'all say but I hope I'm doing the IF right . This is what I do , wake up drink water , go to inshape and run burn around like 300 cals , then at 2 – 3 pm I eat meat something healthy and that's all for the day repeat

  10. Here's what do and believe me when I say, only a tiny handful of people in this world can pull this off.

    I do the warrior diet every day. 23 hour fast. Drink nothing but water all day. 3 table spoons of Apple cider vinegar through out the day. At my 20th hour of fasting, I do 30 minutes of HIT intensity cardio every single day in a fasted state. Then come home, shower, and finally eat my one meal at 7:00pm to 8:00pm.

    I'm the only one in my family who is doing this. only my wife knows I'm doing this because she understands me No one else knows I'm doing this.

  11. This makes me think of how in the Sherlock Holmes stories, Holmes often doesn't eat while engaged in a case. So, Doyle must have known something about how not eating helps you focus.

  12. question. I've been doing this lost 28 pds in 2 months. Question is I also have 2 veggie drinks from whole foods while fasting. is that bad or raising my insulin?

  13. I'm a little guy. I train my ass off but I also eat tons of food in high in calories in my one large meal and still stay very lean. Which was never possible for me any other way.

  14. 1 day a week ( with IF ) 1 smoothie for the day with everything you can jam in there lol is awsom!!
    I just started this new lifestyle and wow!! Grocery bill is going down and so are the poundage haha. Feel great and more energy than I would have thought!!
    Good luck FASTERS!!!!
    OOOPS ya don't need luck, it's dedication and ambition!!! 😲😲😲

  15. +Kevin Kreider a quick question, how would you implement the warrior diet if you were to go to a cruise that has all you can eat all day long? Would you fast ? I am leaving in September and it is a fact that the average American gains 5 to 10lbs when stepping off a cruise. Started the Warrior Diet a month ago and I am still learning more about. Great channel.

  16. Glad I found this as I am reading his book.

    Also, the BIG thing with this is like Kevin said. You CAN have a small intake of calories during the fasting period as long as it's absolutely no carbs. The reason is the insulin spike. Your body is in a state of ketosis during your fast, no matter what as long as your insulin doesn't go up. This means that, while you don't want to over due it, you can have a little cream in coffee or have a bit of yogurt. It won't kill you or ruin your day.

    I don't get where this mentality of NOPE TWO MORE HOURS CAN'T HAVE ANYTHING BUT IMMA PASA OUT came from.

  17. I have been intermittent fasting – the warrior diet. I feel sooo bloated after eating. I do 45 mins of boxing hiit style and I find that during fasting I give up after 20 because I feel like throwing up. I thought I just needed some time to get used to it but it's been 3 weeks now. What am I doing wrong?

  18. Hello Kevin! Great video dude!!! I'm starting the warrior diet and the only doubt that I still have is about what time of the day do I have to workout? My schedule only let me train from 1:00–3:00 so, would it be harmful that after my workout I stay in a fasted state for 5 to 6 hours more?

  19. This shit is retarded. Don't try this! Your metabolism will tank, your energy will diminish, your mood will turn sour. Then after a month of suffering you will be gorge and gain the 5 pounds you lost plus some. This is just another fad diet. You cannot possibly continue this safely long term. Follow Paleo long term and exercise and you will be healthy. The enemy is processed food, processed carbs and sugar.

  20. Kevin Kreider, I love what you are doing (promoting the benefits of intermittent fasting).

    I noticed in your above video that you credit Ori Hogmkler for "creating" the idea of "one meal a day" at a time when everynody was promoting the idea of eating 5 meas a day.

    I just wanted to bring the following to your attention. This idea of eating ONE MEAL A DAY was being taught many years before Ori. Have you ever read or seen this book, "HOW TO EAT TO LIVE" by Elijah Muhammad written in the 1960's? Take note of chapter 7 of his book, titled "ONE MEAL A DAY".



  21. I tried a 24 hour fast for the first time the other day. The next day I felt AMAZING! I was very confused. People kept asking why I was smiling and I felt like my senses were better. My strength was thru the roof too. Definitely going to continue to see how my body fat goes down …… don’t knock it till you try it….. Peace bros

  22. Hello Kevin i would like to try this Warrior diet, but the thing is i have to eat something for breakfast because i have to take pills in the morning and after 15mins i should eat something. So is it okay if i have some fruit like banana / orange / apple for breakfast and than fast till the dinner? I would eat around 20pm to be full (rice / potatoes / chicken breast / pasta / eggs / beans) and do the same thing another day again. Is it good? Thanks for answer

  23. I eat one meal a day have my whole life in 35 and found I can not eat much and get full very quickly but I'm still stuck at the same weight. I work out, I work which keeps me running around all day and still can't lose that stubborn weight. Yes stomach is flatter. I drink water all day, up at 330am to start work at 430am fast the entire day no breakfast or lunch and then eat 5pm salad with Apple cider and olive oil. Then repeat some meals are different but all clean and healthy and very minimal what am I doing wrong ?

  24. so is it good if i skip breakfast and lunch and only eat 1-2 meals a day, right now i only eat once at 4 pm and the rest of the day i just drink water, the rest of the day i box because im a boxer and i need to lose some weight for my muscles to start coming in

  25. In 17 days I've lost 8 lbs on the Intermittent Fasting Diet (with fasting for 18 hours). I'm vlogging my daily progress on my Youtube channel and plan on transitioning to OMAD eventually. Thank you Kevin for this informative video – you look ripped and muscular and it's amazing to see someone who is doing OMAD and is still carrying good muscle mass and is eating whatever they want! Keep it up!! Kudos to you!!

  26. The diet should be called "Poor Man's Diet"

    I can only afford to eat one meal a day. I'm too broke to have access to that much food.

  27. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to eat at the start of the day, so you can work it off, rather than eating at the end of the day and going to bed with a full tummy?

  28. Once you have ANYTHING over 30 calories you have broken your Fast PERIOD. It takes 8 to 12 hours to become Fasted again.

  29. Judging by some of the negative comments on here, I’m led to believe that people don’t understand how the body metabolizes fat vs protein vs carbs and the difference in total fasts for religious purposes and dietary fasts for the purpose of minimizing insulin levels, increasing insulin sensitivity, decreasing inflammation, getting into a state of ketosis, etc… So I say, “Nice video, Kevin.”

  30. What about fatigue? I had the flu a month ago and was blaming it on that but now I'm wondering if my tiredness is due to the IF diet.

  31. This is one handsome dude. He won me over with his voice. I'm playing video games and researching the warrior diet… I'm only eating between 5pm and 9pm…. Maybe I should lighten up lol

  32. Elijah Muhammad wrote "How to Eat to Live / One Meal a Day over 50 years ago (1967), this diet is adopted from the NOI… http://www.finalcall.com/columns/eat_to_live.html

  33. One meal a day then he lists several different things to eat during the day before your one meal

  34. Hi Kevin. Great video. I have two questions. In your opinion is eating OMAD within 1hour window and then fasting for 23h significantly more beneficial than eating 2 meals in 4 hour window and then fasting for 20h? And also Is a non-Keto OMAD vegan diet less effective than Keto-OMAD? Both questions are for good health and longevity (not for fat loss!)? Thanks very much in advance!

  35. hey man good stuff! my only question is what about after workout protein? I workout in the mornings? So workout fasted, and no protein after?

  36. Yes! anabolic less more catabolic time. No matter what you eat, you should give your organism time to get into catabolic state. Catabolic is the reject of left over (garbage) simply speaking. Anabolic is the intake of nutrient (metabolic being using it)

  37. So let me get this right. I fast all and then say at 7pm I can eat a KFC family bucket to myself and get shredded? I think maybe still be mindful of what your putting in your mouth for that one meal?

  38. Keto and IF tome is the best option. The fat makes you overcome fasting periods much better. Too much carbs would trigger cravings for more carbs and sugar, at least in my case

  39. I dont mean to hate on your vid, but there is NO such thing as eating while fasting. Bc i do the warrior diet. Been doing it for 5 months now steady. But I have been intermittent fasting for a yr. But please folks dont eat while fasting. Plain and simple , bc it still breaks your fast. Only water and black coffee and green tea; no additives. So no energy drinks or flavored teas.

  40. Kevin, I think you look amazing, and also see that you work hard to take care of your body, and I can see there are many benefits from warrior fasting. I know you probably get questions all the time, but I am curious and would really like to try this to help me get better. I exercise everyday, with 1 hour of cardio and a little bit of weights and been on a keto diet for over 2 years. I am not fat by any means, but just recently got diagnosed with a disease that is attacking my joints and been told that eating meat and processed foods causes joint inflammation. While waiting to see a rhematologist, I recently went keto-tarian and now getting protein from tofu and (TVP) textured vegetable protein, eggs, soy isolate protein powder and low carb vegetables. If I do this warrior diet along with no meat, is that okay? I am wanting to lose about 10-20 pounds to alleviate pressure in my knees as soon as possible. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get better without drugs…Right now I am 5"9 and weigh at 158lbs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated… Thanks

  41. I've been using this eating protocol for a week. I have less to lose (less than 20lbs), so I'm not doing OMAD, rather a fairly strict 20:4 fasting to feasting window. I typically spread my caloric intake over 3 hours, however. I have coffee with stevia and plain, unsweetened soymilk at work in the morning then drink about 80oz of water until 5pm. I have lost 3.8lbs in one week.

  42. Its not fasting if ur eating throughout the day. Ur missing all of the benefits of fasting the moment u eat.

  43. Am following yr warrior diet..is it oky 2 drink act with lemon water or chia seed water during the fasting time..please reply

  44. The main reason he allows light food during the day is sustainability. That is very important for people who have a history of binging after low-calorie diets. Victor Longo and others have shown that you get most of the benefits of fasting if you keep your calories low enough. Total fasts are not for everyone.

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