38 thoughts on “Washington Board of Health bans flavored vaping products

  1. I’d be curious to know approximately how many people will be out of work in a weeks time in Washington state Jay? Vaping save my life! Ordering a state wide band on flavors is not the answer! Get a clue man!

  2. Hey people decisions have already been made long ago vaping community getting aggressive will not solve anything problems sit back relax let it play out we will have the last word now we can ban together and make the community stronger have more knowledge then hit when they least espect it. Flavor bands will not solve anything only make things worst and when it does we can have the right to point fingers at these people who ban what has been saving lives everywhere in the us. We as vapors can always rebuild an even stronger community. We just have to stay calm and use our heads this time around.

  3. This is completely laughable. They have done zero research before passing this bill. That being said, I usually order my juice online anyway. Will I still be able to get it shipped to me?

  4. Stupid SOBs. They're going to drive people back to smoking cigarettes with this crap. Not to mention putting thousands of vape shops out of business statewide and ruining the livelihoods of hard working people. This ban is a knee-jerk reaction to a problem that has its origins square in the black market, and is being fueled by progressive leaning morons who probably have wads of Tobacco Industry money in their back pockets and up their asses.

  5. Why is every testimony that brought up blood money and tobacco master settlement agreement excluded from all these news reports?

  6. To all my vaperz out there! Tribal still has rights to sale vape juice! Flavored juice! Dont let these tobacco companies take our right to healthier alternatives

  7. Just wait for hospitals end up full with dying kids/adults after this ban takes effect. The black market will boom with business.

  8. Isnt there like something better to worry about than flavored nicotine Haha guess not because tobacco companys will make a killing off this!

  9. Google "e-cigarettes could stub out tobacco bonds sooner than thought"

    It's an article from 2014 which clearly predicts something like this could happen in just 5 years… that's 2019 (now)

    It's all about money, lies, and murder.

    Google "Wisconsin THC empire"

    Funny how nobody's really talking about them? It's like the people responsible don't even exist to the mainstream media. You'd think that catching the people responsible would make some headlines, wouldn't you?

    Do the research into which companies were/are selling to kids. It's not those independent vape stores (they don't even make the list) It's big tobacco (Juul) and major retailers (Walmart)

    Big tobacco moved into the vape market to destroy it from within. Much like a Trojan horse.

    Well done Washington governors and politicians (and the media, of course) You've just played into big tobacco's hands and in the process you've increased their profits (up 2% today) and destroyed a perfectly innocent product which saves lives.

    You have just committed mass-murder – all because you couldn't be bothered to listen or do the research. All the information is out there and it's never been hidden away. It's all out there in black and white. It always has been.

    You've just committed mass-murder.

    Good luck living with that for the rest of your lives.



  11. Lol. Ciggarettes have killed millions of people. Vape kills a handful by comparison and all of a sudden they are banned. Well done tobacco lobbyists.

  12. Well, I just got back from the Muckleshoot reservation. They are bought and paid for, no vaping juice of any kind. When asked they were extremely rude, cocky and seemed to have pleasure in it. They have sold out to the local government and tobacco companies, any and all respect I ever had for them is lost forever.

  13. Whe have 20mg nicotine max here in europe.
    Whe have flavor.
    No illness an no teen vaping problems.
    Teens vape for the nicotine hit/buzz.
    Not the flavor.
    Flavor need every smoker to switch to e-cigs.
    Problem is Juul from big tabacco Philip morris is 60mg nicotine salts.
    Why? Keep teens addicted.
    So if you want to bam something ban Juul.

    Now a lot of people going back to the deadly cigarets or the black market.
    Feel sorry for you guys.
    I support you.

  14. Wow this is bullcrap. Might as well ban the air we breathe because it has pollution in it. Oh yeah and the sun has got to go, cause you know Cancer and all.

  15. Are we still able to buy from online stores outside washington if the sale of flavored e juice is banned within.

  16. well now the black market and crime is going to go up…. kids will always do things they aren't supposed to do… its how you raise and teach your kids. Now these kids are going to find ways to find money and buy black market oils which are 100percent more dangerous and cause more damage, as the tobacco companies that sit back with their kill counts in the 6 figures a year laugh at this situation.

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