We Need Responsibility for Mental Wellbeing | Dr. Paul T. P. Wong | Meaningful Living Meetup

So, welcome you here. So, what is today’s
take home message? Today’s message is that it doesn’t matter how old you are. How poor
you are. How miserable you are. You can always find a good way to live a full life. right?
That’s the positive message. You can be sick. You can be unemployed. You can be divorced.
It doesn’t matter what you have. There is always a way to live life to the full. That
is the message. But the first thing you learn is that you have to take responsibility for
your life before your life can be changed. Nothing else matters. You keep blaming God
due to your frustration against God, or frustration against society. It doesn’t take you anywhere.
The moment you take responsibility of your life it begins to change for the better. So
that is the take home message. So, we’ll need to find out more in a moment. So, after 50
years of research. and after so many years of study. I have come to the conclusion that
nature’s way is the best. So, what is nature’s way? I talked about it last week. Nature’s
way is how to become what you are meant to be. And how to become the best by aligning
yourself with natures law. Such as the golden rule. Faith in God. Integrity. Those are timeless
universal rules. Rules in every culture down through history. So, we’re in trouble because
we break away from the rules. We got that in trouble. If we able to align ourselves
and live in harmony with nature’s rules then we’ll be OK. That’s what we covered last week.
Now this is the diamond model. The diamond is the hardest and the most brilliant stone.
So suffering is not bad. suffering is painful. But it is necessary to bring out your best.
So, my message for you is that whenever you are suffering. Stop complaining. Welcome it.
That is your privilege to learn something that you would not learn otherwise. You will
learn all the rules from nature from God. You’ll become like a diamond OK? These are
12 natural laws for healing and flourishing. So, we’ll have 12 session and we’ll cover
them all. These 12 rules you don’t need any more therapy. I guarantee you that if you
learn that your path in your life, you’ll be OK. So here. Now why are the 12 rules essential
because if you remove any of the 12 rules you’ll be in trouble. If you be a responsible
person do you know want to marry an irresponsible person? Do you want to hire a person who is
irresponsible? No. Can you be a good citizen if you are not responsible? No. So, if you
are irresponsible. You’re in trouble. You’re in deep trouble. It doesn’t matter how much
help you get you still in trouble. OK? So, that’s why those rules cannot be replaced.
You replace them at your own cost.

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