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(coughing vigorously) (upbeat music) – I’m Chris. – And I’m Kevin. – And today we are testing, – [In Unison] Vapeable vitamins! – These disposable vape pens, contain substances that
are gonna make us better and sharper at work. Is that right?
– Yeah. So this is a company called Nutriair and they’re trying to capitalize on the whole vape craze. We’ve got the energy kind,
part of your performance. We’ve got focus, that should
improve your performance. There’s sleep. – Natural chamomile extract, – Okay.
– Natural melatonin. – Melatonin. – Natural passion flower
extract, natural L- – [In Unison] theanine. – Our inhalable energy
aid is a natural blend of caffeine, taurine, and
amnio acids that keep you sharp and alert wherever you go. – Do you think these
are actually gonna work? – I mean I just hit this energy one, and I already, I’m feeling something. I feel like a whirring. – That’s, like, pretty immdiate. – Like I just had a shot of
espresso, a shot of espresso. – Well, God help us all. – We figured, the only
way to figure out if something actually works or
has an effect on the body or makes us better at work, is to just do it. – Just to freakin’ do it. – Let’s just do it.
– Let’s try it. (whimsical music) I don’t know if I feel
comfortable vaping at my desk cubicle area. It’s awkward. I’m gonna sit there and
there’s like a cloud of smoke just emerging
from above my cubicle. – Every time I hit it,
especially the energy one, I feel a wave of dizziness. It’s not necessarily a bad dizziness. I’m gonna hit this relax one because, I’m a little stressed out right now. (whimsical music) I do feel, more chill than
I felt five seconds ago. So Kevin and I are
outside with our Nutriair because it felt strange
to do it in the office. – It was very uncomfortable. I feel kind of like a degenerate out here. Like just, vaping away
up against my building, like around the corner. – Wish I had some ripped jeans – Mmm. I do like gesturing with this in my hand. – You like gesturing? It is fun to gesticulate. – Right, like I’m just talking. – Oh, there’s a truck. – Hey. – Whoa, see now I feel strange. I think I’m a little bit high! And it concerns me. ‘Cause I might lose control. – More than usual. – More than usual. I’m sorry this stuff has me
like kinda (beep) right now. (upbeat music) (birds chirping) – We’re back. – We’re back. – Which, if any of all of these vitamin vape pens, – Vapeable pens. – Worked for you? – Energy. – You’re saying energy worked? – Energy works. – Energy worked. – And sleep. The energy got that weird
lightheadedness that you get when you like drink
a cold brew too quickly. – Uh huh – But then it kind of mellowed out, and I felt pretty alert and aware. You know, my heart wasn’t racing. I didn’t feel, – I feel like my heart’s
racing with these. – Yeah. You might’ve, you might’ve done too much. So last night, I was pretty awake, but then I remembered, I’ve
got my sleep pen to try. They recommend five to
ten puffs, I did six. And I think about five minutes later I was like, I’m ready to go to bed. And I laid down. I don’t remember my
head hitting the pillow. I did not wake up once the entire night. The focus, the relax, I
didn’t feel much of anything. – I felt that the relax works. – Oh yeah? – This to me is the one that
worked better than anything. – Really? – I’m gonna hit it again. – Okay. – Yeah, that is a horrible combo. – That’s why you gotta hit relax. – Oh my God. – How much are each one of these things? – Ten bucks a pop. – Surprisingly, we’re
giving this a thumbs up? – A partial thumbs up, I’ll go at like a forty-five degree angle. – Why that? You just said the sleep one was– – I mean it was unanimous. – the most amazing thing in your life. – Those were not my words. – The science behind this might be nill. There’s no FDA regulation. The science behind vitamins, in general, might be thin and shallow and superficial. But what we have discovered, is that these did have an effect on our minds. On our bodies. – Sure.
– Right? – Yeah, I felt energized, I felt sleepy. – Regardless, I think we can now say that this product has been – [In Unison] Inc. tested! – Shotgun. – What, no! (happy music)

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  1. placebo effect, tricks u into thinking itโ€™s actually going to help u relax when really itโ€™s like water vapor with some flavoring in it ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. If your a little paranoid doing it in office or outside you could do it in bathroom people won't know โ˜บ๏ธ

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