We Tried Fast Food Popsicles

oh god that's bad oh god this is gross I believe I am taste testing popsicles and trying to guess the flavor I think I'm gonna mix up the blue and red those are my favorite they actually hate popsicles like honestly they're not they're not a thing for me it's not gonna be a dirty trick right it's not gonna be a dirty trick right if you didn't have teeth this will be a treat what are these oh dear these do not look cute I know this is some bullet this ain't no red is no blue ain't no green this better not be a Crunchwrap supreme like in popsicle form I'll be very sad it'll ruin it for me No Oh little a salty Oh smells a bit like dog food Oh God I already think it's McDonald's there's the birthing over-rotated my life that's bread oh I do think it's McDonald's though it has that like McDonald's stank on it and oh I it should not be in that form Oh chick-fil-a I'm gonna say my final answer is chicken nuggets from McDonald's this tastes like chicken tenders I'll say chick-fil-a I'm going for this one I'm intrigued by the color cuz it's definitely like a richer nicer brown than the others which is interesting to me and this sounds like a nice shade of brown like a caramel brown pretty sure it's not gonna be caramel dough very sad this is really hard for me guys that's kicked Oh how do people eat this a non blended for Oh God and that's bad I have no idea what this is oh god this is so bad that's guard we thought it would that is I'm not eating my McDonald's McDonald's is trash that's weak no that's a taco yeah it's talked about I've had these I've gotten these smells I have no idea so I'm just gonna stick to like some sort of burrito from like Chipotle some sort of Mexican fast food place that's tunkel Bell it's Taco Bell I I got like the taste of the meat as it was at the very end as it goes down my throat that is Taco Bell holy this is gross this one has no scent which maybe I'm excited about which means maybe the flavor is not as nasty as the others I want one of these to be fried chicken tastes like nothing okay I got taste there's one just discussed out of what this one is maybe this is like chicken nugget tortilla El Pollo Loco just like no flavor to this Nick fries I'm gonna sadly say this is from McDonald's as well I don't want to keep taking bites but maybe this is fried chicken and it's just like I don't know it's not pleasant but it's definitely not like a burger that has a lot of stuff on it it's one thing I think this is chicken but it flavorless chicken but my guess had been like KFC oh oh god this is gross this is like a cheeseburger Lou this is a spicy spicy chicken right here I'm gonna say Wendy's has like a Wendy's spicy chicken Oh Donald I'm gonna think it's a cheeseburger from McDonald's that ones McDonald's it tastes like McDonald's like pickles and onions and I'm 99% sure this is McDonald's but now I don't know what this one is and I'm really scared to taste it again because it's a bit like vomit and I don't think I can go down that road because I will vomit you know this is horrible yeah I'm so bad outside of it is what this chick-fil-a oh okay okay oh wow okay okay I love chick-fil-a but never would have guessed Wow I was kind of close yeah heck yeah it's funny because you can't taste it at first but when it goes down your throat you like get that meat saucy probably some ground beef in there a couple spices okay I mean I don't know if I would be happy if I would guess all of these right because it's such a weird challenge what's the heck I've let my people down if any if I got any of them right it should have been Panda Express honestly okay I was not even thinking that far what I thought I'd be able to taste that I'm shocked this one is like the craziest one out of all of them because there's no flavor I swear to God just tastes like nothing mmm okay I mean I'm not surprised there I really taste it like a burger really tasted the beef and the cheese which is so nasty like I would never in my life wanted to eat this in popsicle form mmm that makes sense no it smells like Max is a Big Mac sauce yeah I'm very proud of myself these thrill is a very spot on this one who knew I feel like my work here is done except I got one wrong yeah I would never eat fast food in popsicle form again because I didn't even want to do this one I was tricked into this so I hope you guys are happy this is a horrible challenge I'm mad you guys even doing this this is sick this was revolting and I never wanted to do anything like this again I don't think that was that bad Oh Oh weak sauce oh no did you fly one is by far the worst it's not that bad talk about was be worse do you guys wanna try it

40 thoughts on “We Tried Fast Food Popsicles

  1. Buzzfeed did this exact same video a few years ago, complete with “metal” music playing during blender scenes.

  2. how they're eating the popsicles is just..making my teeth hurt. maybe its bc i have braces & sensitive teeth so just thinking about it has some affect on me

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