33 thoughts on “Weddings! 2-Syllable Words Stress in American English

  1. Hi Rachel,
    Nice wedding!
    By the way, could you tell me if there's any difference between "daze" and "days" (from an aural point of view)?

  2. Hey Rachel, You did, again, a great job. I've been improving my accent with you help. Thank you! You're awesome. Keep work up.
    Take care

  3. Great! I love this one! I have a hard time speaking WEDDING, PUMPKIN, TENNIS. I am gonna watch this one again and again. 🙂 Thank you, Rachel!

  4. Hi Rachel

    First of all thank you very much for all your efforts and fabulous lessons.

    I would like to have a question.

    When you say "double" will you pronounce it "dʌb" and  "əl" or [ "dʌ" and "bəl"] or [ "dʌb" and "bəl"?

    It seems not as clear as words like "Very" cos to pronounce "very" you say "ver" and "ee"

    Can you plz make a comment on my question?

    Respectfully submitted

  5. How beautiful video is, I watch this and pay attention with your explanation and train myself to pronounce , and then I imagine in the wedding party, thank you for yr useful video

  6. Hey Rachel, I'm a huge Fan of yours, the way you teach is amazing,
    I'm a Portuguese speaker and I love English which I've been studying on my own for some time, I would like you to make a video where you could explain us how
    to pronounce the famous flap T followed by R giving as Examples words Like, literally, which is very difficult for us Portuguese speakers to pronounce due to the R which comes right after the flap T, I would like you to look up to some words which have same composition Thx

  7. Thanks. Congrats to your friend.
    Would the stress be only on one syllable for words with more than two syllables? or there is more to it than that?

  8. In longer words, there can be one or more syllables with secondary stress, but only one syllable with primary stress.

  9. The first T in 'competition' is True T because it begins a stressed syllable.
    in 'about', the letter A is always the schwa sound.

  10. Thank you, Rachel, for your very useful and helpful videos, you're a super teacher! I wish there were more effective teachers like you in my place.
    I have a question about how to find a video I watched a while ago where you explain the differences between English and other languages including spanish (my language) Cantonese, portuguese, etc, in terms of the length of the different syllables in any given word, I can't find it. Hopefully, I was enough understandable.

    Greetings from Colombia.

  11. could you make a video on how to pronounce the plural of words that end in t like tests,feasts?also the difference in pronounciation between ball and bowl?

  12. you're really giving very helpful pronunciation tips to foreign teachers of english , thank you so much , Rachel.

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