hi everyone welcome back to my youtube channel if you are new here then I'm so happy to meet you I need to show you Tilly before I even get into this video because it's potentially the cutest thing I've ever seen oh my god she makes my heart mouth she looks like a little washed up seal oh okay and now she's about to attack me that's not so cute oh this is not a video about my cat it's a meal prep video so see in sunday's video you would have seen that my healthy eating series is back which i'm so happy and excited about Sunday's video I did like a big food shopping haul which will be everything you'll need for today's meal prep so if you haven't already seen that one I will link it in the description box below and just so you've almost got like a little shopping list before I get into this meal prep and if you want to do it as well you can then see everything that you need so I remember mentioning do you know what maybe like a year ago that I do meal prep if I want to like tone up if I want to lose a bit of weight if I want to just eat really really clean and stay on track I will prep my meals for the week many moons ago I mentioned this and you guys have been asking for a meal prep video ever since so so know for you to be finally fill minute I've no idea why it's taken me so long probably because I haven't been eating very healthy recently did I mean but now is the time it's currently summer and yes it's time it's time to get back on it general it's going to be absolutely perfect to you if you have generally busy life and you don't have time to cook every night if you find it really hard to stay on track because you're gonna be prepping all your meals for a week so you don't really have to put that much effort on a Sunday night and Wednesday night Oh Sunday I will do Monday Tuesday Wednesday and then Wednesday night I will do Thursday Friday and Saturdays and then Sunday is my more like chill day so I thought I'd just typically show you what I make and how I make it so for each meal I'm going to be doing two options so for breakfast two options lunch two options and dinner two options so the first thing you will need and you go get out the cupboard a really bloody excited about it found them on Amazon and I was like my prayers have been answered BRB but the first thing you will need to your meal prep is a ton of Tupperware and Tupperware it's ridiculously expensive like you generally need to get a mortgage to get out like a lot of top all that so I went on the old Amazon Prime and I found some actual there goes the lid I found some actual meal prep little tough wares you can use them the microwave they are reusable and they're like really solid like they're not flimsy and you get 20 of these for 12 quid what you just saw bloody bargain it's so yeah I'll leave the link for these in the description box below because I think that they're really handy even if you don't want to do meal prep I think there are really nice little lunch box so I'm gonna be using these for each meal in the video just because it's easier especially if you like don't like your foods mixing like me I'm a bit of a weirdo I thought I could go buy my food starch in it's just nice to be able to keep it in these so yes Mia was not I've chosen to show you guys today I've tried to keep them really really simple and easy purely because I feel like meal prep is quite a bit of effort is like you don't want to be spending hours in the kitchen so I've picked like basic stuff that I find helps me lose weight so yeah anyway let's get straight into the video the local Ready Steady Cook bake-off I'm a lot of fun fact about me I actually applied for the Great British Bake Off last year and they've got invited to the end up using that I chickened out bingo fun fact okay so starting with breakfast I've chose two different breakfast options once we option on one savory option and one carb option on one non carb option so you can kind of you could you could pick both and like rotate each day or you could just choose one and like have that for the first three days and then maybe switch up when you do Mill prep again on Wednesday for the next few days so breakfast number one which is the low carb option and the savory option I am gonna be making two blue eggs with a little bit of smoked salmon avocado some little cherry tomatoes and some spinach this is one of my favorite savory breakfasts to have I'm usually more of like a sweet kind of breakfast person if I'm gonna have savory breakfast it will more than likely be like smoked eggs and salmon smoked eggs and salmon smoked salmon and eggs if you are keen on fish you could have like ham with this you could have maybe some like thin turkey or something like that but I love something so I'm going to be having that so that is the savory option and then for the sweet option which is like more of a car B option I would usually have this if I'm going to the gym that day or I've got like a really every time I took a few Jeff Lori goes plumping I would go for the copy option if I'm either working out that day or I've got a really busy day or you know what in the mornings where you feel like you really need like some carbs then this is perfect second option is porridge oats so I've just picked up any old oats to be honest usually I will go for like gluten-free oh it's just because I feel like I'm being like a little bit more healthy and sometimes my stomach is a bit weird with gluten so these actually aren't going free because I forgot to I opened them and ones in the cupboard but usually okay gluten-free ones and then I'll use the scoop of protein this is the best protein I have ever used I hate anything the taste of protein you know you get that like that certain taste I cannot bloody stands that Laver strawberry banana milkshake and it literally does not taste like protein at all is so nice man on the side in the little compartment I'll have just a few frozen fruits just to work it in the porridge and make it a little bit more exciting make it taste a little bit like cement and then these are going to be obviously overnight oats because I'm not gonna be making oats every morning so instead of using milk I just yep sent a fat Greek yogurt I'm going to show you how to make all of this anyway but yeah that is breakfast two options let's get cooking Ready Steady Cook funny it's not my birthday yeah cuz I got it for me i case the hair of both of the breakfast option this is just a case of boiling some eggs and prepping the rest like cutting the tomatoes and getting everything out and arranging it in the different little compartments and then with the overnight oats this is just 40 grams of plain outs and then it's three heat tablespoons of yogurt and then I've just popped some frozen fruit in here you can have pretty much anything in here you could maybe have some nuts and seeds you could have some peanut butter you could have pretty much anything that you like on your oats oh and also this has a scoop of protein and as well just to give it a bit of flavor and to give it some more protein so two options for lunch of the first option is people might think this is really weird but it's really really nice so don't knock it until you've tried also I use any meat or fish that you don't like you can just change it you can switch up if I use a tuner and you don't know – nah just use different meat substitute though you will need a can of tuna I always get it in Brian or spring water if you get it in some flour boil it pretty much like doubles the calories and the fat content is obviously a lot higher so try and stick to tuna which is either in brine or spring water and then going to be used in hostel pack of whole grain breads with some cut-up baby spinach some avocado and some Greek feta cheese so with this pretty much I will just kind of throw it all in a bowl mix it and it's really really nice it's really fill in so that's your more Colby option again for like days you're going to go to the gym and stuff like that now the non-car option I'm going to be making like a fruity chicken salad we're using one chicken breast which is in the fridge now I have two ways I usually cook my chicken if I'm cooking a big bulk of chicken like full breast that time I will chop it in the oven with a little bit of popery sauce or something like that cover over tin foil and leave it in there for like an hour and a half if I want something really really quick I've got a George Foreman grill it was like 30 pounds from Argos and it was one of the best investments I've ever made it cooks chicken in about 15 minutes you can go clue me on it you can grill it so much stuff on it so yeah if you want your mail perhaps to be like really really easy I would say grab a George Foreman grill 30 quid and it will save you so much time so I'm gonna do a grilled chicken breast and then with that I'm gonna have some baby spinach and spinach my spinach spinach spinach overlay this stuff I'm gonna be cutting up some mango and then it does are one of my favorite things to use on salad are frozen pomegranate seeds I love pomegranate seeds but I can't stand like the whole process of like scooping them out the actual pomegranate because it goes everywhere so you can pick these up for like one pound 50 I usually Chuck some of these frozen in the salad because it helps keep it like really cold as well so if you pop this in on the morning of taking your salad it will keep it cold all day and also when they start to defrost it creates almost like a little bit of a dressing that's really nice and then I've got some little mini peppers which I'm gonna cut up and sew different colored tomatoes so that is lunch options I'll see you properly for dinner briefing times I say words and I just I don't even know where they come from I lose my breath whenever I see you you stole my heart what is it that you do so here are the lunch options not gonna lie cannot wait to eat that this is one of my absolute favorites when the pomegranate seeds Mel I can't even explain it it like makes a really nice dressing and it's just so nice I love sweet and savory together as well and if you ever have like a little compartment that you haven't filled I usually just put a little bit of like peri-peri sauce or something in it just in case of salad it's a little bit dry and then over here we have my little tuna kind of like mash up oh my god that sounds so unappealing I don't actually mix the tuna in until I'm gonna eat it just because I can find it goes a little bit like soggy so I usually leave the tuna in the can and then if you're going to work or you're going out for the day just take it with you but don't forget an opener I've done that so many times so in here we've just got the feta I usually put the fish on its own because again I don't really like the mix because they kind of like it makes everything taste of feta if that makes sense so I've got the cooked rice in here some spinach and some avocado tomatoes and then the feta on its own and then I'll just take a whole kind of tuna in here and I'll probably mix everything together when I'm actually going to eat it so for dinner again I'm going to be making a carb option and a low-carb option so the first dinner option is almost like a fake healthy Nando's this is one of my favorite dinners to have so once you can rest again now my chicken I get from the butchers I go to ABC meats in Peterborough and I get one of the really big packs of chicken and I think you get so many chicken breasts in there and it's like I think it's 29 pounds but you get so many and then what I'll do is I'll divide them into little bags and pop them in the freezer so in the morning of my meal prep I'll get like three or four chicken breast hours worth paying a little bit more money because literally the chicken is so much nice I like I I feel like I'm a chicken classier now like I couldn't tell if I meet in supermarket chicken or butchers chicken it also doesn't shrink like it's just it's so much better so fast dinner it's going to be a little healthy Nando's so I'm going to doing Nando's chicken I have found a dupe for this call me the sausage OOP so the Nando's marinade is actually quite expensive at supermarkets it's like 250 I have been using this one in Lidl and it tastes the exact same and it's like a quarter of the price so yeah if you looking to save yourself some money grab this one from Lidl all you should do is get the chicken breast I'll pop some of this on and I'll just work it in the George Foreman grill the George Foreman grill is also brilliant for getting rid of any like excess fat because it all kind of drips out into the little tray I mean it's grim but at least you're not eating it and something to be having that and then again it's whole grain rice see pop some like dried chilies and stuff on this so it tastes like spicy whereas from Nando's and then I'm gonna be making homemade macho peas goddamn it I love macho peas for you none of those I'm super easy to make frozen peas lemon mint and chili flakes which are in the cupboard but you'll see how I make that in a minute yeah that's dinner number one and then number two is chicken again for dinners I would either have salmon Phillips or chicken they're the only two meats are really e like I said if you wanna lean on chicken or someone you could have like a little stank you could have pretty much whatever you want you could have some like chicken sausage ears so yeah we're going back to absolute basics but this again is one of my favorite dinners I find it easy it fills me up and it's literally just going to be a chicken breast I'll probably use the propria marinade on that again and then I'm just gonna have a load of veg to fill me up so I usually go for runner beans and tender stem broccoli so that's my low-carb option I've got so many different recipes to show you like I can I've got so many so if you would like to see a part two of the meal prep where I show you some more ideas then yeah just let me know it more than happy to make that but time to make dinner busy bee today busy bee dreama for the fire I'm the highest tree farm down definitely not least we have dinner dinner is my favorite meal for sure so here we have the healthy little homemade Nando's I just need to pop some chilli flakes on here just to make it like spicy rice you could add any seasoning to the rice like if you ever have a plain rice just add some seasoning it makes it a little bit a little bit more exciting I've got the grilled chicken here which I did in the George Foreman grill I also added that some spinach here just to kind of like bog up a little bit you could also add some like veggie produce and char grilled veg or some broccoli or some asparagus or something and then I've got the minty lemon peas over here and I've just added a little slice of lemon to add to that when I eat that and then over here we've got back to basics which is just chicken and veg I understand this might be a little bit like boring to some people but I really really enjoy this this is also really nice with salmon but again you could mix and match so many of these things you could have a bit of rice in there you could have some sweet potato if you wanted like more carbs so I've added some snacks in that I would typically eat in a day just so you can kind of like see what are you in a day I guess so if we're gonna go for like day one I would usually have breakfast around 7:00 a.m. as soon as I wake up then if I get hungry like mid-morning I will either have a banana or an apple or some kind of fresh fruit and then I'll usually have lunch around 1:00 1:30 and then about 3 o'clock is when like my sugar cravings come and I really fancy something sweet so you can get these little packs of really skinny rice cakes I include these in my food shop whole from Lidl and then what I'll do is I'll get two and I'll put a little bit of peanut butter in between the two and sandwich them together and oh my god is so nice so that'll be about 3:30 and then I'll usually have dinner about 7:00 and then if I get hungry in the evenings usually about 9:00 p.m. just before bed I really really crave something sweet I will have a protein shake if I'm feeling feeling like I want to push the boat out I'll have it with milk but usually I'll just have it with water or I'll make it into a smoothie I'll actually show you how I make the smoothie in my next video because Philip is already quite a lot going on in this so yeah if you'd like to see how I make like a really nice protein smoothie then I'll include that in the next one I'm on a diet I kind of like to stick to the same kind of foods if that makes sense it just helps me soundtrack it gets too confusing if I mix it up too much so when you do your prep if you're doing it for three days obviously you should have three breakfasts three lunches and three dinners and three lots of snacks I hope that makes sense we reached the end of my weekly meal prep video I really really hope you guys have enjoyed it I hope it's given you some idea feel so happy and positive about this little series I miss this I feel like healthy and is something I'm actually really really good at so yeah I'm really excited to share with you some more ideas and stuff like that like I said if there are any videos you want to see from me just pop them in the comments box below Keaton series will probably be in a few weeks I'm off to Santorini next week which are so excited about is gonna be some more holiday vlogs I've also got like a holiday prep video coming where I'm going to get all pampered and feel like a new woman so yeah loads of exciting videos come in but soon as I'm back from Santorini best believe I'm gonna be back on a diet because I've spent my life on diets and breathe yeah really really hope you enjoyed this video I love you guys so much and I'll see you in my next video


  1. Hi Gemma, totally love you, your videos and your channel in general. I just wanted to reach out to you to ask you reconsider (and your followers to do the same) eating farmed salmon. In the UK, all salmon sold in supermarkets and restaurants (unless it is listed as being wild salmon from a different country I.e. Alaska.. ) is from fish farms. These farms are falling way short of welfare standards with parasite burdens being off the chart , the use of toxic chemicals, growth hormones and unregulated protocols. These farms are not only producing some of the most toxic foods on our shelves but they are also totally decimating the natural stocks of salmon. I would love to chat more about this if you are interested! Wild salmon stocks are absolutely destroyed as a result of salmon farming.. there is no such thing as wild salmon from the UK that is available to buy from a shop or restaurant , even the "scottish salmon" is from a farm the research is out there, the footage of disease and poor welfare is out there. please please reconsider purchasing and eating salmon. Thank you xx

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