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Hello my friends. Welcome to the Freshfield Fitness YouTube Channel. My name is Daphne and I’m here to share some Tai Chi, QiGong and Low Impact Exercises for you to follow at home. I’m a Personal Trainer and a Gym Instructor
but along the way I also found Tai Chi and QiGong. And I find that I have fallen in love
with this type of exercise. I love the way that we have the time to consider our posture,
to consider our core, where our body alignment is, it makes us very body aware. It also gives
you the opportunity to think about where your weight is distributed and the transfer of
weight between one leg and another, before you make a movement. And anyone can do it,
any age, any fitness level and whether you’re a beginner or whether you’ve been doing Tai Chi and QiGong for a long time, it’s great to Find You Own Flow. I’m not looking for
perfect practitioners, I’m looking to help people, introduce them to Tai Chi and QiGong
and develop a love for this type of exercise. Because it’s a really effective way of building
strength, working out your major muscle groups, without being to heavy duty on your joints
and I find it a great way to be calm, centred, peaceful, present and mindful within all my
movements. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL. I hope you support me in developing these videos so that you can follow them along at home Thanks for watching

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  1. As a long time practitioner of QiGong, I am delighted to have found your channel. Your presentation and approach to the movements are unique and refreshing and I eagerly look forward to new videos. Thank you.

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