Welcome to Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Whenever you’re choosing a school you have to find a community where you feel you can be your best self. SLU offers a great program to get you through to your MD, but it’s a great community where you’ll feel supported
and able to thrive. When you walk in here, you know they want you to succeed and they’ll do what they can to help you succeed. There’s like a place for you, makes it actually fun to be in medical school. We’re constantly pushing the envelope
of how things are taught. They have early clinical exposure. It’s not just a disease I read about in a book. Now it’s a patient, who has a face, who has a name. We do get to do a lot of hands-on things, it’s not just observing. That’s a great place to learn, to use those skills, but also to engage with people. They have a almost completely run student clinic. That allows students to care directly for the patients and the community. As a first year, you can start going in there and take your first history and doing kind’ve a physical. You get a chance to see ‘oh yeah this why I wanted to do this.’ The curriculum is designed in a way to allow you to start working with patients and helping others. Which is the reason you’re here. You have to go through the science. You have to go through the classes to earn it all. But there’s other opportunities that really allows you to give back and to remember why you wanted to be a physician in the first place. SLU was by far my favorite interview. The students were all so calm, they were so nice, so like relaxed – I didn’t”t expect to see that from med students. The first two years all grades are just pass fall. So there’s no differentiation between students the first in the two years at all. Everyone just wants to help you pass and get through. People are sharing resources, they’re talking to each other. We’re launching an initiative right now called ‘learning communities’. Where faculty can get to know students and develop a mentor relationship there. It allows students across all four years interactive with each other and build those types of networks Faculty and the others students are really what make SLU such a great place to be. Because it is so collaborative . Everyone is here to support you and your academics. But also just in your growth as a whole person. We get to see so many interests and so many different passions. SLU gives your opportunities for pretty much any interest you have. If you wanna know what SLU is like, just come visit. Come meet us. I always tell people make sure this right place for the student. it’s not about us, it’s about them Really making that sure we’re allowing them to succeed. That’s the goal here. That’s what we’re here for.

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