Welcome to the Weight and Wellness Center at Tufts Medical Center

So here at Tufts Medical Center at the weight loss program we’re always looking to offer our patients the latest cutting technology and innovation when it comes to weight loss. Making that decision to wake up one morning and say ‘okay I’m going to get control over my health and my weight,’ we want to make sure that we help you every single step of the way. What makes Tufts Weight and Wellness center special is that we work as part of a comprehensive team. You’re not coming in just to see a dietitian. You’re seeing a behavior provider, you’re seeing a medical doctor or you’re seeing a surgeon if you choose a surgical route. We all work very closely together and we all collaborate together, so when you come into the center, you may be seeing Dr. Shaw, you may be seeing Jill and you may be seeing myself all in one day. Outside of your visits we remain in close contact with one another so most patients kind of feel that everyone is on the same page. We find that the more comprehensive the support the better that somebody does.
We really like to work with people one-to-one and we really enjoy kind of starting with you where you’re at. It’s our colleague support. It’s you know support for me, it’s support from the psychologists and I think that that makes you know the program here at Tufts, like, unique and strong compared to the other Boston programs.

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