Wellbeing at the School Games

School Games National Finals is, of
course, so much more than just a competition. While the athletes are with
us, they get to experience what it’s like to live in an athlete’s village to wear an accreditation and to have downtime in the program. At the Youth Sport Trust, the
athlete education program cuts right to the heart of what
the School Games is about… really preparing our athletes for performance at the next level. This year, the program is themed with right decisions, right time and is all about helping the athletes understand and recognise the value of their own wellbeing in helping them achieve the very best. So, within the program this year, athletes will be supported to think about how they manage stress… how they balance their athletic program with the rest of their life and indeed how they
cope with things like social media and the digital age and the management of
their profile in that context. So we really hope that the athletes that join
us here at the School Games National Finals will not only perform out their
best on the field of play but will go away better experienced and better
equipped for the next stage of their career.

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