Wellbeing Budget 2019: A quick wrap

By now, some of you will have seen the
announcements we’ve made as part of our Budget. I just wanted to talk a little
bit more about what we’re doing to try and transform mental health services and
finally ensure that mental health is taken seriously in New Zealand. You know, a couple months ago now, I heard the story, told to me directly by a woman who
had been suffering pretty significant depression, and she told me that she’d
been referred to services before and she would always nod along when someone gave her a referral, but she would just never go. And there were times when she really
reached breaking point.But the person she had a relationship with was her
doctor. So when her GP service started a practice of bringing mental health
trained professionals into their doctors clinic, and she was able to be taken by
her GP, walked around to the next office over, to talk to someone to give her
mental health support, that made all the difference to her. So that is what
we’re going to roll out through the entire country, putting mental health
professionals into doctors clinics so that people who need support get it exactly in the right time that they need it. I absolutely believe this is going to make a difference because I’ve heard
from people already where it has. I also know that we don’t have enough addiction
services in New Zealand, and I know that because I’ve been to places where
they’ve told me they have absolutely no residential facilities, and a high need.
So we have in this Budget created 2,000 more places for addiction services. We’ve
invested the most significant investment in domestic and sexual violence that
any government has invested. It’s all about finally breaking the cycles of
violence, dealing with mental health issues properly, and also in this Budget
we deal with poverty issues too – Yes, I mean this is really the wellbeing focus
in action, getting government agencies and departments to work together on the
long-term challenges we’ve got, fixing those problems, acknowledging that it’ll
take some time, but that we do have a plan to improve the wellbeing of all
our people. We’ve got to do that in the economy as well, and so there’s a focus
and this Budget on shifting ourselves to addressing and tackling climate change
issues, helping our farmers to make sure that they can make the shifts to be
more sustainable too, and also preparing ourselves for the you know rapidly
changing nature of work. We’re investing a significant
amount in our venture investment fund, that’s about taking small businesses, helping them grow, and stay in New Zealand while they grow. Now Budgets are always about balance, and we have been able to balance the investments we’re
making with our Budget Responsibility Rules. We’re keeping our debt low and
we’ve got a surplus, and those things are important because unexpected things
happen all the time, and you have to be ready for that. But we are making the
big long-term investments at the same time, especially in fixing our schools
and hospitals. We’ve got a ten year plan, a billion dollars, to fix up our schools. And over the next two years,we’re going to put one-and-a-half billion dollars
into fixing our hospitals. They are the big long-term investments that we need. So
it’s a balance, I think we’ve got the balance about right. We’re looking out
for the long-term wellbeing of our people, and making the investments we
need now. Ultimately a Budget that’s not about the next three years, but about the next 30 years.

8 thoughts on “Wellbeing Budget 2019: A quick wrap

  1. Idiots. New Zealand's cost of living is through the roof. Mass immigration to Australia and a bankrupt economy. Idiots.

  2. You need to get an education on basic economics. No one is going to be better off with shifting debt to future generations with no greater ability to pay it.

  3. In the words of Margaret Thatcher ‘the problem with socialism is you one day run out of other people’s money’. NZ is swelling its population of those in need.

  4. Good stuff Jacinda and Grant, please keep this very short video on the front of your minds. If you do and if you can lose the shackles of NZ First I’ll vote labour next election.

  5. Any group of people running this country need to be relatively well rounded – major successes – Auckland Harbour bridge – Manapouri Power project
    we need to concentrate on affordable section prices ( we have the landmass of Uk and 5% of the people ) mass production of pre-fabricated houses
    make a 2 bedroom with capabilities of converting to 4 bedroom ( expand when you need them ) get ROBOTICS and enhanced TRAIN transport
    working – I know many males over 50 who cant get a Job ( construction doesnt suit many older people ) wheres the manufacturing gone
    and theres few Jobs for them in – retail – health or education 🙁 the best Teachers Ive had were Men ( thinking Intermediate school )

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