I’ve always loved art. I didn’t know two years ago I could paint. I worked on the computer all of my life and
I thought, I want to do something where I’m off the computer. I want to feel what a paint brush feels like. it’s fluid, organic, and it’s magical. I had a lot of stress in my life. I was gaining a lot of weight and I had health
issues because of it. So, I visited the doctor and she said, “Try
Walking.” So I started walking and I lost 65 pounds. It helped with stress and I feel good now. It was slow. It was like two years. I also changed my diet. I became a part of the UA Community Garden and I
started eating organic and eating the food that I was growing. It makes you feel good so when you go to work
you feel motivated, you have energy. I have my routine every day. I like to go out and do my walk. I’ll come home and make a little Greek coffee,
sit on the patio, and plan my day whether it’s going to be my painting at night or practice
my music. It’s happiness. You get moved by so many things in life. I read Van Gogh and his letters to his brother,
Theo. One of his quotes was, “What is done in love
is done well.” So whatever you do, just put your heart in it and you’ll love it.

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