[email protected] Festival – Roadshow

I think it’s great. It’s great to see so many stands that give good advice On things like sugar free, and occupational health It’s lovely to see the trust getting together I think what has surprised me most is that it is staff giving up their own time to do this For example Amy is doing the hand massaging and the lady doing the bowmans. That has really surprised me It’s lovely to see My name is Mary Pribeagu, I am a healthcare assistant at Salvington Lodge Iam also a Bowen practitioner. Because I really enjoy Bowen it was a great opportunity for me to offer this skill to other colleagues I was absolutely very pleased to do this So I an talking about discounts for staff saving money on the high street childcare vouchers and looking after yourself I’m Helen and I am part of the oral health promotion team based at Morley Street in Brighton There is a team of four of us and we go out and we do lots of events and promotion activities about reducing dental decay increasing brushing, talk about diet, going to the dentist that sort of thing The wellbeing at work festival is really important so that we all have the opportunity to stay well, and work well. I made a commitment to go and do some yoga, so that’s exactly what I’m going to go and do

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