Does it help your cold? yeah What did you put in your tea? huh? What did you put in your tea? Oh… (Mary laughs) The dollar store Look at this quality stuff! For long storage Hey guys so today we are doing a special edition of Kinder Time it’s….. blindfolded! (sounds of kids saying Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!) All right, so here we go! so I have to guess what the toy is by just feeling it We made this up, by the way hee hee hee Yeah but I don’t know we got into this habit of having Kinder Time with you guys but it’s pretty fun Well, actually… I wasn’t planning on doing Kinder Time but by popular demand… Kinder Time shall continue I’m not fightin it this is… kinda difficult OK chocolate opened all right so Mary has to guess what the toy is If this is actually the kangaroo It’s gonna be kinda disappointing, huh? ’cause I’m gonna keep my eyes closed but it’ll be even more exciting because you’ll have the suspense I know….ready?!? Okay….oh! Don’t say it! Don’t say it. oh….oh….it’s a car! (Peter laughs) Of course she drops it Okay It’s a car? I sure hope I’m breaking it Okay That has to be right Is it a car? I don’t know What do you mean?? Does it look like a car? I’m….I’m videotaping… What? Let’s see what it is Is that a car guys? yeah….that looks like a car to me Let’s take the blindfold off But I also have to put my glasses on Unless I still won’t be able to see it… You could have just done glasses-less edition Awww, that’s so cute Awwwwww Don’t you think it’s cute? It is cute So it’s better to have your blindfold off because then you can see how cute it is aww that’s SO cute! Well that’s a pretty sweet car that is really cool It’s got like clear… yeah windows…and you can see the little seats and there’s even little backseats Good job Kinder! Good evening guys I’m just on my way back I ran up to the school to get the video for today uploaded we made actually a pretty long video which you guys probably are watching today, yesterday I don’t know, this is confusing how you watch the day before the day after and we’re making the day after the bef….whatever anyways…all that to say I ran up to the school ’cause the Internet at the school is no exaggerating 35 times faster than our Internet at home, so… whereas it would’ve taken a couple hours or more to upload at home it took… approximately 4 minutes to upload at school, so… thanks University of Edinburgh and… so I’m headed back home and I’ll see you guys later Do you need me to make you some Super Wellness tea? Don’t you like my wellness tea? uh huh What would be your ideal wellness tea? Is that gonna help your cold? What did you put in your tea? huh? (laughs) What did you put in your tea? oh (Mary laughs) the same, mint and lemon oh, I didn’t know you did mint I did (Mary laughs) Are you okay? How do you feel? (Mary laughs) Crappy Hey guys, since we didn’t have much footage from yesterday we decided to put some Oliver update footage in Hope you enjoy it!

22 thoughts on “WELLNESS TEA & OLIVER UPDATE (9.27.14)

  1. I'm a special ed. Elementary teacher. I am going to have to buy a bunch of kinder eggs for my kiddos as rewards. They will love them.

  2. I love Kinder Time, Mary is so cute. I wish I could get Kinder Eggs here in the US 🙁
    I love the Ollie footage so much, did he learn to get the halter after just one try? Are Poodles as smart as they are said to be? I think so, of course, and mine is VERY treat motivated which helps a lot. And poor Peter, being mocked by his wife when he was sick lololol

  3. this was such a cute video watching Ollie being trained, he is such a smart boy. 🙂 and seeing Emma a year ago, look how she has grown up in a year! and it was so cute with Emma helping in the training too. so cute!!!!

  4. Where have I been all my life? I am a great lover of candy of all shapes and sizes and I've never heard of Kinder eggs! Is there any candy to eat in it?

    Oh, goodness, if there's anything cuter than a doggie it's a little tiny girl training a doggie! She is too cute.

  5. I know these videos are older but I'm playing catch up. lol Oliver is such a doll and I love little Bennett. I have a salt and pepper mini schnauzer and she looks so much like him.

  6. I love your Ollie update ones even if they are old. I am owner training so they help more then anyone would know. I'm thinking "but wait, it's taking my dog way longer to learn how to tug on something upon request" but he also just started 2 and half ish months ago when you were training Ollie since he was a puppy to be a service dog. Which is the most correct way to do it. I just already have a dog and still work so can't house train a puppy and really can't have two dogs, at the moment, so its him or nothing. At the moment anyway. And he just became fearful of the clicker due to a word that was fearful for him ("brace") which I didn't know and paired it with the clicker. So, for now, until he becomes more excited over the clicker, we are using marker word only. You don't have to use a clicker. It is just much more consistant and easier to. We had to take a week break and are now easing back into training. Service dog training is very hard, it's all I do. Wake up, train, go to work, come home and train more. But I know, in the end, when you have that help, it is well worth the work. Plus, the training in of itself is good for me. So there is my rambling for this video lol.

  7. I still get a big kick out of watching you open those Kinder Eggs. You are a really good guesser. You can't help but love Oliver. 🙂

  8. I love Kinder time! Mary is a doll and I love how Peter gets a kick out of her. That Ollie is precious. I know this is old but I have a training question. For learning a new task, do you give the command, then click as soon as he does it or do you click, command, click when complete? Also, once a dog has learned a trick how often should you revisit that trick to keep fresh? I can only guess there are many many tasks to learn that it might be hard to repeat each daily. Just curious if there's a schedule you follow? Thank you!

  9. poor peter. when he was drinking his tea at first and mary was like what did you put in the tea? peter looked right at her and didn't notice the camera. he must have been really sick

  10. I have a feeling y'all don't drink but if you do, hot toddy's really help with colds! Honestly, you could leave out the whiskey and it would be just as great! Basically mint tea with honey and lemon!!

  11. My son bought me a kinder egg this Christmas and now after watching you I'm hooked. I bought two the other day and only let myself open one each day. It's more exciting that way. I'm such a hopeless child inside. Lol

  12. This is one of my favs so far. I love kinder time. I love that the University WiFi was 35X faster. I loved the Ollie update, but I don’t think anything can beat the junior trainer. I loved this so much today!

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