Wellness tourism with the Travel Professor

Today I want to talk about wellness
tourism. That is, tourism going somewhere, either primary purpose
or secondary purpose, for the purpose of health and well-being. It can be physical
health. It can be spiritual health. It can also be psychological health and
it’s one of the pull factors and driving factors of tourism now. It is
estimated there is about 30 countries that have wellness tourism as a major
niche market wellness tourism was also highly correlated with medical tourism:
the purpose of going somewhere mixing a holiday as well as having a medical
procedure. Often this is done where the medical procedures are quite expensive in the
origin country and you go for the destination, have a relax and get a more inexpensive operation. It can be things
like teeth whitening, it can be cosmetic surgery, things like this. Many countries
throughout Asia, Europe as well as the US have promoted wellness tourism. Think
about resorts and spas – they often offer massage, detox, health diets, things like
this. Other medical…hospitals and medical centers offer medical procedures, of course,
Many places in Southeast Asia offer massages, often very inexpensive, because
of the low labor costs where you can pick up a massage for half an hour, an hour that cost a couple of US dollars so this
is one area of tourism that is really growing and many destinations are
looking to expand on this. This infographic, produced by the Global
Wellness Institute, shows some of the reasons why consumers should undertake
health and wellness programs. It also shows the economic benefits to economies
that offer wellness tourism. I’m gonna go into this spa I’m gonna,
here in Vietnam, I’m going to also take part in this wellness tourism. Wellness tourism – I’ve taken a mud bath
here in Nha Trang in a spa. I’ve had a mineral shower. Now a mud bath. How
does it feel? Well, slippery. It’s gonna make my skin very smooth, almost like a
baby’s then I’m gonna have another mineral shower and a swim to top it off
and after that I’m gonna feel very well, very healthy and very relaxed. The next part of the health and wellness
program is to have a mineral bath. I just had the mud bath, followed by
hydrotherapy (water therapy) where the jet sprays washed me clean, a quick jacuzzi
and now the mineral spa. Salty like water. I’m nice and refreshed now. That’s a
quick look at wellness tourism.

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