Wellness Wednesday: Breast Cancer Awareness

This segment is sponsored by Springfield
Clinic. In studio today we have Lori Hanson here from Springfield Clinic.
Lori, thank you so much for being here. Thank you for having me. Yes, of course,
and I see you’re sporting your pink. Yes have my pink on. Yes, it’s still Breast Cancer Awareness Month, one of the most important things that we celebrate every
year and you’re here to talk about mammograms. Yes.
Why are they so important? They are so important because one in eight women in
their lifetime will be diagnosed with breast cancer and just with, you know, any
type of, you know, screening it’s very, you know, the early detection is is so
important, so important. What age would you recommend women should start getting mammograms? Well the general consensus, you know, is age 40 on. Yeah age 40 on and that’s women with just average risk. Now those with like strong family history of having breast cancer at a younger age or if they’re you know a certain genetic
testing has tested positive for them then of course they want to speak to
their provider about, you know, getting screened earlier. And I know we
use October, of course, as a time to discuss the importance of breast cancer
awareness. How often do people need to check themselves I know we talk about it
every October but once a year? Twice a year? They certainly want to do the breast
self-exam or at least once a month and that’s starting like age 18 we know
women want to start you know checking their breasts once a month and then of
course having a clinical breast exam from their provider at least once a year. Okay, talk to us a little bit about curved
paddles. Oh the curved paddles, those are great we’ve, Springfield Clinic just got those in April they the old paddles were just
straight flat, you know, and compressed but these actually have a curve to them
they actually conform to the not natural contour of a woman’s breast so they are
much more comfortable. Ninety-three percent of patients polled, you know, said
wow this is so so much more comfortable than in the past and from a technology
standpoint, us technologists love it because we can get back and see more
tissue but towards that chest wall. Got it. They’re great. Did the previous
ones that those hurt a little bit more? You know they were a little more
uncomfortable but I wouldn’t say it hurts. You know every woman’s different
some people have you know more tender breasts than others but you know but
these are more comfortable for sure, yeah. Cool and then you know women who come to you to get their mammogram and you know they you know actually see something and something is there. Talk about their
feelings and emotions when you know they talk about I’m so glad I came early on.
Oh yeah it’s very frightening. It’s one of our biggest fears as women, you know,
and men can get breast cancer too so it’s important for them to check
themselves and if anything shows up talk to their provider. But yes with women
yeah it is one of our biggest fears and you know it is very scary
especially you know when they get called back which is very common usually when
they do get that call back to come back for extra imaging usually it’s just
nothing but we just air on the side of caution and just take a few extra
pictures maybe do an ultrasound just to make sure. Alright, get your
mammograms everybody in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I want
everybody to be safe and protected out there. Yes alright, thank you Lori so
much. Thank you.

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