What can the wellbeing team do for you

Hello my name is Francesca Devlin I’m a wellbeing advisor at the university The wellbeing service is available to all
students at the university regardless of what stage they are at with their studies. This
includes students who have suspended their studies. The wellbeing service can provide support
with a range of issues relating to welfare, wellbeing and mental health. For example students
have approached wellbeing when they are struggling to manage financially, when they are having
difficulties in a relationship, when they are experiencing stress, feeling low in mood,
anxious or have had a traumatic experience. We would always encourage someone to come
and see us no matter how big, or small the issue seems to be. Engagement with the service is voluntary.
Contact with us is confidential and any information is held in confidence within the wellbeing
and Disability Service. We offer a range of interventions which students
can choose from. A student can be seen in a 1-1 appointment with an adviser where they
can discuss the difficulties they are facing and work towards identifying a way forward
and a solution. They can be referred to one of our mental health advisers who can support
with more complex mental health difficulties or they can be referred to our counselling
team for up to 5 sessions of counselling to explore a specific issue or difficulty. In your appointments an adviser will talk
with you about what has led you to come and seek support, they may ask you questions and
offer you ways to find solutions. They are likely to ask how your difficulties are affecting
your academic work and help you find ways to manage this. At times they may encourage
you to access support from other services or people both within the university (such
as the Student Union advice centre) or external to the university (such as going to see your
GP). We also run a number of groups and workshops
which are open to all students. Our workshops tend to be single sessions where we deliver
information around a particular subject. Our groups are normally a course where students
interactively learn about a subject and come away with a set of skills they can implement
in day to day life. For example, this could be a course on anxiety management. They will
be facilitated by a member of staff and at the start of each course the expectations
of the group will be explored with all attendees. We ask all group participants to respect fellow
group members and maintain confidentiality. It is not uncommon to feel apprehensive about
joining a group but they can be really beneficial in learning how to manage a particular issue
and meeting other people who have had similar experiences. Details of our group programme
will be available on the webpage at the end of this video For those students who wish to use self help
materials we have a range of options. They can access our webpage where they can find
a range of resources and self-help guides. Alternatively, they can use Big White Wall,
our online support resource for students. There are a range of support options available
through BWW which includes self-assessments and courses. Use of the site is free and completely
confidential. All students need to do is register with their student ID. You’ll also find that the wellbeing team host
events throughout the academic year. If you think you would benefit from an appointment
with us, then come to the ipoint in student central and request a same day appointment.
Alternatively, you can ring ipoint and book an appointment that way. You can find the wellbeing service on level
4 in student central, online or contact us through ipoint on 01484 471001

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