What Does Stress Do To Your Body?

Oh gosh I’m so stressed. Ugh it’s the
worst. I feel so sick. Hey guys Julia here for DNews Stress is really really awful for your body.
You know when you get scared, embarrassed or anxious – your face flushes and you get
hot and sweaty? This is called psychogenic fever. Well your body temperature actually
increases when you’re stressed, it’s warming up the muscles in case you need to get the
hell out of dodge. Most of the short term effects are the result of this flight or fight
response. The Adrenal gland in your brain releases the
hormones in response to some stressor. This in turn releases glucose into the bloodstream
to power you up, ready to take on a threat. It suppresses your digestion and your immune
system to save energy for hightailing it away from a bear. But now a days we aren’t threatened so much
by bears, but school, work, and family matters stress us out just the same. All those good
things cortisol did to save us from the bear, does bad things us when we’re faced with
these chronic stressors we can’t run away from. One of the hormones, cortisol, is called the
stress hormone.This hormone does a lot of things. It affects things like blood pressure,
metabolism, and immune reactions such as inflammation. Basically chronic stress makes your body continually
release cortisol. Normally this hormone keeps inflammation in check, but after a while your
cells get burnt out and become less receptive to the hormone. Inflammation then kind of
runs amok. And causes its own host of problems. Inflammation can lead to heart disease and
obesity and is now being implicated in some mental health disorders like depression and
anxiety. Inflammation can also damage your DNA. A recent study linked stress and DNA
damage. The study, Proceedings of the National Academy
of Sciences, found that stress damages your telomeres. Telomeres are often compared to
that plastic tip on your shoelaces. They sit on the ends of your chromosomes to keep them
from unraveling. As cells divide and DNA replicates, these telomeres shorten throughout your life.
Eventually leading to cell death. The erosion of telomeres is a pretty good
indicator of someone’s health. Smokers often have shorter telomeres than nonsmokers, for
example. In this study the researchers found that displaced Indian villagers had shorter
telomeres than other villagers who didn’t go through the stress of relocating. Which
is similar to other studies on the effects of stress on telomeres. But it’s not just having your entire village
moved. The American Psychological Association found that Americans are most stressed about
work, money and the economy. Does this sound like you? If you are chronically stressed there is some
hope. Being socially connected helps. One study published Social & Personality Psychology
Compass in 2011 found that “People who have supportive, close relationships have lower
levels of systemic inflammation compared to people who have cold, unsupportive and conflict-ridden
relationships.” Some studies show that mindfulness based practices,
like yoga and meditation, can reduce stress. Being mindful means you accept each moment
as it is without judgment. Seeing something as neither good or bad, it just IS. And it’s
really hard to do. It definitely takes some training, but it’s worth it. One study published
in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine reaffirmed previous studies that mindfulness decreases
distress and increases quality of life. So go get your yoga on so you don’t die! What are you most stressed about? How do you
deal with it? Let us know in the comments below! …

100 thoughts on “What Does Stress Do To Your Body?

  1. Help me, please someone just help me. I'm stressing , crying and I don't know why. What's going on in me? Please someone help

  2. I feel stress when I go to school my teachers are always mean to me and bever treat me nicely even when I get good marks or when I behave well

  3. I'm stressed because I'm reading this story and it feels like I'm in the story and there's a lot of drama in it. It makes me so stressed🤕.

  4. hi i am ranin it is friday may 12 2017 and i have a prodject thats due on monday and i have not started anything yet and today i heard my mom saying we are going some where fun on mothers day so then im so stress HOW CAN I FINSH MY PRODJECT IN ONE DAY!!!!

  5. Im in my teens and I am pretttyy stressed about school cuz I have a test every single day until my vacation I have to make lots of projects etc. but my parents/siblings said that I cant be stressed because I am so young and that the stress will begin in the future and now I am stressed for that stress 😂 But I know that adults have it harder than teens but maybe the pressure is just alot for a teen. Because I littarly was crying over school.

  6. Body stress.. environmental triggers.. all physical.. any advice? Dr's won't investigate, they pass everything as anxiety.. but discomfort is discomfort, standing, sitting, laying in bed.. all amounting to enormous stress (chest tightness, stomach tightness, lump in the throat etc) ..very little works, and decreasingly so.. maybe relaxation therapy, massages etc.. anyone else dealt with physically induced body stress? If so, I feel for you, and I hope you find a solution 🙂

  7. please do a video our Autoimmune Diseases! I have them & I would love others to be aware of how autoimmune diseases are. A lot about autoimmunity is still unknown but would be a good video!

  8. School shouldn't be shut down or anything, otherwise we'll all go pretty dumb. But it should be knocked down a notch. I have to wake up at 6 AM and be at school by 7 AM and it's just too stressful. Now knowing that stress can kill you I think we kids need a bit less of school. Like man we go to school for about 7-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, almost every week of the year (besides summer break and thing like Christmas, Hanukkah, Quanta etc. and Thanksgiving break). If you still are crazy, and don't think it's that bad let me prove how it is. 1. You can DIE of stress, and if that doesn't sound serious then your messed up, man. 2. We're worked to the bone, being drowned in homework and projects with only lunch and a very short recess (if you even have recess, I don't). 3. There are mental illnesses leading from stress. Some people even kill themselves intentionally. I have Tricholochomania due to school and all its pressure. And the pressure of my peers seeing my huge bald spot on the top of my head and the side along the hairline just increases it. 4. The staff don't treat us like real people, (unless your lucky). They pile us with homework and punish us without knowing what's going on in our life. For example, little Billy's grandpa just passed away and Mrs. Anderson gives him A hug project that he has to do because poor little Billy was mourning his grandpa's death for a couple days. Little Billy can't finish all his work in time and the teacher makes him stay inside for recess to do it. Little Billy still can't finish cause his recess is so short. Mrs. Anderson gets mad at Billy for "procrastinating". Little Billy gets a failing grade in his class, he has to be to summer school and gets held back. Billy decided that enough was enough and Billy just suicides, all due to stress.
    Does it make sense now?

  9. OK I'm a cashier job I don't like working at my job right now and I just quit chewing so I have a lot of stress on me how do I do de stress

  10. I’m going to die soon if I keep living with my mom I am way to stressed and I’ve been stressed since I made the mistake of moving to my moms I’m only 13 why do I have to deal with this she blames everything on me and let’s my little brother get away with anything my family is in the kitchen right now probably eating without me because I got to angry at my mom my dad is also in the hospital so my life sucks right now I’ll stop talking bye

  11. I am most stressed of Test and Exams… I am number 1 in the whole grade and I want to stay there… I have no time to do anything only study study and study… any suggestions? I hardly ever watch TV or YT… maybe like 1 hour a day

  12. I have a sh*t load of health problems and referring to them…. I’ll probably live until about 20 something :’) not like it bothers me

  13. I’m stressed. I know it. It’s been almost 5 months and I can see a drastic change in my physiology. I’ve gained 18lbs, my tummy is out, I have indigestion and sinus every month and severe hair fall!!. And all this has happened because I have chosen the wrong college and I can’t do anything about it without displeasing my mother.

  14. My brother is honestly killing Me with the stress he causes Me on a daily basis. He hasn’t seen his daughter for 12 years, because his ex is a child-abusing psychopath who uses their daughter as an ‘emotional weapon’ against him. I reported her a few years ago for living in filth as a hoarder. She’s being monitored by Social Services to keep her home clean. But her AND My brother blame Me for everything. It’s got to the point where My losing fluids and weight on a daily basis with vomiting and Diarrhoea. I pass out in the street and am too weak to work now.

  15. Do you hear that political activists on both the left and right? Accepting each moment as neither good or bad, it just is. America is not the Gaza Strip.

  16. Everyone on here talking about school stress…just wait until you’re out of college and into the real world. The real world made my college stress look like nothing. And if you’re whining about high school stress gtfooo

  17. I get stressed about school how do I stay sane I don’t I take a brood sword and stab the shit out of branches trees and other training objects.

  18. School (šçhøõł)
    a: a place that forces you to do to the being of others, what is left after this process is a shell of your former self

  19. I'm only 22 years old and I suffer from anxiety it's a horrible feeling I am looking for help cos I want to enjoy my life healthy 😢

  20. I’m not revising because I’m trying to rest to get energy but not revising is more stressful because I’m not going to do well if I don’t revise… help

  21. What dose it mean about this word Bear
    I don't understand cortisol did to save us from the bear.
    Bear is means animal or else ?

  22. I know how is feeling of stress lets make a gruop on wats app or on massanger. Maybe we can halp eachother to comeout from it

  23. I’m stressed about going to my pain management doctor and having him lower my medications again for no reason. These doctors are killing people. I have had the same medicine for over 10 years and doing great. Moved to Washington and these doctors actually do not give a dam about suffering. They are just overly fearful of fandom prosecutors. Alert doctor. No one is going to arrest you for giving me the same medication level my last doctor gave me for the past 10 years. If your a pain doctor doing this I’m sorry but I hope you experience ongoing chronic pain someday and have to rely on medication just to function somewhat.

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