What Happens if You Start Exercising

For decades or even centuries, we use to think
that exercise is the best recipe to lose weight, but we couldn’t be more wrong. Studies after studies proved that exercise
is absolutely useless when it comes to losing weight because it serves absolutely different
purpose. So what exactly happens when you start exercising? Of course it has a lot of physiological benefits
but they are nothing compare to its psychological effects Exercise is like a magic pill for your brain. It boosts your brain capacity in a way that
you haven’t though before, mostly because it raises your dopamine level almost like
cocaine does. Dopamine is a brain cell thats responsible
for your level of motivation, whenever you feel tired and lazy and you don’t feel like
doing anything, thats because your dopamine is low. Thats why when ever you exercise, instead
of feeling tired, you suddenly want to accomplish others things, you feel much more energised. But it doesn’t stops there, it directly
increases your serotonin level which is another brain cell but this one reduces your stress
level and keeps you far away from depression. So, if you are sad, angry or anxious, going
to the gym is exactly what you need to do! and if you already regularly exercise, you
know exactly what I am talking about! And if thats not enough for you! you will
instantly realize how your brain suddenly starts working faster, because the part of
your brain thats responsible for memory and learning has BDNF – Brain-derived neurotrophic
factor – and it gets unleashed whenever your blood pomps faster than it does usually! Isn’t that great?! But whats even more fascinating than that
is, even if you are exercising for the first time, it still increases your attention span! Which means that you will finally have the
willpower to put aside your phone, block facebook, youtube and instagram and focus on that assignment
that you have been procrastinating on! If you manage to keep exercising at least
3 hours a week, you are going to reduce your risk of heart attacking, diabetes, stroke
or even cancer. In fact, you can expect yourself to live at
least 5 years longer than if you do not exercise. If you are from those types of people who
need to lie for hours in their bed before falling asleep, then congratulations, from
now onwards, you are going to fall asleep faster than you imagine because of both, physical
and psychological effects that exercise has on you! Benefits of exercise do not stop here but
this video has to! If you have enjoyed this video, make sure
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100 thoughts on “What Happens if You Start Exercising

  1. Gave up alcohol,gave up jerking,gave up soda,excersise 7 days a week,gym 3 times a week, 6 weeks in and never going back. What was your question? Yes ma'am I am Superman

  2. That thing about sleeping faster is true, I've been into some issues about getting asleep and now after 1 year + of training 5 days a week (Working out) I can get asleep in minus than 5-10 minutes everytime

  3. Well, exercise can help lose weight. Just depends on what types of workouts you do and what you eat/drink daily.

  4. What the hell you talking about, yes it’s true that your diet is main cause of weight control, but to say exercising will not make you loose weight physically is ridicules. As long as you burn calories you will lose weight.

  5. my grandparents used to exercise 4-6 hours a day …. they were pretty ok with the hp if you know what i mean

  6. what happens when i exercise? everything hurts, im tired and feel like im never gonna move away from my bed again.
    Also I thought its a motivational video yet you said that exercising might increase my lifespan up to 5 years, thats not really motivating

  7. I think you should specify what you mean by "exercise" — that is, level/intensity of the exercise. Me, I am basically dead and lack any energy after a workout, and I'm pretty sure that's because I pour all that energy into intense ~2-hr-long workouts (5 days a week).
    Seriously, going to the gym basically spells the end of the day for me. Once I get back home, it's a matter of waiting for the clock to strike 11 so I can go to sleep.

  8. wtf, you CAN lose weight through exercise, just not the typical, 30min at the gym 3 times a week. Rather, if you are an endurance athlete yes you WILL lost weight. Don't make such inaccurate statements in future please!

  9. As far as I know it doesn't directly make you lose weight it burns your weight and turns the fat into muscle so in some cases you might gain weight from a nice looking body with muscles so if you wanna look good go and lift some weights and run for 3-5km a day for that leg muscle

  10. I do 100 spider man pushups
    180 Sit ups
    140 times with my hand grippers
    100 V ups
    100 squats

    Everyday. I’m 15. I’m tall af. Should i keep doing this everyday though?

  11. "exercise is completly useless when it comes to loosing weight"
    wtf are you on about mate, lifting weight alone can burn up to around 400 calories and hour and then if you throw cardio is there aswell, we suddenly hit a good ca. 800 calories burned, just from exercise alone mate
    let's say you can eat 2000 calories a day without gaining or loosing weight, if you keep eating the same amount, and start exercising. YOU WILL LOOSE WEIGHT

  12. I still feel tired adtrer workout from the gym. Oh wait i was still up from standing on my feet for 7 hours at my job.

  13. I always feel like making some phone calls and answering emails after going to the gym. Like I want to get thing done. I notice my confidence level definitely goes up as well.

  14. This is so true. Before I used to be all tired and lazy. But the from day I started going to Gym, I feel more energised and active.

  15. Random Dude: "Ahh what a great day. Lets explore the wonderful internet."
    Random Dude: Grabs laptop with exhaustion in his eyes. He clicks on video in reconmended tab on youtube.
    Random Dude: "I love to exercise and i have always wondered what goes on when you work out."
    Random Dude: Watches until 0:16.
    Random Dude: Slowly shuts laptop and drops it onto the floor as he is walking towards his apartment window and jumps out.

  16. Btw why did the video show a crab when it said cancer at 1:58? Are crabs really that bad or is it a joke I'm not getting or what?

  17. everything in this video is pure bull shit. dopamine isn't a form of energy. gym isnt only good for stress relief but also makes you physically better. you need to exercise more than 3 hours a week. it doesn't distract you from your phone or media. nothing in this video was actually researched or scientifically based

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    jk love you

  19. I exercise 4 times a week and most of this is bullshit. I haven't noticed my brain capacity boost since I started working out (I've been working out for 3 years). exercising didn't make me less lazy. sometimes i don't want to do literally anything. and exercising CERTAINLY didn't help me fall asleep faster sometimes I can roll around in my bed for hours until i fall asleep. It helped me get ripped and become more attractive though lmao. but these are just my personal experiences

  20. Lies you lose weight by burning cals it does not matter what like lifting weights or running just burn more then you eat

  21. You might not lose weight but you will lose fat IF you're in a caloric deficit AND gain muscle mass. Too many people mix "lose weight" with "lose fat"… You should specify that so people don't get misleaded. But great video nonetheless 🙂

  22. why is everyone obsessed with losing weight? i'm here trying and trying to add more weight while y'all want to be 40kg skinny ass twigs

  23. The great thing about discovering you channel late is that I don't have to wait too long for you to publish great videos. Thanks for the content.

  24. Whatttttt??? People are out here feeling motivated to do other things after they exercise??? So I'm the only tired as hell and completely unproductive after my workout?

  25. Simply exercising 5 times a week completely changed me..from a loser that used to play video games in his 20s..that failed highschool and that lived with his mom to now being in the armed forces..bein happy motivated, having goals i wanna reach. People have no idea how much few minutea of workout can chage you mentally..from depressed to happy from sadness to joy..we all tent to search for meds and motivational gurus to fix our lives..when the way to strength and happiness comes from a half hour of workout.

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