What is a Fitness Assessment?

If you’re nervous about getting an assessment,
don’t be. We want to put your mind at ease right now
and tell you exactly what you can expect. You should dress comfortably and ready to
work out. You’ll learn some of the “Do’s and Don’ts”
of weight and cardio training and go over your personal goals to create a plan for your workouts. From there you’ll go through a quick warm
up and then do 5 simple tests that help create a baseline for your fitness level. These tests help determine your cardio and
endurance level, strength level, posture and muscular imbalances, and core strength. Think of it this way, by learning what your
body is capable of now, you’ll be able to see how much better you’ve gotten a few
months down the road. After you finish the baseline tests, we’ll
take all the measurements you’re comfortable with and then you’ll go through a quick
one-on-one workout so can get a feel for the gym. The whole thing typically lasts about an hour
and it’s a great way to get your routine started. Remember this assessment is for all fitness
levels and it’s already included with your membership, so why not give it a shot and
see what your body can do.

1 thought on “What is a Fitness Assessment?

  1. Spot on, I was nervous about not being in shape and coming back to the gym after so long. But after the assessment, they gave me a game plan to get started on the road to getting in the best shape. Now I’m working out 3x a week with a baller trainer.

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