What Is Skin Fitness?

(cheerful music) – Skin fitness is the philosophy,
lifestyle and plan of care that results in obtaining and maintaining your
best possible complexion. The premise of skin fitness is
based on a treatment paradigm which always includes the following. One, sun avoidance via barrier protection. Your skin should be protected via hats with at least a three
inch brim, sunglasses, and protective clothing at all times when you’re outdoors during the day. Number two, Broad Spectrum SPF. Your face should be protected
with a physical sunblock of a minimum of SPF 50
anytime you are outside. Now, it’s not sexy but it’s
unbelievably important. Use the appropriate amount
and re-apply when necessary. Number three, choosing and utilizing meaningful daily skincare products. A retinol serum at night,
an eye serum if necessary, an appropriate cleanser,
an energizing day serum, a moisturizer when warranted, et cetera. A proper skincare routine is the mainstay and cornerstone of any
skin fitness routine. In this aesthetic dermatology
sub-category of skin fitness many of the offerings can be thought of a hierarchal recommendation
but the truth is they’re absolute requirements. Now, as we get into category
four, this is customized or tailored to a patient’s specific needs. But now, let’s get a little more granular and address skin color, texture and tone. So category four is energy based devices. The first energy based device is Intense Pulsed Light,
also known as IPL. It specifically targets unwanted red and brown facial skin color. These treatments can be
implemented once a month, and why are they important? Well, the human eye associates uniformity of facial skin color with youth and beauty and the goal of this
treatment is to provide a clear complexion from
a color perspective. The second device is Clear + Brilliant. This is an energy-based treatment that addresses skin texture
changes and affords uniformity in terms of smoothness
and softness of the skin, and it makes facial skin more supple. In a nutshell, texture, texture, texture. That’s what we address
with Clear + Brilliant. This treatment is safe for all skin types and it can be implemented
on a monthly basis. The third, and last device
in category number four is the laser facial, the
laser-based, gentle facial, it heats the skin and improves
facial tone and turgor. When performed on a monthly basis, laser facials provide
glowing, youthful complexion. So let’s recap really quickly
the skin fitness category. One, Barrier Protection. Two, SPF. Three, the appropriate products. And four, is a customized,
tailored routine of the appropriate energy-based devices, or a combination of all three. And all three of these are
available at LaserAway. Again, IPL is for color, Clear + Brilliant is for texture and laser facials are for tone. Dr. Will Kirby discussing Skin Fitness.

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