What Is The Best Diet For Singers? Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy, where the Proof is in the Singing! I’m doing a whole series on answering
questions from YouTube, from Facebook, from InstaGramm… All these different social media sources,
that I want to do my best to give you my personal experience. I’m not a doctor, however I have a lot of
information, I think that will help you. The question here today was “What is the best diet for singers?” Well, before we start any of this conversation,
use some common sense. Okay? Think about this. If you put in sludge, sludge is going to come
out. If you eat cheeseburgers, and pizza, and chocolate
milkshakes, and French fries and all these different things, please don’t expect a
high-performance engine. This isn’t just about your voice. This is about your whole body, and how your
body functions, and your voice is part of your body. So just have some common sense here with me,
guys, as we go through this for a second. Now. I actually love cheeseburgers and pizza… Who doesn’t? Right? But, in the end, if we stay with a plant-based
diet, and we can have our body have maximum nutrients to provide the tools that we need
to be great at what we want to do, we are going to win! If we don’t, we’re going to come up with
disease somewhere along the line. So there are two books, they’re great. I know I’ve published this before, but I’m
going to publish it again. This one is called eat to live by Doctor Joel
Fuhrman. Check it out here. This book is ROCK STAR. And I’m not asking you guys to become vegans. That’s not even what I’m saying. I’m just saying the closer we can stay to
a plant-based diet, the healthier we can become. There’s another one here called Forks Over Knives. Check this one out. Here it is here… Now this book is very similar. You know, they have very similar things. And the reason they are doing this is they’re
saying don’t eat a bunch of red meat. Don’t eat a bunch of cheese. Because, you know, when we eat cheese and
we eat, even yogurt, like people are, like, you know, yogurt’s really good for you. Well… I mean, people do that because they think
that the probiotic that’s in yogurt is good for them. There is a lot of ways to get a probiotic,
and you can do it in just fermented vegetables, there’s supplements you can take, or whatever. If you’re looking to minimize mucus, and
just get good dietary health for singing, you’ll do what I say. But there’s a few more things here, too. Come on, guys! Let’s be real about this! Get some exercise! Go out! Go for a walk! Go for a run! Ride your bike! Go for a swim! Hike! Do something that, again, gets blood flow
through the body, to where your body is able to regenerate and rejuvenate itself to be
able to support good immune function. Okay? A couple more things… I have a couple people that said you know
when I eat 20 minutes before I sing, I feel like I’m going to puke or, sorry, and I
feel like I’m gonna regurgitate all of this food… Well, have some common sense in that too,
like wait… Eat a whole hour before you sing, or more,
an hour and a half before you sing. Now some people get so worked up when they
sing and they’re so excited they’ll wait three hours or more. Well, you need energy, you need some fuel
to sing. Do it an hour and a half before, and give yourself
enough time, so that when you do sing that you’re not regurgitating this. Another thing. Don’t drink a bunch of alcoholic beverages. Now, everyone likes a good glass of wine, or
a beer, or whatever your cocktail of choice is. I’m not gonna say you can’t do that. What I am gonna say is that it dries out the
cords. So, if you’re going to drink a lot of alcohol,
you’d better be rehydrating your body with a whole lot of water, or doing something else
that’s going to be able to give you back the resiliency that needs to go in the cord,
to re-feed the cord with moisture. And, not only that, but if you do beverages
that are carbonated, the carbonation also makes you gurgle and regurgitate. And you’re going to go Awww and have all
of this acid building up in the stomach. One last thing. And this is really important. Again. I like a good steak, guys. I like a piece of pizza. I’m not saying don’t ever do this. What I’m saying is, is before I go to bed,
if I eat a big steak, and I can’t digest that steak, this is really important, because
I build up acid reflux in my stomach, that sends acid up into the throat that gnaws away
at my vocal cords. So please don’t eat big fatty, you know,
meat dishes before you go to bed. Do it in the middle of the day, do it in the
morning, midday, sometime like that. If that’s what you need to do, and I get
it, because I do that too. And I need meat. And I need carbs, and stuff. So again, I’m not vegan, though I subscribe
to a plant-based, as much is I can, a plant-based diet. This will really, really help you. Now the last thing is, is remember. When I talk about dietary thing, or excuse
me exercise things. You know, if we don’t exercise, we have
to exercise our body and our voice and they have to work together for this. So if you’re not willing to take the time
to do the right things to eat right and exercise, please don’t expect a good result. Sludge in, Sludge out. Okay? Say it again. If you’re going to feed your machine, your
whole body machine sludge, that’s what you’re going to get out of it. If you are willing to take some extra measures
and just do the right thing, it will blow your mind at how much your immune function
will keep you from getting sick, building up mucus on the cords, give you strength for
when you sing, give you energy that you didn’t know you had… All these things. This is my recommendation, okay? I hope you guys find this helpful. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, where the proof
is in the singing! Hey guys! If you like what you heard, please like and
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  1. I am a great singer I don't have any diet exspecially I smoke too much . I also do gym and take protein..

  2. Love this. Totally with you. Thanks for taking the time to share this and do it in a way that isn't hyper fear-mongering / fundamentalist in it's approach. I think this is the best way to share important information like this πŸ™‚

  3. I have been a vegan for 2 years and even having such a diet might not be enough. If you eat a lot of deep fried food or stuff with a lot of sugar you will have a really really bad time generally speaking. There are certain things that I have experienced on my own and my discoveries have changed my performance dramatically. Eating A LOT of fresh fruit does it for me, especially citrus fruit. Grapefruit is the best, I drink the juice of 3,4 pieces in the morning and doing so I feel so much freedom in my singing, that thin sensation that lets your make the best out of your singing. But it has to be fresh!! The so called "natural" juices I DON'T recommend, most of them have added sugar and even if they don't, processed juices will always give you a bad case of acid reflux. There are also a couple more things that I would like to add, I keep away from sticky food like bananas, chocolate and any type of dairy, even the plant-based joghurt and what not. These thicken the mucus on the vocal chords and that is definitely not what we want. Also, before singing I don't eat for at least one hour and a half. Apart from the heavy sensation you might get after a meal, there could be small pieces of food left in your mouth or throat and if you jump to singing exactly after eating these pieces could be sucked in places where they shouldn't go and do a lot of damage. I am talking especially about nuts and seeds, toast bread, etc. Eat fresh, drink plenty of water and not only will your voice improve in tone and freedom but your overall mood will improve, your mind will be clear and this is exactly where you want to be.

  4. A couple of years ago, when I was working at a call center and had to use my voice quite a lot ealy in the morning, I noticed that I got this slime at the back of my throat. I had yoghurt for breakfast every morning. A friend of mine told me to try soy yoghurt as an alternative and I immediatly noticed a change. When I read about it, I learned that dairy products can have an effect on your voice and also for singing. I totally agree on staying healthy and going for a plant-based diet. Go green! πŸ™‚

  5. Hey, you sings very good and i wanna ask you how i can sing by open throat or MELODIOUSLY pls answer my question with your words and in your next video

  6. I bought that book years ago and absolutely love it. I also have his other book. I was so thrilled at how much better I felt. I have some health issues and my symptoms are no where near as severe. Great advice Ken!

  7. Hello Ken πŸ˜€
    Can you make a tutorial on how to sing Come As You Are by Nirvana πŸ˜€ or In bloom

  8. Thank you! Interesting video again because I never thought on that in connection with singing πŸ™‚

  9. Wow I been vegan for years. So I am pleased I subscribed to you now. I know your just plant based. But its so cool anyway that you know meat and dairy is not good for us.

  10. Hi, ken I have a question that a lot of singers dont sing much riff n runs or licks but they sound awesome like rock singes and people like John Mayer, Enrique Iglesias, chris martin ,danny from the script, but many great riff n runs and vibrato and many technique still dont sound good enough ?? Can you enlighten me on this plez …
    Byw you're doing some great job out there thanx and keep up the good work , peace out πŸ–οΈπŸ–οΈ

  11. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the eating. Awesome informations Ken, thank you for sharing all of these 😎

  12. Been doing your program again for the past week and I can already feel a difference in my voice again just like a few months ago. My question is about lowered larynx position. I believe in one of your videos you said that people starting out should lower their larynx since often people have their larynx above a neutral state. My concern is that if I lower my larynx, it seems to darken the sound and removes the bright ping from my voice. Am I lowering my larynx too much or am I totally mistaken in the technique I am using? Should lowering the larynx darken the sound at all?

  13. I've been on a plant-based whole food diet for the last year and a half (simply for my health), and I know what Ken is saying is true from experience! I'm so glad to see you promoting a healthy lifestyle, Ken.

  14. SO true, thanks so much for the insight! I just do karaoke, and I don't dare eat anything heavy 2-hours prior or I lose what little power I do have. Not only does it encourage reflux & bloating, but I've found that any kind of food or even a lot of liquid (like beer) in the stomach takes up valuable-space in the abdomen that's critical for songs requiring deep-breaths, long-verses & power. I cringe when I see people eating during karaoke, I've actually had some of my BEST nights doing karaoke on an empty-stomach and hungry! Then after karaoke's over, I reward myself & eat, haha πŸ˜‰

  15. This is really good, informative and great. I actually love vegetarian foods. I decided to try vegetarian diet for 30 days challenge but I haven't tried it yet. Are you a vegan or vegetarian? I have neck pain, hyperthyroidism and shaking including tiredness, will the vegetarian diet helps? I have speech impediment which I mumbles and have pronunciation difficulties at the same time, will singing helps my speaking voice to be more clear? Also, people often tells me that I have a soft voice but whenever I tried to speak louder, people tends to find it difficult what I'm saying and what sort of vocal, tongue and lip exercises to strengthen it?

  16. an other nice video. First I was shocked, but just because my English isn't perfect yet. but after the 2nd sentence I understand what you said. good luck im vegan for 3 weeks now πŸ™‚ im completely with you about the plant based food. because lots of medicine are in the meat. + there is a maximum amount of pus thats allowed in milk. so I think this are 2 reasons to not eat this stuff πŸ˜€

  17. I've heard a lot about eating and singing. For example, that drinking milk should not be good. But if I can not confirm, I eat a large bowl of oatmeal with milk in the morning. After that, I usually try half an hour of Spanish grammar, which I mostly sing for the last ten minutes. Goes well, the coffee afterwards bothers me much more. That's why I sometimes drink peppermint tea πŸ™‚

  18. I purchased your course on CD/DVD and LOVE IT. Thank you, Ken for all the wonderful information you share–your talent is amazing but so is your ability to teach what you know. I also happen to have the two books you mentioned in this video so I am in sync with your philosophy πŸ™‚

  19. Wonderful information, Ken…thank you so much…it's probably why I became a vegan a year ago…I must have been listening to my own inner-wisdom!!! πŸ’— πŸ’— πŸ’—

  20. I've ordered a couple of books you recommended in your last video in regards to Acid Reflux. They should arrive next week sometime. In that video you said that peppermint and spearmint can cause acid reflux. You recommended chewing gum after meals too. Is chewing peppermint or spearmint gum just as bad as eating it and should I change to a different flavour? Cheers.

  21. Thank you, teacher. somehow, my impression is that the rock stars don't necessarily have the best life style: alcohol, party, drug, lots "Extracurricular activities" ok this last one prob. helps in the exercise part, hahaha. how do they maintain logevity of a singing career, i am wondering.

  22. hi from RI, just checking in, since revealing you reside in Hawaii, I saw video by Todd Rundgren-Daryl Hall "I saw the light", niceπŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

  23. "Plant Based" "Diet" The split second that someone mentions those inventions for the purpose of marketing and business opportunity especially the word based a red flag must immediately be raised. And please do not try and associate nutrition with the word diet because that is also a dead end misleading trap. Your cells use nutrients to function, not any "based" diet BS.

    Ken, ALL grains are linked to 300 diseases, google the PDF book The Dark Side Of Wheat for an interesting read on "gunk"
    Also watch the video by Dr Peter Glidden- 12 bad foods

    And eat your vegetables plus quality meat and eggs because they are good for you, if you want to subscribe to the vegan cult religion well that's too bad because there is no such thing as a real vegan on this planet.

    Nutrify and detoxify

    And please always remember that doctors and " nutritionists" and dieticians are purely a business.

  24. Great advice. My daughter’s dr. Told us that milk products create mucus,so, it is probably better to avoid these products prior to a performance. Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences!

  25. Eat more plants. It's absolutely true… I highly suggest Brown Rice for sustained energy.. And you can carry it with you!

  26. Damn you and your common sense, Ken Tamplin… You know what would blow my mind… a wicked hot pepper jack cheeseburger on a chewy onion bun! Haha. All hale the kale & quinoa!! Nice video, Mr. Tamplin!

  27. Guys just hv healthy food avoid junk items n do some work outs. Which would help u to hv a proper n healthy body without any diseases.

  28. I'm a vegan, and I'm really impressed by your openness towards a plant based diet. It's pretty rare you have someone who eats meat make the comments you make, it's honestly so refreshing. It's very clear you've thought about this topic thoroughly, and I hope other people who eat meat will consider your approach, as its very inviting and friendly. Might be the final straw for me having to buy your program now! πŸ™‚

  29. This is so helpful and informative! Thank you Ken! I'm a professional singer here in the Philippines and coming across your channel made me realize I still got A LOT to learn! I realized I am still not able to use my voice at it's full potential! really motivated now to "reset" and "relearn" thank you!

  30. Where are yo ken it’s a sad nonproductive day without you πŸ’™βœŒπŸΌπŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ³σ £σ ΄σ Ώ

  31. Fantastic advice. I've been 100% Plant based for 11 years. Even though I'm now in my mid-fifties, I can sing far better and in a much greater range (top and bottom ) than I could as a young man. Dairy is the WORST for your voice.

  32. Hey Ken, I've been watching you for a few months now. I'm saving up for your Gold Bundle, and I cannot wait lol. You are such an inspiration and it's great to see how much you actually care about your students. I've been vegetarian my whole life but ate a lot of dairy (probably too much) . When you pointed that out in the video it got me researching and I've found out how much dairy effects our voice!!! Woah, just another one of your many golden tips aha. Cheers man!

  33. When I was doing regular 3-4 hour shows (weekly) and rehearsals I wouldn't eat for 2-3 hours before. Since I was over 45 years old at that time, if I was to eat anytime before that 3-4 hours I would burp and/or hick-up a lot when I took breaths for the first hour or so. Didn't have this problem when I was young, but I also don't have the range that I had in my youth so I'm just getting old. lolz

    Becoming completely "clean and sober" (11 years now) was THE best thing I ever did for my voice and my over-all musical ability as well. I truly wish I had done that back when I was young as drinking, smoking & drugs was the bane of my existence before I stopped putting that poison in my body.

  34. Amazing information. A more plant-based diet is way better. But I also wouldn't be a vegan, because I remember reading researches pointing that some vitamins you get from a vegan diet, are not exactly as powerful as the vitamines you get from a diet that doesn't exclude food derived from animals. And after I saw news of parents who were raising their babies on a vegan diet and they end up dying or having serious problems, I started getting really scared of this vegan thing.

  35. Can any one help or advice me of why my voice gets scratchy and loses its purity after couple of hours singing on the daily basis ?! I use enough air from my diaphragm and I don't think the issue is coming from my breath control… any helpful advice out there? ! Thank you.

  36. Hello sir
    I'm Indian I want to make music as a career in english Music Industry my English is of Indian accent would it be easy or hard for Indian to recognize and appreciate by other I am taking lessons from your channel and practising… Plz Reply me to clear my doubt

  37. Sir please can you make a video on how to sing like Justin Beiber when he was 16 years old.☺☺☺

  38. Well I am no expert by any means and I’m not even a singer but I follow this diet and it does wonders for me I binge watch Ken’s videos of all his gorgeous and amazingly talented young ladies.

  39. variety is the spice of life as long as you keep it under control. happy people sing on… sing on!!

  40. Just letting you know, ive been seeing your adds everywhere ,great job and good advertising, and i love your videos! !

  41. Hey Ken πŸ™‚ This is off topic but I saw you did a student video for the song β€˜Man in the box’ by Alice In Chains..I’m a male singer and I’m finding it very tough to hit the chorus.. the β€˜feed my eyes’ part…I can hit the note but it is very forced and my throat gets very strained and it sounds very terrible and twangy..any tips Ken? Thanks, you make amazing videos!

  42. Hi I recently went to the website and found the DVDs/sets on sale for a ridiculously low price, how long are they going to be on sale?? I saving$$-just wondering… thanks

  43. Thanks Ken! I probably won't go down even the semi-vegan route as far as you but there's a lot of great info here, including the tip about how long to give yourself between a decent meal and singing, and I always wondered about carbonated beverages. Thanks for all the generous, on-point free content, will be ordering your products soon. You give a lot, thanks.

  44. I AGREE COMPLETELY, I AM NO VEGETARIAN, but do go by more plant-based diet, try to consume very low sugar and lots water instead of other beverages and my body thus my voice really appreciates it.

  45. Ken……you ROCK!!!…….you have given me more than you could ever really Imagine……I will leave it there….im glad you were born.

  46. Oh awesome! I'm looking for a vocal coach and I stumbled on your channel! This video is just the cherry on the banana ice cream! Looking into your program, Ken! Thank you!

  47. this is a great video and recommendations!!! go vegan πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸŒ±πŸŒ±

  48. Really well said. I have to ask, I consumed an EXTREMELY large amount of soda and junk food from age 12-21. I remember having acid reflux a lot when I was younger. How much damage does this do and is it forever damaged?

  49. I had to laugh when you said about drinking alcohol before singing. I use it to calm the nerves before singing. But i've been working on minimizing the drink before performing. Exercise is a normal thing for me, i've been training for a Himalayan trek so i've been doing a ton of walking! Do you recommend any other types of exercise for singing? In particular for the diaphragm?

  50. The old quote "You are what you eat" was first published to the international community as the answer given by a young cannibal when he was asked why he ate men he killed. If the old saying is true I am not a cow since I never drank milk and I hate meat, I am not a cucumber since I can't stand cucumbers. Only things that keep me healthy and singing happily are: Fish and chips and pizza (possibly with zucchini, olives or onions)…. With this exclusive Pat Pending Fast Food diet I lost 10 kgs in 2 weeks in Xmas period, reduced total cholesterol from 310 to 130 in two months with good cholesterol more than average top limit and bad cholesterol lower than average lower limit. I also recently discovered that if I do gymnastics every day I gain fat, while doing nothing I loose fat and my muscles increase. Last but not least: any improvisation singing or playing I do comes best at first try rather than after hours of warming up and rehearsing. Really! Maybe It's simply because I was born on a special day in December 1963! πŸ˜‰

  51. I literally clicked this video entirely to see if you would talk about a plant based diet. I have a new respect for you, Ken.

    Animals have the capacity to experience joy, as well as suffering. Is your personal taste pleasure worth more then an animal's entire life? If your answer is no, then you already believe in going vegan. All that's left is to align your actions with your morals.

    Thanks for the video. Forks Over Knives was great, another must watch is Cowspiracy.

  52. Good one, Ken. You can also check out Dr. Greger's "How not to die" book and watch his Latest Year-In-Review speech on nutrionfacts_org.
    Another great docu is "What the Health" on Netflix and "The Game Changer" coming this fall.

  53. Thank you sir for this video. I have one question. Whenever I start going to the gym for weight training, I feel like my voice starts straining while singing. Does weight training effect our voice? Should I continue it or do I have to change my workout?

  54. Yes ur body IS a machine. Garbage in, garbage out….ur body should be treated as a well oiled machine

  55. Hey Ken good advise you gave out there. Mr Fulman gets very reasonable nutrition advise I follow a plant based diet for the last 6 years and I'm very satisfied, Also like you said it is not just food health, health is a whole lifestyle with many things included.
    One of my favourite rock singers Dee Snider decades ago had to eliminate from his diet many things and also follow a pretty strict lifestyle. Look how he sings today he is still in great shape.
    Thanks Ken

  56. Something I always though about since my Choir years as a teen…Because I preferred to have a light food or nothing before performing, as I noticed I had more air capacity..but…I also now you need energy for performing..and also that there are things that may help your voice..or ruine it a lot….I`ll definitely have a look at this,thanks a lot Ken!

  57. I'm a 65 year old 95% vegan and plant based eater. My health is better then it has ever been, I can't agree more brother…

  58. Woah, the eating before going to bed, the acid ruining your vocal chords was something i never knew Γ– thanks for the tip! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  59. Totally agree. I am not a vegan because I also occasionally want a steak or burger but I do eat my fruits and vegetables to keep a balance in my life along with exercise and yoga. I also eat baked or broiled fish.

  60. I didn't eat last night before my gig…It was a 4 setter,I was done after 2..couldn't play for $#%&!
    Strangely sang well though.

  61. Thanks for doing this video to incorporate with your vocal instructions Ken.For my goal of hymn singing I want to learn how to harmonize.Do you teach that also?

  62. I agree. I read mocusless diet from arnold ehret and even rice and staff like that isnt so much good. I am curious what you or everyone else tells about fasing? Is good or not for singing. And how much eat per day. I am really straggle with this….πŸ˜• and mocus etc…thank for response πŸ’“πŸ™Œ

  63. This is great! What is your opinion on artificial sweeteners? Also I have a VERY, VERY difficult time sleeping, do you have any sleeping remedies too?

  64. I'd noticed an improvement in my singing since I switched to a healthier diet. I've also stopped drinking alcohol. Great advice, Ken

  65. Thanks for your video, Ken! I’ve been using a Mediterranean Diet for about the past year now, and am wondering if this would be a proper diet for singing?? I have also had issues with acid reflux/Gerd for many years that I take medication for, and find that this diet helps immensely with this also. I would love to get your feedback/recommendation on this type of lifestyle diet. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

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