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  2. There are just as many doctors and researchers touting the benefits of animal based diets like Paleo and ketogenic diets which are diametrically opposed to everything being claimed here. Meanwhile, obese and sick Americans are just getting more confused and frustrated than ever before. I don't envy organizations like the AHA and ADA that are caught in this tug of war among proponents of both lifestyles and have to make recommendations for dietary health.

  3. Vagans are not the smartest or bravest people! This means if the govt. wants to come get your guns. The vagans who are'nt the ballziest cause of a lack of cholesterol to testosterone conversion via non-meat consumption will roll over willingly at the first drop of a dime! Not only that, they can't thinK staright cause cholesterol makes the better part of the brain. So right there is a red flag. The govt. absolutely wants your guns. This is the first thing the communist and socialist govt's do before they kull the population of the trouble makers. But the ones that remain starve and are brutalized! So think about what your promoting here! It's not in your interest or your childrens interest to live in a police state like the Hunger Games where everyone is starving and dieing!

  4. Kudos to all of the plant-based docs and experts that have brought us the truth. They are all lean and healthy. Look at those low carb guys…many are very fat:Fallon, Atkins, Sears, Weill etc. etc.

  5. I like Greger, but, he looks older than like, say, Dr. Fuhrman, and I was shocked to find that he is only 45-46??? What is up with that? Fuhrman is 64…………Nutritarian diet.


  7. Question: What Do boxers, MMA fighters and bodybuilders limit and omit from their diet when their competing and cutting wieight? Answer: CARBOHYDRATES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Carbohydrates absolutley inversley affect insulins normal function in the body that leads to insulin resistence tht eventually affects nutrients from entering the body's cells.

  9. Who is behind this skewing of known biological facts and knowledge about insulin and carbohydrates? Who the hell is subverting very well known and proven facts about human bilological processes?!!!!

  10. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/mar/17/tsimane-of-the-bolivian-amazon-have-worlds-healthiest-hearts-says-study

    "A high carbohydrate diet of rice, plantain, manioc and corn, with a small amount of wild game and fish – plus around six hours’ exercise every day – has given the Tsimané people of the Bolivian Amazon the healthiest hearts in the world."

    It may not be a life that everyone would choose. The Tsimané live in thatched huts with no electricity or modern conveniences. Their lives are spent on hunts that can last for over eight hours covering 18 km for wild deer, monkeys or tapir and clearing large areas of primal forest with an axe, as well as the gentler pastime of gathering berries.

    But as a result of this pre-industrial lifestyle, the Tsimané have hardly any hardening of the arteries. Heart attacks and strokes, the biggest killers in the US and Europe, are almost unknown.

    The study published in the Lancet medical journal and being presented at the American College of Cardiology conference shows that an 80-year-old Tsimané man has the vascular age of an American in his mid-50s.

    Researchers, who investigated the lifestyles of the Tsimané and checked out their arteries with CT scanners, say that there are lessons for those of us who live sedentary lives in urban areas and eat packaged foods.

    “This study suggests that coronary atherosclerosis [hardening of the arteries] could be avoided if people adopted some elements of the Tsimané lifestyle, such as keeping their LDL cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar very low, not smoking and being physically active,” said senior cardiology author Dr Gregory S Thomas from Long Beach Memorial Medical Centre in the US.

    “Most of the Tsimané are able to live their entire life without developing any coronary atherosclerosis. This has never been seen in any prior research. While difficult to achieve in the industrialized world, we can adopt some aspects of their lifestyle to potentially forestall a condition we thought would eventually effect almost all of us.”

    Coronary atherosclerosis is the build-up of plaque in the arteries leading to the heart, which slows the blood flow and can cause blood clots – which may in turn lead to a heart attack. The researchers found that almost nine out of 10 of the 705 Tsimané adults who took part in the study had no risk at all of heart disease; 13% had a low risk and only 3% – 20 individuals – had moderate or high risk.

    Even in old age, 65% of those aged over 75 had almost no risk and only 8% (four out of 48) had a moderate to high risk. By contrast, in the US, a study of more than 6,800 people found that half had moderate to high risk – five times as many as among the Tsimané people – and only 14% had no risk of heart disease at all.

    In the Tsimané population, heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose were also low. The study suggests that genetic risk is less important than lifestyle. “Over the last five years, new roads and the introduction of motorised canoes have dramatically increased access to the nearby market town to buy sugar and cooking oil,” said Dr Ben Trumble, of Arizona State University, US. “This is ushering in major economic and nutritional changes for the Tsimané people.” Those whose lifestyle is changing have higher cholesterol levels than others who stick to hunting and fishing.

    Senior anthropology author Prof Hillard Kaplan, from the University of New Mexico, said the loss of subsistence diets and lifestyles could be classed as a new risk factor for vascular ageing. “We believe that components of this way of life could benefit contemporary sedentary populations,” he said.

    Tsimané people are more likely to get infections than those in the US, but even so, he said, “they have a very high likelihood of living into old age.”

    The researchers cannot yet say whether diet or the active lifestyle is the more important component, said Kaplan, but they want to go on to investigate that by following those of the community whose lifestyles change with exposure to the town. “My best guess is that they act and they interact,” he said.

    And it could be as much the foods that the Tsimané do not eat that gives them healthy hearts as the food that they do. Their diet is high in unrefined carbohydrates (72%) with about 14% protein and it is very low in sugar and in fat – also 14%, which amounts to about 38 g of fat a day including 11 g of saturated fat. “In the evolutionary past, fat and dense energy in the form of sugar were in short supply,” Kaplan said."

  11. Some of my favorite people. They speak the truth. I never thought I'd ever be out from under my terrible drive toward obesity and disease. I was driven. Ashamed and afraid that I'd die a terrible, early death. I became a vegetarian in the early 80s but only a few years ago, really got the whole food no sos thing. Miracles do happen. These people could make a lot more money following the modern medicine track but chose to sacrifice that life to give people like me….life. Thank you for the interviews.

  12. These guys who relate diet to ethics and not health … please preface your stance on abortion before you imply eating beef is a moral issue …. cartoons have deceived us …

  13. And these evolution implications …. the missing link has never been discovered … Plant based diet is the best … but let's not pretend we were once cavemen chasing wooly mammoth .. or vice versa

  14. I want to believe these people – but they don't look as healthy as Dr. Davis who wrote Wheat Belly. These people don't look radiant, and glowing with heath. It's not their age, it's the tissue integrity of their skin, their eyes. Most are lean though. For some reason, both vegans and Paleo's get better on their respective diets. Their cholesterol drops, weight falls off, etc. For some people grains are not good for them – they cause inflammation and belly fat.

  15. if i was there id troll the shit out of you right after esselstyn….

    high fat high animal protein sugar is great and greens just for garnish. bam im out bitches

  16. Why didn't they include low carb high fat moderate protein diet experts? The Ornish study and others did not isolate meat, etc.. so could not prove the benefit of an entire plant based diet. Maybe that's a good thing because they will likely end up metabolically sick like so many do.

  17. I wonder what are your thoughts on recent large population-based study (Mihrshani S. 2016) done in Australia that found no evidence that following a vegetarian diet has an independent protective effect on all-cause mortality? They didn't include strict vegans but one would still expect at least some positives from largely plant based diet. Anyone heard any comments on that?

  18. The best human diet for humans are the following logical points as follows . 1 – Eat whole organic plant foods from your local organic farmer friends in season . Then how to prepare these foods is a nother matter today . Eat 80 percent raw as much as you can and diversify with a rainbow diet of color at every sitting . 2- Leafy raw greens must be included in every meal . 3- Must include the forgotten foods of cultured probiotic raw condiments every day . 4- Must rotate go on and off and to take short breaks between your food choices . 5- Chewing more into a liquid chime is important for absorption . 6-Meat that is wild game and dairy that is free range land fed organic and raw must be a condiment only around 5 percent or less . Thank You Holistic Chef Barry Anderson

  19. Fascinating stuff.
    However, could someone clarify that all of the diets touted around the world as being Whole Food Plant Based etc. etc are actually vegan?
    For example Okinawan eating. Does this include amounts of animal protein?

  20. The whole reason most people will not change other than being told all there lives that it is not healthy that I have run into is that most vegans are very uncaring people who just think they are superior. I have tried to speak on many vegan and plant based forums and they are agreeable until a person has there own pinion then they become know it all nerds for lack of a more fitting word.I am still plant based but I call it starch based diet to me it is Vegan with out the shit head attitude.

  21. Hana mentions at 12.12 'eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like poor person'… why is this? wouldnt we be sleeping for 8 hours, normally there will be a gap of 14 hours between dinner and breakfast so i would have thought dinner would have been a big meal.

  22. I´m totally agree with whole food plant base diet, but not with low fat, for some people, especially women, need more fat, from very good source, avocados, all kind of nuts, olive, AOVE, seeds…

  23. There is only one proven way of determining the healthiest diet, and that's by populations that have lived it for generations. And none of them are vegan. That has to tell you something. Show me a 100 year old, low fat (10% or less), whole food plant, based vegan and I might start believing the hype.

  24. THE HEALTHIEST DIET, ask the nutritionist not the doctor or else you will experience complication, and if this doctor says complication then your days are numbered.

  25. i think they got everything right except the diary. I knw that milk is good for you if its raw milk and cows are not slaughtered and are living in a natural way also it should be brown cows or non western cows which is a natural breed not a human made mixed breed this type produces A2 milk best milk for human consumption. They are so many things in this milk thats good for you it will go well with a plant based diet.

  26. nice propaganda channel lol. the vast majority of nutritional scientists agree that you should have your occasional lean meat, milk products etc.
    eating 100% raw fruit is a horrible idea

  27. Hmm… So, I've been plant-based for years and I've gradually seen my health deteriorate. I don't eat gluten or sugar and limit my intake of salts and oils (I feel better with some oil). Several months ago I got very sick with pneumonia (I get sick several times a year) and since then I've felt worse than I've ever felt in my entire life. I've had severe IBS for years (it started with the plants), bad skin my whole life, brain fog (cops even thought I was on drugs), sleep issues, weakness, OCD, anxiety, depression, etc. Since the pneumonia I've suffered with chronic fatigue, tinnitus, head pressure, headache, lump in my throat, dizziness, excruciatingly painful gout (I haven't been able to wear a shoe on my gouty foot for at least three months), chest pain, difficulty breathing, etc. I've been in hospitals and have seen doctors at least several times per month for years due to health issues. The only thing I haven't tried in years is adding animal-based foods to my diet (such as fish). The only relief I've found (which is barely any) is giving up grains and starches. I feel like I am stuck like this (it's been absolute hell) and, consciously, I don't really want to go on because I'm just wasting away, unable to work, exercise, or do almost anything. I've reached out for help but have only been shunned by doctors (one even told me not to come back) and by the plant-based community. Food is now incredibly boring and I don't even want to eat anymore. Basically, since going plant-based life has sucked tremendously and I'm about to end it if I can't get any help.

  28. another stupid video, They gather all vegan doctors and ask them what is the best diet?  what a joke ! I watch 5 mins of video and I know all they're going to say. How about gather all experts from different diets out there. There are 40 diets out there. That makes more sense

  29. How is Robbie Barbaro classified as a "medical expert" for this video? Is he a naturopath? What are his credentials exactly?

  30. Just wondering if these doctors eat diet they speak of they look unhealthy, other then Dr. Heaner.

  31. I used artificial intelligence to optimize my diet and even fish meat got kicked out of it: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=zZCl8xQ1vkI

  32. oh, and you really should add extra salt to your diet if you are vegan. our bodies need salt! https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=zZCl8xQ1vkI

  33. Lmao at these experts. Salt has never been found to cause any problems for a healthy human and they KEEP saying it. Throws everything else they say into question.

  34. Your body requires 60 minerals and our crop lands are mineral deficient, 12 Amino Acids, 16 different vitamins, Probiotics, and lots of live digestive enzymes to break down the solid foods we eat to prevent gas. No pork, dairy products and flour products.

  35. Where's the proof? You made a video of people giving their opinion. The lady who said people need to supplement more on a low carb diet is literally smoking crack. Where did she get that notion. Certainly not from reading all the studies associated with all meat diets

  36. I wasn't able to resolve my GI issues until I completely cut out animal products. I'm very happy with this diet. Thank you plant based doctors.

  37. Pamela Popper says, "… the longest lived people on the planet eat a plant based diet, different versions of it."

    This is simply not true. Okinawan's eat a high level of pork, and fats. Hong Kong, who have one of the highest rate of centennials on the planet, eat an animal based diet. The Japanese, again, eat an animal based diet. Then we have the real Mediterranean diet, which is high fat, and animal based.

    I gave up watching this video after that.

  38. right, humans did not have dairy for eons. but, as i learned in Lesotho, as a US Peace Corps volunteer, early humans nursed until they were 3-4 years old or longer. The main problem with cows milk are the natural growth hormones, which means that young women should not consume dairy at all until they are completely finished with puberty. They already have enough. and adding in more just causes breast cancer. I'm a grown man and will never give up Parmesan cheese or free range, organic eggs. only self-loathing people give up Parmesan.

  39. Vegan is not necessarily healthy. Therefore, eat plants and lots of them.
    #OverlyProcessedVeganFoodWillStillCauseDiseaseInTheBody ✔

  40. Pure B.S. it's fear mongering and lies, there's no such thing as the healthiest diet, especially one void of all animal meats.

  41. I've been watching keto and carnivore diets and they are always showing studies and have links this one is just a bunch of people giving there opinion but they're not giving specific studies or metioning links?

  42. I'm in my late 40s now and have fairly recently switched from 25 years of vege/vegan diet to what I eat now…. which is – fatty meats (rib eye steak, bacon, chicken thighs), butter, cheddar cheese, greek yoghurt, (All Organic grass fed, full saturated fat). Also wild caught sardines & salmon…. The ONLY vegetable/fruit matter I STILL eat is Sauerkraut (for gut health) and I eat ZERO carbs. I drink only Organic Kombucha and Sparkling Mineral Water…Result?? In the six or so weeks I have been consuming this diet, my psoriasis is virtually gone, my anxiety levels have dropped dramatically, I sleep better than I have in years, I have far more stamina, high energy all day and my mind and thought processes are sharp as, brain fog has disappeared…. Conclusion?… Do what works for you.

  43. My mom doesn't want to join me and my family to become a vegan and that is really hard in my kids because she lives with me and she still want to eat meat and dairy idk what to do 🙁

  44. These "experts" look very unhealthy and the men are lacking testosterone. Just ask their wives when was the last time they had great sex

  45. How about the other experts?

    How about different successful stories in different diet?

    I think that we should be more wise that we don't have to be in war in order to say ”my diet is right” based on personal experience.

    There are successful stories for vegans, there are successful stories for people on carnivore diet as well.

  46. And 7:30 proves this whole video wrong because actually we did run down large mammals because we are built to run so the opposite is true. We are one of the only creatures if not the only one that can heat up and cool down at the same time most other animals have to stop and cool down, so this lady Pamela is completely wrong as well as her research-based in history because in history we did run things down until they couldn't run anymore and then we consumed them.

  47. Ancient humans mainly ate plants? This is the most bold faced lie I have ever heard. Humans have always been meat eaters, the vegetables that existed before we started selectively breeding them with agriculture would never have sustained us. These people are liars.

  48. And "what set it apart from other places in the region was its emphasis on potatoes, goat's milk, honey, legumes (especially garbanzo beans, black-eyed peas, and lentils), wild greens, some fruit and relatively small amounts of fish." None of you are fooling me 😉

  49. Plant milk is not milk! Soy is a poison to our thyroid. Almonds contain a load of oxalates. Nothing can replace raw milk . Cholesterol is essential for children. Our brain consists of a lot of cholesterol. Our body does not make a mistake when it produces cholesterol

  50. Humans biology is exactly the same today that it was 250,000 years ago, the body actually makes all the glucose it needs , it doesn't have to be consumed only fats and proteins are essential for consumption, ketones are the cleaner and preferred energy for the brain, I have got all the exact same results from eating a keto diet which is Also high in vegetables that a vegan diet offers, how you ask, because both diets cut out the same processed crap sugars and the high carbohydrate processed foods, animal saturated fats are essential For hormone production and tissue rebuilding for all the cells in the body

  51. There's two things I can't stand about this group of experts, their extremism and their holier than thou righteousness. They're not preaching a healthy sustainable diet. This is therapy.

  52. People always talk about salt being bad but humans need salt right? Not refined salts but natural himilayan sea salt that's pink.

  53. Ask an echo chamber what the healthiest diet is 🤔
    Is it the meatless farm marketed on the advert before? Yes definitely plants and processed plant/seed oils

  54. I prefer to die as a man than to live like a rabbit. A life without cheese, fried chicken, a burger, ice cream, french fries? all of that always replaced with fuckin salads without oil? ar you fuckin serious?! if the rabbit diet allows you to live until 350 may be i'll think about it. but common, at best, the rabbit diet allows you to live 5 more years than the average more or less healthy guy. So i give an emphatic "fuck" the rabbit diet!!!!

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