hello everyone and welcome back to another week all right our Sunday night's dinner we are having a burly shake something that's all I said we are having grilled pork chops and it's just a web that big diamond please okay kind of step on it we are having grilled corn on the cob we are having cinnamon applesauce by request of Haley she likes applesauce when we have sub chops thank you and then we are also having homemade pasta salad with a bunch of veggies and stuff majestic mm-hmm but if you want to see how this dinner was made you can watch our past two for Tuesday because this is the dinner we made our Super Tuesday on Sunday all right and here's my plate I got my coin off just cuz it's easier that's really good Haley wants to show our play hey mom she likes to dip her pork chop in her applesauce and she said she wanted to tell you guys to try it yeah does anyone else eat their pork chops with applesauce like that there's no in the comments Bella no okay so two pork chops show up left those are really really good good job I ate two of them how much points on two pieces here so here's the desert I didn't even bother flipping it over because honestly what's the point in dirtying another dish just to see the other side like who cares it all tastes the same whether it's flipped over or not correct I haven't even had a bite and she wants more is it good what's fast like I mean is good but that's not the whole point of upside is delicious okay for Monday's dinner we are having creamy coconut lime salmon with white rice noodle chicken nuggets for the kids who won't eat the salmon if they don't but they're at least having to try it yeah and then we have salad that has cheese there's a bunch of dressing here's how the dinner you want more wet chicken all right and ask for leftovers we have that right in this salad okay and Monday dessert we are having me leftover what is this called pineapple upside-down cake but I did not flip over because I don't see the point yeah I don't see the point dirtying another dish for dinner tonight Tuesday we're having fried chicken with white country gravy and we have a statement frock Lee potatoes here is dinner hi guys so I've one and a half pieces of chicken left a little bit of broccoli um maybe a scoop of mashed potatoes if I scoop it all together and quite a bit gravy because the kids didn't want gravy so much all around the table and I run PT Iran so the only thing we have left is a little bit of potato salad there's no beans no burgers there's three rolls left because I made eight rolls life and we only had five burgers so there's that many rolls and that's it she's ready for bed – a dessert a strawberry jell-o pie all right for Thursday night dinner we are having this pork roast I think their pork roasts they were pre season when we got them so they are Southwest barbecue pork what you've helped daddy cut the grass in the lawnmower that's right we're having cinnamon applesauce with it because if you missed our video the other day we did a pull-on if you eat cinnamon applesauce with your pork or not or just applesauce with your pork and then so many people said yes if I can figure it out I will try to add a pole up here and you guys answer that homemade mac and cheese and green beans okay so here is my plate for dinner here's Bella's plate someone is requesting to see everybody's plates there's Ashlyn's plate Eevee's plane daddy's working on making his because you just cut everybody's pork Forks and there's a Big Daddy's plate we even cut up some iMac and cheese and pork for him and he is getting down no he's tired okay so no green means no mac and cheese and there's there were three of these roasts and I did all three because I wanted leftovers to do pork fried rice tomorrow that was my whole plan was to have leftovers and I was thinking I would have more than that but Jenna was really good what do you think those very good fellow said this is the best mac and cheese ever louder liked it okay I'm for dessert the girls are having more jello pie that they made yesterday it looks funny today but they're still gonna eat it and they're still gonna enjoy it I'm sure Friday night dinner we are having pork fried rice with the leftover pork from last night and Caesar salad so there's my plate and Amy's plate that explained Bella so we have no leftovers of anything cuz I had five scoops of rice because we ate a lot so for Friday night's dessert Bella's have an ice cream cone and Everly's having her ice cream in a bowl and as I sit here and edit the video I realized never took any video from Saturday night dinner we actually were gone all day Saturday in Colonial Beach with his family Gary's family and we kind of just ate almost all day and we never really had dinner so we got home and I was laying in bed last night it was like I don't even know nine o'clock and I was like I am starving and I realized we never even ate dinner so there is no Saturday dinner clip because we never even had dinner but it was just us and Everly and Wilder so no one was really there to be like hey I'm hungry because I really kind of snacks all the time or she's never hungry either way no one was there to say hey we didn't have dinner besides us and we were busy we had just gotten home we had a thousand things to do at home because we had been gone all day so yeah we never even had dinner so thank you guys so much for watching I know that we share clips of our dinners pretty much every day and I share how to make them on our full day of meals every full day of meals I definitely show how I make food so I don't do it in the what's for dinner videos and I am still doing what's for dinner videos because I don't do full day of meals every day it might seem like it to you guys but there are quite a few days that I don't do it so you do miss some dinners like if you do watch our full day of meals and then you don't watch our what's for dinner you're missing out because you're missing off quite a bit of dinner so we don't do through the week so I know it's repetitive sometimes but at the same time sometimes it's stuff that you haven't seen so I do still share it and I do have people that just watch what's for dinner so that's why we did it so thank you guys so much for watching and this week we have some fun stuff going on we went to BJ's and we're doing a Walmart pickup haul today so we have some hauls coming your way probably this week as long as I can get them did filmed edited and posted it'll be this week or next week so thank you guys so much and we will see you tomorrow and one more thing real quick if you guys have any video requests that you want please leave them down below or message me email me whatever I'm just trying to think of if you guys want something different or not I did a poll on Facebook yesterday and everybody said to still do what's for dinner but I'm gonna ask in the video because I don't know if everybody saw that if you have any other ideas leave it down below thank you so much for watching please don't forget to subscribe and enjoy these other videos we have coming up for you also you can turn on the red bell notifications so you're notified of every new video we post thank you so much


  1. I watch ALL of your videos even if videos are sort of the same!
    Also, LOVE the idea of separate “What’s for dessert” videos! 👍😉

  2. Ive never had porkchop with applesauce but i do love apple cinnamon pork chops. Heres the link: https://pin.it/vl7obgubwilxoe

  3. I love the what’s for dinner and grocery hauls. I think you should plans more collaborations if that wouldn’t be to much work. If you thrift store which I love to do I would like to see those hauls. I love everything on your channel if it stays the same. TFS so much with us.

  4. Keep doing the what's for dinner videos! I don't watch all the daily vlogs and like to see all the dinners in one place. Thanks!!

  5. Do you let your kids have seconds? Ive notice the last 3 videos that I have watched when theyve asked, youve said no, or just cut the video off.
    Not condemning, just curious. Lol

  6. Colonial beach is so beautiful. I was there last weekend with my boys, during that heatwave. You always have yummy dishes.

  7. I used to dip my pork chop in apple sauce. Also kielbasa, but now I’m vegetarian. But I will introduce it to my son

  8. Awww… How lovely you all got to spend the day with Gerry's family at the beach. Sweet Bella loving your pork fried rice and saying you make the BEST Mac and Cheese. Awww… she really appreciates your yummy meals… Just to let you know, that I watch EVERY single one of your adorable videos and lots of times, even more than once… I appreciate all your efforts… Can't WAIT to see your hauls… Just LOVE your family… Blessings and love to all of you… <3

  9. Every day I'm looking forward to see a new video from you. You're one amazing family.

  10. Growing up, my nana and granny always made pork tenderloin and fried apples with our biscuits and gravy for breakfast, my granny was raised deep in Kentucky maybe that’s why but everyone thought it was weird here in Ohio lol!!

  11. Your baby is so stinkin cute.I am having a boy in December. These types of videos give us mommies and wives ideas to feed our families.You do what you like and what you enjoy.:)

  12. I'd love to see a vlog and haul of how you get ready to send the kids back to school. What you have to buy, your budget etc.

  13. Thanks for all the ideas love these videos . Chicken and white gravy and fried rice added to my family’s meal plan for next week 😁

  14. Mmhmm everything looks delicious. I love watching your vlogs. They give me ideas for suppers for my hubby and I.

  15. Everything looks excellent. You always do a fantastic jog planning meals n on the spot dinners, lunches or breakfast.
    I enjoy it all. Can’t wait to see your hauls and see how end of month budget panned out. Have a great night.

  16. Im pretty sure my kids will love pork with applesauce, i have never tried it because Im not a fan of sweets, however i will try to remember to offer it to my children next time we have pork! Love your cooking and of course your family is adorable :))

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