What’s Histrionic Personality Disorder? Mental Health treatment, help & therapy with Kati Morton

Today I’m going to talk to you about histrionic personality disorder. What the heck does that mean? *music Now before I get started, I want to have you all stay tuned til the end of the video Because I have a survey I want you to take Because your opinions matter to me, so stay tuned. Now, like I said, we’re gonna talk about Histrionic Personality Disorder. Which I’ll try not to have to say too many times because It’s really hard to say. So, without further ado, I have my handy dandy DSM-5, And, I’m going to talk about the diagnostic criteria So I’m just gonna read to you the basic description of what Histrionic personality disorder is. And then I’m gonna read the criteria. So, the basic description of Histrionic Personality Disorder is A pervasive pattern of excessive, emotionality and attention seeking Beginning by early adulthood and present in a Variety of contexts as indicated by 5 or more of the following: So, pretty much what it’s saying is that this isn’t something that could only happen in one context, like With your boyfriend or girlfriend, or only at work, or only at school, This is something that kind of, is, a pervasive pattern It happens across all parts of your life. And the first diagnostic criteria is: It says: it is uncomfortable in situations in which he or she is not the center of attention. So these people like to be the center of attention, And if they find themselves, let’s say, at a social gathering, Where they’re not, they will be very dramatic. They may, make up stories, They’ll be really, uh, like use their hands, and be really emotive, to try to gain attention. Now, the second criteria, is Interaction with others is often characterized, By inappropriate, sexually seductive, or provocative behavior. When I was taking my licensing exams, Something that I always had a “red flag” on was, is the client coming in wearing provocative clothing. And being sexually suggestive, like touching in inappropriate manners. Things like that, that would be a clue to me that Histrionic Personality Disorder is one of the potential diagnoses. So, that’s what number 2 is talking about. Number 3 is: displays rapidly, shifting and shallow expressions of emotions. Now, the main reason for this, is because, often times We’re trying to gain people’s attention, And we’re trying to get all of these people to pay attention to us, We’re not really in touch with how we feel. We’re actually way too in tuned with what everybody else feels, and they’re reaction to us, so Often times these people struggle to actually know how they’re feeling, And that’s why they talk shallowly, they’re just trying to gain as many kind of “followers” or people to pay attention. So, they’ll talk in that kind of quickly shifting and shallow manner. Now, diagnostic criteria number 4, Consistently uses physical appearance to draw attention to one’s self. So, like I said, they may dress really provocatively, They may dress in really bold, colors, when everybody else is supposed to be wearing black. Like some people show up to a funeral wearing yellow Or something, just to stand out. Because they want attention, or they may do something, wear a really ridiculous hat or shoes or anything to get people to notice them. They like to be noticed. Diagnostic criteria, um, number 5: has a style of speech that is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail. Now I feel like this is very similar to the other one, When I said it’s a very shallow, and not attached to emotions, but this is saying that, they’re really impressionistic, so somebody may make a suggestion when they’re talking to them, they’ll be like “Yea yea yea yea yea,” and they’ll tie into it, They don’t have a, I always think of it as, they don’t have a real, solid sense of self. Because they worry so much about getting attention from others. So, they don’t really talk in a lot of detail, they just talk dramatically, They try to get you excited, and involved And like, you know, interacting with them, and paying attention to them. I hope that makes sense. I know, it’s kind of hard to follow. I promise it will make sense in the end. Now, Number 6: shows self dramatization, theatricality, and exaggerated expression of emotion. Just like I was talking, anything to get them to be noticed. So, they may talk really loud, and they may express with their hands, and they may jump, or they may bang on something just to make noise so that people will turn and look and wonder what they’re talking about and “oo, they must have a good story to tell,” or something like that, so, anything to get attention. Number 7 is: suggestible. You know, they’re easily influence by others, and that’s because they want their attention, and they want them to pay attention, feel involved, and invested in the conversation, and, they’ll do anything to get that. Now the last criteria: they consider relationships to be more intimate than they actually are. Often times these people will think that they are “best friends” with someone that they’ve only met casually twice. And if you ask the other person, they would say “Oh, I think I know who that is… but is it..” So, and they won’t really remember, but to the person with histrionic personality disorder, they will think that they’re very close. Now, with any personality disorder, If you are concerned that you may struggle with this, or if you’ve been diagnosed before but you never fully understood, We need to seek professional help. We need to ask questions to those who diagnose us because it’s our life, it’s our diagnosis, and, we need to understand it to we can better get the help that we need And just like anything that we struggle with, Getting the right help and support Could help us better manage the symptoms So if this is something that we struggle with and we find ourselves Being really dramatic, and loud at a party, Having that awareness can really help us think to ourselves, “You know I think I’m having a moment,” “I think I’m just trying to gain attention” “I’m gonna go to the bathroom, I’m gonna regroup,” “And I’m gonna come back out.” There are a lot of things we can do to help ourselves. Now just because you’ve been diagnosed with something Does not make you a bad person *ding* At all. We’re all working together, right? We’ve come here to work together towards a healthy mind, and a healthy body. Now onto the survey, Now I’m gonna ask you a question, I want you to click yes or no. It doesn’t really matter where the yes or no takes you, It’s gonna take you to my subscription page But what I wanna do is I wanna count how many people click ‘yes’ versus how many people click ‘no.’ Now the question is: How many of you are currently seeing a therapist? *music* I’m waiting! Click your button! Yes or no! “And also don’t forget to ‘like’ this! And don’t forget to subscribe! I put out videos all the time, and you don’t wanna miss them! *music* Did you click it yet? I’m impatient. Just gonna wait here until you do. *music*

100 thoughts on “What’s Histrionic Personality Disorder? Mental Health treatment, help & therapy with Kati Morton

  1. I think I have this. I'm super emotional and feel the need to be the center of attention almost all the time. Relationships are really hard because I get attached to people really quickly and will do anything they want so I end up hurting myself. I try to kind of fill up my life with as much excitement and attention as possible

  2. I’ve never heard of this before today and I believe it may be me. I’ve always felt this way and it really stems from my parents being gone all the time and not having friends in my formative years. I found myself having bouts like this and struggled so hard to even find out who I really am and even when I ask people to describe me all that comes out is this repetition of all the traits I’ve picked up from other people. I am no person. Just a shell of one and quite honestly I’ve become so toxic I’ve had friends become hostile towards me from it (I lied about something important to them, and they have told me not to come near them again or else). I don’t even notice sometimes and that’s what gets me. Lately though I have sought help at least for my pathological lying and will start with the rest of these symptoms ASAP. I cant wait to suggest this to my therapist and finally get the help I need.

  3. I think have a friend with HPD. One day, we were playing stuck in the mud at school and she suddenly just stepped out of the game. She said she didn't want to play anymore because i said "I don't like you anymore" to her. I never said that. She then went on to say some other stuff that i said that i never said. She accused me of bullying her when i never did such thing. She did it to drive all the attention away from me and so ppl wouldnt like me so they would feel sorry for her and like her more so she got attention but no one fell for her lil trick. She has done it a few times and she always pulls it out at random times. We still are friends but im considering telling her that she might have HPD and that she lies a lot.

  4. My exwife was/is a complete Cluster B. She too used her hands in extravagant gestures the same way this Kati does. It's an attention gaining device. Kati does it while explaining it. Remember, narcissism is the mental condition where one feels they're always on display, hence the overt gesticulations. What they're really saying is, "You're not as smart as me and cannot understand my words so I'm going to display my superior intelligence in a way that everybody can see."

  5. An online test said I might have a tendency for HPD but if you explain it to me like that I can't see how I got such a result.
    I'm too anxious to be the center of attention at parties. I have way too little self-esteem for that.

  6. Histrionic personality is what we call "the influence personality" in the DISC personalities. It's not really a disorder, more a personality. I guess it's categorised as a disorder only when all the negative traits for the person with histrionic/"I" traits are very visible and problematic.
    I just dislike how the DSM describes it as a disorder… It's a personality trait, you can't be cured cos it's just who you are… But you can limit the negative side effects from the personality by avoiding situations that puts you into stress.

  7. I was going to take the survey but you asked “How many of you are seeing a therapist?” That’s not a yes or no question.

  8. I actually feel like shit right now since I think I might have this because all my relationships seem to fall apart and mostly I'm the reason for it. I intentionally hurt people even tho I regret it deeply afterwards. I live through toxic and abusive behavior patterns and I get really uncomfortable when everything is happy and good for too long. My mum is like that as well. I seek attention all day long and I can't seem to live without it. I show all the signs and I don't know what to do. Everyone in the comments suggests staying away from people with this disorder but nobody tells us how to live with yourself. Don't we deserve love as well?

  9. So if a person was pulling people over in their vehicles and posing as law enforcement officer is this an example of HPD?

  10. Damn I would love for you to be my therapist. You're actually good, nice, and help me understand about myself.

  11. Hi Katie. While you can describe histrionics in a way that is definitely true you neglect the part that they are cluster b personality disorders. These are the abusive disorders. Their disorder causes them to do anything for attention. Anything. They are more than sexual, they are highly promiscious. They are jealous, easily slighted, vindictive, and so theatrical when they talk I am embarrassed for them. They are like a human wrecking ball everywhere they go. They have no line in the sand and can be easily talked into doing unethical deeds towards others. Absolutely nothing registers between their ears to take 10 seconds and think about what they are doing. My sister has this disorder. Nobody talks about it. There is nothing cute about her. Anyone's husband is up for grabs to fill her void. She manipulates everyone, especially kids. She will do anybody's dirtywork. She has no conscience as with all cluster b's. Thank-you

  12. I clicked the button at the end and it did not work it only paused the video. Is this a serious survey or were you toying with me? You dont seem like the type, so Im going with the click the answer feature is not working. P.S I am not seeing a therapist. Im a college student in AB PSY, studying for my exam using your video. Thanks!! 🙂

  13. I just got out of an 7 month abusive relationship, another ex partner of this woman said she has this condition, but im thinking she was a full fledged narcissistic, can these conditions mix

  14. Who is qualified to diagnose this? Are people with HPD clever or have a lower IQ – if there is a link like that

  15. I'm actually scared that I have this, it may be my anxiety telling me this, but sadly I feel like I meet all this criteria

  16. The lady is lovely but this isn’t very accurate. I’ve got this PD and I have a VERY strong sense of self. I’m so focussed on who I am and what I want from life. I have such a distinctive sense of style. I love to be noticed and hate being ignored but I also love to bring attention to charitable activities not just to myself. I love to be the life of the party. I love to share excitement and I will be very honest if I am uneducated or not knowledgeable about a certain subject. I’d never pretend I know loads about something if I don’t. I have no best friend. My standards are far too high to have a best friend as people with HPD are perfectionists and want the absolute best for themselves but not everyone is capable of being the absolute best. And we will strive to be flawless but others don’t want to work as hard.

  17. steve habite quebec canada 18 ans que je suis bordeline il reste rien que moi qui a plus de 40 ans et ce n est pas suicidé je n ai pas eu de chance je me suis manqué 4 fois j aimerai tu tu fasse un livre sur les bordeline homme si tu veux que je te rencontre mon histoire et tu ecris un livre 50%/50

  18. I came here after my ex sent me the link of this disorder with a caption "u attention whore". I can see how why she made the conclusion. After my relationship with her, I went on dating spree with my intention only is to get attention. I always feel the need to be different because I want attention. I found myself lying on so many different things if i see this as an opportunity to get attention (I had relationship with her for a year and now we are friends)

  19. My best friend fits all the criteria and I’ve always been convinced she’d get an HPD diagnosis if she went to get diagnosed. I have BPD, usually fitting the quiet type. We became friends on my 18th birthday. I’ll be 32 next week and I still love her to bits, and she’s been the one person I’ve always known I could rely on. It did take us a while to realise how our personalities fit with one another, but it eventually happened. She’s the first person I came out to, she’s been nothing but supportive. I love her stories and her theatricality, and I’ve learned not to be bothered about her attention seeking, because through this, she’s never stopped being a good friend.

  20. I eat raw meat and found your video helpful thanks. Therapist is spelled exactly like The Rapist I will always avoid being in a situation with the rapist.

  21. I have a best friend who I think has this. If she isn't the center of attention she puts headphones in and sings really loud. She tried to fit in by making up stuff and self sabatoging

  22. I have to post gorgeous photos on Instagram and look like im loaded with money and have all my shit together i definitely have histrionic personality disorder ;/

  23. God, a client of mine (I'm not a shrink) is diagnosed with this. He's nice, but annoying. Lately he's been annoying me to the point of aggravation. He talks very loudly and can practically nonstop. I wish he'd STFU more. If you don't give him attention he'll get in your face with goofy smiles to get your attention. Very annoying! Last time I worked with him I told him twice that I was in a bad mood and didn't feel like talking and he immediately started babbling about his brother, disregarding my request. He continued with his attention seeking antics too, getting in my face. Ain't it great to be having a shitty day and someone unnecessarily treats you a way you just asked them not to?

    Rant over!

  24. I can't take the survey!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭 because it happened years ago!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I'm kidding 😄I'm not that upset!

  25. I'm currently dealing with a co-worker that has this Disorder and I believe probably something else.
    But I don't know how to talk to her because she has made my work environment pretty miserable.
    She also has displayed on many occasions
    Sociopathic tendencies which on one occasion has tried to set me up to get fired, she lies and with the whole "best friend forever at first sight" was definitely her.
    What kind of advice can you give me on handling this situation?

  26. Uhhh I'm kinda distant. But I had seen woman with this before. They come and go, often I just sit in the backround.

    I'm disabled.

  27. Can i ask a question?
    Do Histrionics are harmful and toxic as Narcissist? Can they coz u stress?
    Because I think I knew somebody

  28. I heard heard of this disorder in a lesson, and instantly I thought this might help me understand myself a little bit more.

    I have a lot of those traits but I cannot say for certain what im like talking to other people as I don't really pay attention to myself when doing so, and don't want to label anything without the help from a phycologist.

    Looking into my past I have done numerous reckless things to get attention from anyone I can.
    I flaunt my body online and even show people in person pictures i took of myself whilst wearing little to no clothes.

    I always tell fake stories to try and get people to look at me and then go onto stress eat if my attention needs arnt met, resulting me being overweight for a 15 year old.

    The only reason that I don't wear provocative clothes is because I also suffer with anxiety due to my weight, but that doesn't stop me when I'm in a really Flirty mood.

    I have hatched up plans of suicide, murder, kidnapping and more to get attention before. My most recent one is paying someone to kidnap and rape me for months, even getting people I know to unwillingly rape me aswell for the extra.

    I'm worried that I'm a danger to myself and would love to get diagnosed so I can get the help I need. Do you or anyone else know what I can do about this without telling it all to my mother, as I don't want to worry or scare her.

  29. Lol I’m histrionic personality disorder got told by my psychologist I’m the most dramatic person she’s ever met. I’m also Bipolar haha 😂

  30. I have it, although it is more common among females. I can characterize self with almost all listed symptomes of HPD. It is so close to narcissism in it's heavy form. This syndrome made lose almost all of close friends and also partners, because I used to dramatize every single relationship and demanded too much from friends and partners. At the age of 33 I have almost everything: health, a house, nice parents, good education, normal appearance, but still feel little bit lone. Well, not complaining, just saying

  31. I work with one , she’s an older woman , so not so much with the seductive behavior , BUT she has made sexual comments to a few men she knew she could get away with that behavior . She hollows out loud for attention , as if she’s hurt , which she’s not . She talks very loud constantly , makes snide comments to anger others & then makes a big show if her target gets angry . Everything is DRAMA , she absolutely THRIVES in drama . Every little thing is met with her screaming “ OH MY GODDDDDDD!!!! . She also is a shit stirrer who enjoys pitting coworkers against each other , she then sits back & watches the toxic environment she has created with great pleasure .
    Not many people realize how treacherous she is because she is everybody’s best friend as soon as she meets them , all to get as much information on them as she can . It’s her hobby to create strife , bad feelings & general hostility . Ofcourse she is a prolific liar who admits to doing no wrong no matter how silly & little the mistake .
    Before anyone feels sorry for this woman , you should feel for the people she has harmed over the years . People just trying to do their jobs & this woman making things so miserable they quit . Leaving things understaffed , but ofcourse , she could care less . People at each other’s throats & she looking on with pure gleeful malice .
    The smart people stay well away from her or instantly have put boundaries before she can start her games . She does know who not to mess with instinctively , like most of her ilk .
    She has been called an energy vampire by a few discerning folks out there ..
    I feel sorry for anyone who has to live with such a horrid type person . This kind of a person is a coward as well , when she meets up with bull horns , she deflates real quick . All in all a FAKE , two faced snake who wants attention at all costs & enjoys creating a toxic environment around her as long as she doesnt get her hands dirty .

  32. I clicked on the screen where it asked me to, and nothing happened. All that happened, is the video paused, and started again when I clicked it again

  33. I desperately want to take part in the survey, but as I said in my previous message, none of the "click here" things on the screen work. No, I'm currently not seeing a therapist, but have had three assessments with specialists for BPD, and the earliest that I can start to have CAT/DBT is the end of January. I live in the UK and had to pay for therapy through a charity called Mind, but she was utterly useless. She just took my money and stared out of the window half the time

  34. I've only taken one psychology course. The prof was a clinician as well. Is there something about the profression where they're trained to talk to their audience as if they were children? That was a habit of my prof's as well.

  35. Wow this describes a client of mine to a T. I knew there was something attention seeking about her but she hits every single diagnostic criteria listed.

  36. I was diagnosed with this and it really hurts to look at myself in this way. I realize I’m not a bad person for being this, but it’s not easy to take.

  37. You forgot the part about them being attractive yet having many friends who are much less so. Also the part about being far more prevalent among women than men.


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