When Joonha was on a diet to go to Milan fashion week [Happy Together/2020.02.06]

When I lost weight back in the days, – I was very irritable. / – That’s right. I couldn’t contain my anger. Why did you diet so hard? Didn’t you get scolded? You know, I had to say a few words to him. “Are you here to work or to lose weight?” He looked like an old man. “For whom are you losing weight?” It was my plan but Jaeseok expressed displeasure – whenever he saw me. / – He scolded you. To have a shoot, you need enough stamina to focus. – That’s right. / – Did he collapse? He had to eat some food. Since he cut down on water too, his lips got stuck to each other. He didn’t talk at all. His lips were sealed. Every time he opened his mouth, I could hear a sound. His eyes were unfocused. That kind of dieting was meaningless. He told me something that happened at a market. That’s right. I was at a market when I had an experience – I had never had before. / – He collapsed. Thankfully, I collapsed in front of a nut store. I ate some nuts. My goodness. I collapsed in front of a nut store. I said, “Ma’am, please give me six almonds.” Six almonds! I ate almonds every day. Nuts saved you. – “Six almonds”. / – You could eat almonds. “Thank you.” That woke me up. My mom really wanted to go to PSY’s concert, so I asked PSY for a favor – and went with her. / – That’s right. PSY suddenly said, “Scream for seven seconds!” I was so excited that I screamed. “Scream for seven seconds!” (Screaming) (Junha fainted.) I am serious. (He fainted in the end.) I fainted. My ears rang. Who goes on a diet like that? My mom was like, “What is going on?” There was a ruckus. Who goes on a diet like that and ruins his body? – To lose weight quickly. / – So why? No one asked him to do it. It was January. We were supposed to fly out on January 8. On January 4, Producer Kim Taeho called us in – for an emergency meeting. / – I remember this. – He said, / – That’s right. “We didn’t get any offers.” “Since Junha worked hard to lose weight,” “we could still go if Junha wants to go.” – I couldn’t possibly do that. / – In cartoons, a character’s eyes well up with tears, right? He was disappointed. You didn’t end up going. I couldn’t make the team go because of me. – You were looking forward to it. / – I couldn’t do it. I was at the end of an extreme diet. I was using all of my strength. – That’s right. / – January 1 to 3 was protein day. I ate 60 eggs without the yolks. I ate 20 eggs per day. I ate eggs for all three meals. From January 4 to 6 was carbohydrates day. I ate sweet potatoes as much as I wanted without water. – What? / – I had to do that. When I couldn’t drink water, tears welled up in my eyes. You were about to collapse. I had eaten sweet potatoes. – When I went home… / – His head moved like this. That’s right. (His head shook without words.) Maybe his head was too heavy. – He does that when he is disappointed. / – Right. Your nose and forehead turned sweaty. It’s hot in here. (He is following a healthy diet now.) “It’s hot in here.”

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  1. I remember when he lost all this weight! I was so angry for him that they didn't actually go to Paris. If I were him, I would have been greedy and said "Yes! Let's go!" and just figured out something after getting there. It's easy to get attention during fashion week, just wear a crazy outfit and walk around outside the shows. There are pranksters on youtube who have done the same thing, long after MuDo. Such a shame.

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