43 thoughts on “Why Are So Many People Allergic To Food?

  1. A big thanks to Craig and Emily for sharing their allergy stories. Do you know anyone with a food allergy? Share this video with them! I'm on Twitter and Instagram at @DrJoeHanson

  2. I'm allergic to Chili peppers…I get anaphylaxis when I consume the pepper/flakes and break out into a horrible rash from the powder form

  3. Let me tell you, the worst thing to experience is a food allergy to a food you find in everything. Tree nuts and wheat are good examples of this, they can literally be found in the strangest of places and severely limit the variety and quality of food you can eat. I know this personally because I'm allergic to wheat, in fact I'm touch sensitive so I can't even pass the bread sticks to someone unless I'm really, really careful. Trying to find foods that I can eat on the go that don't all taste the same or have weird textures and aftertastes is extremely hard. I like to joke that it's hard to find somewhere that my mom's side of the family can all eat at since we all have different food allergies of moderate to severe severeness. Mom and I are allergic to wheat, mom's allergic to bananas, tree nuts, some fish, mushrooms, squash, and is lactose intolerant, Grandpa's severely allergic to onions and MSG, my cousin is allergic to soy, her mom's allergic to coconut, the list goes on and on.

    So yeah, I've lost my original intention of this comment, but food allergies are serious business and yeah. I'm going to end here.

  4. I’m allergic to the stupidest stuff. Horses, cats, grass, aloe, and pineapple (if I eat too much my throat starts to swell) idk what’s wrong with my body.

  5. i developed an allergy to peanuts in the womb, my mother ate peanuts n peanut butter treats nonstop while pregnant with me
    and some how it just made me allergic

  6. i used to have an allergy but after i turned two years old it just disappeared and i dont know how? my sister now has the same allergy so well

  7. Us middle-aged men are probably "intolerant" to a lot of foods. We just assume that gas, aches, and pains are part of life.

  8. 6:26 – 7:08 that theory is probably right. some studies( i cant remember where from) showed that kids and babies that spent alot of time outside growing up were very less likely to develop allergies later on in life opposed to the kids that spent all day in their sterile houses watching tv

  9. 6:40 Im not sure about that, I've witnessed people not washing their hands in public restrooms all the time.

  10. Being allergic to something is just the result of a compromised immune system. It's the immune system itself that needs to be healed. It isnt necessarily the food thats bad.

  11. The doctor said my little brother was supposed to develop a peanut allergy, so she fed him a lot of peanut things and now he’s not allergic. Everybody said she was crazy.

  12. Simple answer is "They are not. Their mothers are neurotic and bad mothers, and fucked the kids mind up by claiming "My sweety-pie is lactose intolerant". ( or whatever allergy-de-jour is current )

     In fact they are NOT lactose intolerant, they are just greedy and gobble up all the pies, then say to their over-indulgent stupid mothers, "Ow, mummy, my tummy hurts" and the stupid mothers, being stupid, ask their stupid circle of friends and many of the stupid friends say "OH, my Sweet-hunnybunny has tummy pains all the time, and we found she was lactose intolerant ! ! ! ! Your baby-doll is lactose intolerant too ! ! ! ! ".

  13. My favorite allergen story is when I was 5-6 years old I was at a friend's house and I accidentally ate some chocolate (I am allergic to dairy [and many other things]) but I didn't notice so I went to my friend's basement and we were playing with Legos and I suddenly just started vomiting right onto my friend and myself (for me an allergic reaction to dairy is painfully vomiting for a minute or too) that was pretty much the last time I didn't read a label and Definitely the last time I ate food that I didn't know was dairy free

  14. maybe there's a critical period for kids' immune system to recognize what's harmful and what's not. Maybe it's just that they've not exposed to those things during that critical period so the immune system can't recognize if they're harmful. So the immune system just go out and attack them. I don't have any food allergies but am allergic (slightly) to animal furs/bug bites/dust cause I grew up in an apartment and have seldomly exposed to any kinds of animals/bugs in that environment. 🤔

  15. Here is someone stupid enough that thought her allergy had magically disappeared, so she had some walnuts and, of course, got an allergic reaction to it. Be careful people, allergy reactions are not something to play with. Also, please find a cure. I'd love to eat nuts and try nutella for the first time in my life.

  16. I'm from Mexico and when I lived in Canada I realized that everyone is allergic to freaking everything!!! It's about if you let tour kid play in the dirt rather than have everything clean 😂😂 (the more you get sick the more defenses you have)

  17. I think you are (repeatedly) saying 'theory' when it seems you actually mean 'hypothesis'.

  18. Emily…just drink some almond milk. If you react, take some benadryl. It didnt kill you the first time. If you dont have the same amount as before, you'll live. I have tons of food allergies, so I'm basically a world leading allergist doctor fellow (not really, but I have lots of anecdotal experience to pull from) which include full body debilitating hives all the way to just an itchy throat or tummy ache. You'll live. That's how you solve the mystery. Drink enough until you either react or find you had enough to disprove beliefs. Slowly in increments. I didnt know about my allergies til I was 18. I ate everything and thought having bad stomach aches and constipation was normal. If I lived that long with 2 allergies that when tested claimed would kill me, almonds being one and I've had almond milk (terrible experience), you'll live if the allergist couldnt tell you you're allergic to almonds for sure. Go. Experiment on yourself. Thata how we got vaccines for cow pox I Think. Or maybe it was smallpox…idk, this is your answer.,

  19. In Israel we have this very popular peanut snack that EVERY KID in Israel grew up on, that explains why peanut allergy isn't that common in Israel.

  20. Well, in India, Allergies are a rare thing only mostly seen in posh families. I can say that they are the by product of "healthy living lifestyle"!

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