Why Health Experts Say Not To Eat Tilapia & Salmon

why health experts say not to eat
tilapia and salmon wondering how to make the best of your health with seafood
well we all know that going out or cooking seafood can be a great
experience it’s a different setting it’s exotic and it’s also a great way to get
vital nutrients and vitamins take tilapia fish for example it’s the most
popular farmed fish in America because it’s the most affordable in most cases
seafood is very expensive because of the essential vitamins it contains which can
limit people from consuming it so it is no surprise that the most affordable
fish is the most purchased with that said health experts have now issued a
warning telling people to stay as far away from tilapia fish as possible keep
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and tricks from your number-one besties it lacks nutrients one of the main
reasons experts are signaling to stay away from tilapia is because it contains
very few nutrients according to researchers from Wake Forest University
School of Medicine tilapia fish scored much lower on the omega-3 fatty acid
content than most other fish Alzheimer’s risk the omega-3 fatty acids is what
give fish the most of their benefits which includes Alzheimer’s risk
reduction what tilapia does contain is a large amounts of omega-6 fatty acids
which are not good for you take this in there are more omega-6 fatty acids in
tilapia fish than there are in a hamburger or bacon while omega-3 fatty
acids can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s omega-6 fatty acids can potentially
cause cancer one of the omega-6 fatty acids that are present in tilapia fish
is called arachidonic acid this compound increases inflammation that precede
it’s Alzheimer’s do you know what other type of fish you might cook often is
also considered dangerous to eat and is harmful to our health I’ll keep watching
because after we tell you about the health risks associated with tilapia
we’ll tell you about another type of fish that may be dangerous to eat farmed
fish most tilapia fish is farmed it is actually the second most farmed fish in
the entire world the main reason is because of the fishes hardiness it has
the ability to eat just about anything this is good for farmers but not so good
for consumers normally farmers would have to spend
money on fish food but instead they feed tilapia pig poop and chicken cancer risk
not only can tilapia increase the chances of Alzheimers but it also has
the ability to cause cancer one toxic chemical that has been found in the fish
is dioxin the compound that has been linked to the development and
progression of cancer the concern about this compound is that your body is
unable to flush it out for about seven to ten years this means that if you have
high levels of dioxin in your body the chances of you developing cancer are
increased healthy alternatives wondering how to cook or find different types of
seafood for dinner that aren’t tilapia or salmon well we’ve got some good
alternatives for you so that you can still make your dinner the best it can
be so if you are a fish lover and an
unfortunate tilapia consumer you should consider an alternative the healthiest
fish that you could consume is freshwater coho salmon it contains
between 700 to 1,800 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids making it one of the
top choices for fish sardines now this next dinner choice may
not be anyone’s favorite but it’s extremely healthy for you sardines have
been labeled as one of the world’s super foods it packs more omega-3 fatty acids
19:50 milligrams per three ounce serving than a serving of salmon it is also very
high in vitamin d as well if you’re wondering how to come up with some good
recipes for dinner with sardines remember google is always your friend
now that you know about the health risks associated with tilapia here are the
health risks associated with another extremely popular fish farmed salmon
after watching this video you may just decide not to cook seafood ever again
environmental issues a respected norwegian environmental activist by the
name of kurt oda Calv believes that the farming of salmon is a disaster both for
the environment and for human health among the Norwegian fjords that contains
salmon farms there is said to be a layer of waste about 15 metres high
consisting of bacteria drugs and pesticides the sea floor is apparently
destroyed and due to the sea farms being situated in open water there is no way
to contain the pollution as a result of these farms upwards of 2 million salmon
can’t be held in crowded spaces with the crowded conditions leading to disease
that spreads rapidly through the stressed salmon Oda calve reports that
sea lice as well as infectious salmon anemia virus has spread across Norway
while consumers are not informed of the fish pandemics and continue to purchase
deceased fish toxins despite fish always being known as
healthy food Oda calve proclaims that today’s farmed salmon is one of the most
toxic foods in the world jerome ruzhin a toxicology researcher has confirmed
these claims having tested a number of different food groups sold in Norway for
toxins he has determined that farmed salmon
contains the greatest amount of toxins among them by an incredibly large margin
it has been concluded that farmed salmon is in fact five times more toxic than
any other product tested harmful to children and pregnant women
dr. Anne lease Burt’s Monson a prominent biologist at the University of Bergen
Norway stated I do not recommend pregnant women children or young people
eat farmed salmon it is uncertain in both the amount of toxins salmon contain
and how these drugs affect children adolescents and pregnant women she adds
that the contaminants detected in farmed salmon have a negative effect on the
brains development associated with autism as well as having an effect on
other organ systems in the body’s immune system and metabolism cancer according
to living traditionally eating more than one meal of farmed raised salmon in a
month can increase your risk of developing cancer in the future due to
the salmon containing cancer-causing chemicals and high levels of dioxins
furthermore farmed salmon is also said to provide your body with higher levels
of inflammation which leads to many diseases namely cancer diabetes
arthritis and Alzheimer’s the evidence is conclusive that farmed salmon is
essentially both damaging to our bodies and the environment despite fish being
one of the healthiest foods we can eat we need to be mindful about choosing the
right fish in the industrial age documentaries continue to surface with
facts and research that have people thinking twice about consuming processed
foods and any animal products as well there are many great alternative fish
and food choices that are handled in a healthier way for our consumption and
it’s important to stay aware and informed of what you eat and how it got
to your plate it’s safe to say that oftentimes we overlook what is behind
the food that is in front of us with the growing movement
of people straying away from animal product consumption we are naturally
beginning to learn more about why people are cutting out this aspect of their
diets filet-o-fish by director Nicolas Daniels takes a critical look at the
fishing industry investigating fish farms and factories all over the world
in an extensive initiative towards educating people on the fish they
consume though our perception of fishing is rather romanticized according to
healthy holistic living when it comes to large-scale food production it’s an
entirely different story so what do you think do you eat a lot of tilapia or
salmon what are some healthy alternatives to tilapia and salmon that
you like to eat let us know in the comments section below
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  1. What do you think? Do you eat a lot of tilapia or salmon? What are some healthy alternatives to tilapia and salmon that you like to eat? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  2. Tht science is faulty. And tilapia is a fresh water fish that eats more green planktons that aren’t in sea food

  3. Sa ibang bansa yan.. Dto sa 'pinas wala naman cnasabi mga doktor dto na masama sa kalusugan ang pagkain ng tilapia at salmon?

  4. I eat Tilapia for free, it's wild, anyone can fish for free. I have been eating different types of fish since my childhood.

  5. my grandma lives 203 years old…she eat everything…. its our destiny if we die early… even though we eat healthy food if God wants to take our lives thats it…

  6. To and from someone educated , all kinds of regular finish, including Tilapia, contains protein, omega 3 , and many other nutritional values, the most nutritious is the silver substance in the skin of the fish, which is silver nitrates, which is antioxidant and anti inflammatory natural healing source , further more ; It's anti aging for brain and body cells, Fish : Cooked , boiled are still very nutritious , when it's grilled or fried , it loses the benefits of skin but still it has protein … Other than that ..Tilapia is safe to eat , the way it's cooked is the topic of debate

  7. We live near at the sea and we always eat sardines, salmon and sometimes tilapia from farm but why my parents still living healthy and strong at the age of 75 and 79.. I don't believe in this. We suffering from diseases because of our bad habits and bad lifestyles. And, according to WHO or world health organization, Europe and western countries has the highest rate of cancers compare to the third world countries? Yes I believe that's in third world people suffering from diseases not just because of food they take but because of lack of nutritions and lack of food supplies.. this video and researched is bullshit.. reality talk

  8. Its even more alarming that they make this stuff cheap for the poor to buy. I guess so cancer and other diseases can take you out. Population control i guess🙄

  9. Alaska caught salmon is all I will eat if I eat meat.

    There's nothing on land anymore for humans.

    The sea is our last hope and they are destroying that too.😢

    May God save us all.

  10. Pig manure and Chicken? This must be the biggest lie ever told in history. Do you know that Tilapia is regulated, do you know that you cant farm tilapia without permits. Its a disgrace that someone can post a lie like this to make money off it

  11. Good day. As far is i am aware the farmers put the pig waste or chicken waste in the water to promote algea blooms/growth which the tilipia fish will eat. It is cheaper for the farmer because apart from the usual feed, the fish will consume the algea in the water. Also the fish is supposed to be put in clean water without food for a day or two to basically purge the fish of any bad taste. Tilipia is know of tasting like the water it came from.

  12. Let's unpack the issues with the research here just from basic bodily functions, in two parts. Prepare for science.
    Starting with the first glaring issue. Omega 6 fatty acid isn't a huge cancer risk, you need it in your body. An Omega 6 fatty acid is used to promote growth after exercise, and during inflammation to halt cell damage increase cell repair. These VITAL body functions are a byproduct of cancer risk you will have with or without eating it. ANY time your cells have to devide or repair will increase risk of cancer, yes even scratches and colds. All it takes is an enzyme cutting wrong or after replication DNA that misfolds.
    Secondly tilapia is a filter feeder, we are eating the muscle tissue and not the internal organs where toxins ingested stay in filtration organs before being expelled through an excretory orifice. Yes if there is too much crap inside the fish the organs become overwhelmed so it enters the meat until it kills the fish, with few exceptions like Organic Mercury compounds. Salmon is a different fish but largely the same. Is it still okay for them to use actual feces in this process? Well aside from diseases, most of which do not go cross species and are killed by being outside their preferred environment and feeding (tilapia and shrimp are often kept with other aquatic life to prevent diseases from spreading), the FDA does not allow for fish containing any unusual amounts of risk factors to be sold on market. This research has yet to be reviewed by any credible peer reviewing system or government approval to my knowledge, if it was even presented to one. It's genuinely pop-sci crap researchers do to get what money they can, here they don't even have to use P-hacking, or provide statistical probabilities for potential uncertainty like in bayes' theorem or any research worth it's salt as even in practical mechanics they are required for manufacturing tolerances.

  13. State your sources for the quote from Jerome Rosen. I could find nothing to support your assertions. Until then I suggest people treat this as BS.

  14. Whatever the "health experts" say, I do the opposite, because a healthy person has no reason to be their customer. They are TRYING to make you SICK!

  15. I dont know if this true but i dont like both of them. Tilapia n salmon. I dont know why. Now I know. Tnx for sharing this video.

  16. Thanks God i did'nt eat these kinds of fish..its not because they only contains low fatty acids but its because of their odor.. and it's true that farmed tilapia ang salmon are feed by poo of animals😝😝😝

  17. There isn’t that much fat in tilapia, it’s still a low fat high protein food source. If your dieting that’s most of what you need it to do.

  18. Trying to find how to report this under. The sources "cited" are taken out of context by omitting the fact the most samples were fed corn, and that omega 6 are still of nutritional value to humans.
    "But the notion that omega-6 fats are bad just hasn't panned out. For one thing, how the body uses arachidonic acid doesn't depend on the ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fats. For another, the argument overlooks the other good things that omega-6 fats do. These include lowering LDL and triglycerides, boosting protective HDL, and helping control blood sugar by making muscle cells respond more readily to insulin."
    Source; Harvard Medical School report over this:

  19. Let me ask you about this milk fish. Isn't it that milk fish widely a farmed fish? So are also telling that it is not advisable to eat milk fish? Answer to this inquiry is highly appreciated. . Thanks

  20. tilapia is not a sea food its a fresh water fish and it is the food its fed that makes it bad but you are right about farm salmon

  21. I have been eating tilapia for more than 45 years now, nothing wrong with my body and brain. Too much Pork and Beef are dagerous to my health.

  22. Ahh the chosen ones telling us what we should say ..drive think..want ..need ..eat,..
    Buy, own, wear, it's the liberals NANNY STATE. …

  23. I eat tilapia since i was a kid…n nothing happen to me…according to legend…the expert is one of the TILAPIA in my pond

  24. Niggas when I say I'm on your side don't need to listen to me I know being a f**** in a and I've done a that motherfuking like I said tilapia originally from Africa then to Asia then to Europe don't think y'all the only ones good watch Reading rainbow cookie

  25. Tilapia is farmed in barrels it is sooo disgusting! This fish should be illegal for them to sell.
    I disagree with not eating salmon though. Wild caught salmon isn't harmful like tilapia.

  26. My salmon is wild caught and says so on the bag. Had me so angry because I just bought this wild caught salmon to replace my huge bag of tilapia I bought a few weeks ago…

  27. Bing vegan is way to expensive for most people. most people who are vegan are eating GMO products even when they say its not GMO and its organic. if you get your seeds from Monsanto you are eating GMO even though it was grown organically. you can't win. everything causes cancer. even the cloths that you wear.

  28. God commanded us to eat everything on earth except the blood. Man is once again saying dont eat this dont eat that. Jesus blessed the food and ate.

  29. Ever since a kid, I really don't like to eat tilapia and salmon .I dunno why but Everytime I see this 2 kind of fish , I feel like vomiting….then now at 57 , I know that this fishes eats a lot of aluminum and Mercury ,that stocks in their body that is why they are shining…..really true they are toxic …I love seafoods and veggies , fruits….most esp . Troute/ milkfish and sardines when it's grilled hmmm Sooo yummy and lots of Omega 3 fats….plus red hemmings good for Parkinson's disease …..May God bless Us all !!!

  30. Farmed fish or wild fish has the same amount of nutrients. Omega 6 is as good as omega 3. Full of lies and misconception. Pseudo science.Tlipia is raised with feed.

  31. Don't drink the water don't eat fish don't eat red meat don't eat vegetables don't eat fruit so I might as well starve to death

  32. By the year 2030 every human being on Earth will starve yourself to death there will be NO human beings left on Earth because humans gave up eating food and drinking water everybody will be dead

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