Why Isagenix? Candid Interview With Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Kathy Coover

– Imagine if you could
live your ideal life the way you wanted. You would walk into your house and you’d have the house of your dreams. You’d have your children there. Imagine if you looked at
your checking account, your balance, and there
was no issues anymore. Imagine if every morning
you wake with vitality, with energy, with passion,
and that you feel so great you want to share it with the world. I am so passionate about this opportunity because I see what it does for families. It give them freedom, freedom
to work when they want, where they want, and with whom they want. It also gives them purpose, passion, and it gets then up every single morning so they’re excited about their future. I started in this profession in 1992, I was a dental hygienist before and I was looking for a
way out, I was burned out, and I wanted to stay home with my son, I wanted to be there for him, but I also wanted to make a
contribution to the world. And so I started in this profession really to make a great income
and be home with my son, and in my first business that
I did I became very successful but I didn’t have a coach,
I didn’t have a mentor so I had to really create the systems and training for the company. I was with that company for five years and then they sold that company. And then I built another
one to massive success, and unfortunately they had
issues with regulatory issues. And then I built another one, and unfortunately that
company had issues too. But what I believe is everything that I had happen to me in my past prepared me for Isagenix. It was the journey. I never look back, I always look forward, and I knew that if we created the company that was all about the people, a company that was there for them, a company they could count on, a company that was a
legacy for their family, something they could
feel passionate about, we would create the best
company in the world. When I see our Isagenix associates and the transformation they’ve made it makes me feel like we have made a huge difference in people’s lives. It gets me up every single morning. I see the stories of the moms
that are home with their kids, the dads that can go to the soccer games. There is nothing like it in the world, that flexibility and that freedom. My passion about families
is because I’m a mom and I’m a grandma, and I know how important
the family unit is, and I know when people
have incredible health it affects the whole family, and I know without your
health, it’s a disaster. So keeping your body
healthy is so important. And then also creating a
great income for your family, it makes you feel so good
inside that you’re doing this. You are a good role
model for your children, you’re children will
look up to you and say, “Look, my mom and dad did this.” And so you can get the
whole family involved and that family unit is so important, and I truly believe this profession has made my family stronger as a family, and I know it’s done it
for other families too. I believe, if people are committed and they have that burning desire, that anyone can succeed because
we have the systems in place to show people exactly
how to work the business. And that’s what I love about it, and I love about freedom,
flexibility, personal growth, creating a community of people
that are all working together with a bigger goal, to impact the world. So this profession, when it’s done right, is the best profession in the world. So if someone’s driven and, once again, has that burning desire, they can go up the ladder
very, very quickly. If they have to replace an
income or if they have the needs, so it depends on the individual person, and we have people that
go at a slower pace, that are working a career,
and are just trying to create that little nest egg so they can have that retirement. So anything’s possible. We see people go really fast, and then we see people go slow
and steady but they still, as long as they’re consistent
and keep doing the activities, sharing Isagenix, sharing
the Isagenix story, and being passionate about
it, the magic can happen. What’s so beautiful
about network marketing is you don’t have that overhead. You have that flexibility,
you have that freedom, and there’s an unlimited
income that you can create, and when I saw the unlimited income, that’s what got me excited. I thought I couldn’t ever
see any other profession like that in the world where
there’s an unlimited income. And I thought, if I really work hard and I help my people work
and go up the ladder, I would succeed. And now with technology, my goodness, everything’s at your fingertips and people are looking for options, and they’re tired of working
for someone else too, and so this gives them that option. After this video ends you can keep doing the same thing that you’ve been doing but I encourage you to take
a serious look at Isagenix because it’s something that
you have been waiting for. It’s something that can
impact your family’s life, your family’s health, and
you owe it to yourself to make the decision to try our products, they’re the best in the world, and to give a serious look at the business because it can change your life ’cause it’s changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

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