Will Bigfoot Sasquatch Join Picnicking Couple After Smelling Wife's Authentic Filipino Cuisine?

hello alright guys I have figured out the best way ever potentially I don't want block her she's too pretty there's my beautiful bride dearly aka giggly girl okay I was gonna tell her not to laugh too late okay we have potentially figured out the best way possible to lure in the potential Bigfoot sasquatch it's mid-march and it's so awesome because temperatures are still below freezing at night and in the mornings but in the afternoon as you can see at lunchtime they're up in the 60s we're having our first official picnic up here at our campground which has I guess become the official potential Bigfoot Sasquatch headquarters and I figured nothing else may potentially lure in the potential Bigfoot Sasquatch my beautiful Brides cooking honey what did you make for us today say that first one again three times real fast just the first one honey okay so anyway that's what we're having we're gonna set a plate for our potential Bigfoot sasquatch we're gonna put it back here right at the wood line don't pay attention to us eating this delicious delicacy delicatessen delectable delights look back here watch for movement okay I was up here setting up the table earlier while dearly was inside cooking giggling I'm sure the whole time and I I swear I heard strange laughter coming from the forest so I thought you know what I'm being watched we're gonna see if we can catch who is potentially watching us so let's go ahead and help yourself honey I know you're hungry I'm gonna go ahead and set a plate for our potential Bigfoot sasquatch dearly has one ingredient that she adds to every meal she cooks for our family that makes it so perfect and while I'm setting up our potential Bigfoot Sasquatch is played back here I'm gonna have her explain to you what that ingredient is you know what is that ingredient huh yeah I was gonna say don't talk with your mouth full wait till you swallow and then tell him she gets excited about food so okay so we are making like a peace offering up here for our potential Bigfoot Sasquatch we're offering a tour tank to long fried chicken and some plain white rice so honey tell him your philosophy on cooking with love while I give whoops got to make another rectangle potential Bigfoot sasquatch his Hershey or their food okay guys I shared this before from one of my cooking videos my number one secret cooking is like when you cook you gotta enjoy it you gotta enjoy it I call it love yep every time I cook for my family I always enjoy it and then makes me so happy so it's always turned out good special makes me so happy that if after I cook Daniel he always here always like what I cook so that's kind of my price tell them all about that love honey don't laugh serious let's go reach out and see if we can touch someone huh you eat I'm gonna take the phone huh we're gonna knock so we've got the food out we got my beautiful Brides sheer beauty okay I mean I'm not using her as bait that would be mean but isn't it obvious that that might help lure in like a male Bigfoot sasquatch cause she's like okay so we got the food out now we're gonna knock or say come and get it we'll see if anything comes around I hope the weather is really nice where you live now I hope you're not like way north of me and hating my guts right now because you're buried in snow freezing temperatures you know an FYI guys we don't do a whole lot of videos in the middle of the day so we're getting a different lighting signature here which may help us see things that are more difficult to see in the evenings when I usually do these let's go ahead and give some knocks Sooey Bigfoot sasquatch soo-wee Bigfoot sasquatch suey come and get it oh man here comes those lights they know we're here you guys saw that didn't ya a lot of energy and guys FYI if you watch the video from yesterday if you didn't go back and see it but it's about finally explaining the dark figures in the forest and the woods you guys thank you for letting me know that that thing I dug up underneath the tree was potentially a what's called grapeshot it was like scattershot for a cannon for civil war-era so I believe that's what it is a lot of folks have been mentioning in the comments that they believe there's a lot of energy and spirits here on our property now obviously if I'm digging up scattershot from a civil war-era cannon on my property that means that a civil war-era cannon probably during the Civil War was shot on my property and according to the research that was one of the weapons of choice used against oncoming infantry platoons I was infantry hooah airborne if your leg that's cool too infantry leads away but the point is when he's light flashes occur and he's you see that dang it I don't have my red circle just keep watching in this area [Applause] I'm hungry and that food smells good I'm gonna go eat keep your eyes open let's see if we see anything coming in for this food so anyway yeah it looks like we found some civil war-era stuff here and giggly girl and I were talking since this discovery that we are going to get a mental detector hahaha funny you guys would say I need a metal detector I'm gonna see what else we can find around here Oh see that babe and I can feel them when they come in so there's our food oh look who's joining us where'd she go she's over here miss Cleopatra right there there she is oh she's gonna take my seat and eat my food better get over there kitty don't eat my food are you finished on not yet is it delicious does it taste as good as you look what's so funny you okay it's all about ignoring them and acting like you're not looking just keep eating I'm gonna join you if I were a looking man cuz I'm not gonna be looking imma be eating my food I would be focusing right up in this area okay now remember hon gotta act like you're not looking for him so honey are you enjoying our first picnic of the year yeah that's a good idea mmm some soy sauce I'm not supposed to look bad thought I heard something yeah me too that's why I look at them smell it oh that's my dad up there alright guys so we're gonna enjoy the rest of our picnic hopefully we potentially picked up they call me crazy well she does laugh giggle giggle giggle okay honey tell him bye bye bye bye see you next time and so well he/she/it are they

41 thoughts on “Will Bigfoot Sasquatch Join Picnicking Couple After Smelling Wife's Authentic Filipino Cuisine?

  1. 8:30 once he pans back to center there is a figure right behind him in the very middle back trees thats slips back behind the trees 😅

  2. Trying to look for sassy was to difficult on account of your adorable wife. I did see the flashes, interesting! And your madness is equal to mine! Love it.

  3. Are you CRAZY!!! Never use the wife for bait. I know what you could use, do you get along with your Mother-in Law!?!?!? On the Serious side, get a Bigfoot detector, B/F trap and lots of beef jerky and a bottle of Jim Beam.  Thumbs up and sub for the wild man! Stay safe and carry a big club!

  4. God bless you guys you're an adorable couple but be careful because those bigfoots are not always friendly. You have to remember they are qualified as animals. Animal Instinct can always take over and can be what you do not expect!! I know that you like doing your videos but luring them to your home creates a security for them that they did not have before I think it would be in your best interest to not attract them to your house and get them comfortable with engaging with you just to get proof that they exist. they are real I seen one in the Deep Woods of Tennessee in my high beam lights with another person. If I were you I would at least keep my gun on me and keep your house lit up at night. I want to believe that we can make contact to but you also have to remember but there may be consequences and repercussions for doing it. Again God bless you both you two are an amazing couple and I definitely see the love that y'all share between3ach other. And that's a valuable asset I think the most of watching this video is being able to see such rare beautiful love that you share between each other. the bigfoots are extras😂👌💯👑😜💪👍💗

  5. Pancit, adobo, lampia, that will bring them out. I know when my wife cooks, all my guy friends i havent seen in awhile show up. I ask her to cook dry fish to run them off!!!

  6. Don't believe in big foot I would hate to think you might have a stalker but that would be really creepy
    red circle in the blue triangle I think that's a little crazy
    I think you and your wife are really nice people
    just don't know what to think about your red circle and blue triangle and some Time I think you might be hearing Birds sometimes they make weird noises

  7. What was that other slab of food. It looks like a ducks head and his smashed body. Duck friend steak??? Damm looks really good.

  8. Looove ur work so much . Thanks for all ur crazy vids and keep searching ….You have a nice one . love to all ur family from Québec , Canada xxxxx

  9. That food looks tastey. My dad always said chicken and pork chops are finger food, just saying. Be safe. Peace.

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