William Davis Speaks About the Benefits of an Integrative Nutrition Education | IIN Depth

(upbeat music) The audience at IIN was wonderfully receptive, because I think people come here for information, to hear cutting-edge insights into how to eat. Because you know what, we can’t listen to our own government about how to eat, and we certainly can’t watch TV, with all its commercials and commercial interests. So here’s a chance to hear the real story without some big food company influencing the message. My wife, Dawn, is actually taking the course, the IIN course. She’s a nurse and she’s been hanging around with me, for a good number of years, but she wanted a systematic approach to understand every step of the way and make sure she had a good grounding in the science. Not the fiction, but the science behind healthy eating, from an unbiased source. I also see dieticians increasingly turning to centers like the IIN. Because they know they can get real information there that they never got in college, through their post-graduate education, and so they’re coming to organizations like the IIN to get a real, proper education in nutrition. (lively guitar music)

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