Winter Wellbeing Central Heating Fund

Cornwall, its a great place to live, but not
for everyone. Like many remote rural areas, the housing
stock can be pretty poor when it comes to basic comforts. Many homes here are cold, and they’re very
damp. This map shows how poorly Cornwall and the
Isles of Scilly perform in terms of fuel poverty. 10 percent of English homes are in fuel poverty,
and Cornwall weighs in at nearly 15% and the Isles of Scilly over 20%. That’s over 36,000 households of vulnerable
people of all ages shivering away. 88% of homes here have an energy performance
certificate or EPC of D or over. Here, you want to be in bands A or B, in the
green, not in the red. In 2015 Cornwall’s Winter Wellbeing partnership,
and others, decided that something more impactful had to be done to make a real difference to
people’s lives. So they set up a free Central Heating Fund
to do just that. We’ve lived here for 18 years, we got a gas
fire in the lounge, but we’re lacking in central heating Damp and cold takes lives and ruins lives. Without heating people suffer poor health,
often can’t work and their life chances diminish no matter how beautiful the place they live
in or how nice the house appears on the outside. We want to get the house now so that we haven’t
got to do anything from now on because, you know we’re getting older, like we said, we’d
like to just like to live out the rest of our days here without having to work hard
to do it. And sometimes, getting really warm can be
as simple as when the heating comes on and off. Life before we had the new system in was very
damp, freezing, especially at night because it was night storage heaters and they kick
the heat out during the day when we’re not here. Whereas now it’s on a timer so we get up in
the morning its warm. We get, home from work or school and its lovely
and warm. I would definitely recommend this to anybody. And it’s not just those who want to grow older
comfortably, the cold and damp can harm much younger lives too. We heard about the project through Facebook. An advert came up saying about a government
scheme where you can get free central heating put in. We applied for it because our son has Asthma,
it can’t be diagnosed because he’s to young, but he has an inhaler to help him when he
has a cough at night and things. Having the heating actually means now this
year, even already, we’ve found that we haven’t had to use his inhaler at all. So now we’ve got the system in place obviously
it will be a lot warmer for this winter and we’re planning on staying here for many years
so it will be a lot easier, cheaper and warmer for the future and our kids can grow up in
a warm house. We used to be a G rating on our energy which
is really low and now because of this system we had put in with the boiler we’re now an
A rating. So it will be a lot cheaper this year. Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly’s Winter
Wellbeing Partnership and its Central Heating Fund has already made a real difference to
the living conditions of hundreds of local residents and is set to fix many more, allowing
people to stay warm for less. Turning winter to summer for the people of
Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

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  1. Why did Cornwall Council help support Glow Cornwall in 2013 which was run by British Gas plc who then disappeared very quickly back to Scotland? Why didn't they give their support to the HEAT Project run by a local firm? I really wonder about what British Gas did to get council support in the first place? It is time to vote the councillors out and put Green Party people into power. We have wasted 4 years that could have been used to solve fuel poverty by now. But here we are again! Cornwall Council has no shame.

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