Woman Addicted to Exercise Works out 8 Hours a Day

You want to feel better you want to have more [energy] you want to add yours your life. We always say exercise We all need exercise, right? Exercise is good But what if you start to overdo it with physical activity and it takes over your whole life Well, then exercise may not be so good. This is [Erin’s] story. My name is Erin, and I am addicted to exercise I Exercise eight hours a day. I never get tired. I don’t get sore I’ll cancel plans I’ll cancel appointments It’s been controlling my life. I just can’t stop It was competitive gymnast since the age of [7] training at least 3 hours a day she said to me I’m not going to Damascus practice I got the thermometer and she had 103 [nose] the only time she didn’t want to go to gymnastics [I] started getting into marathons and triathlons. I never miss a day five years ago I ended up breaking my back [three] days after back surgery. I was already trying to go up and down stairs the last four years It’s not giving me [the] rush that [I] used to feel just doing three to four hours when I wake [up] around five o’clock is when I workout, and then I go to work And then I’ll go back to the gym for another two hours And when I get home on top my spin bike run to a meal snack It’s not I go to bed around 2:30 when I wake up around 5:00 out run again about eight months ago I got a message from a girl and It triggered a memory that I’ve suppressed for thirty years. I was wafted from the age of six to ten When I came to tell me that she had been abused as a child I’m on this nightmare to Miss it It’s madness my mare threw me over the edge so Easily from that time on I’ve been adding on exercise so that I could just forget about that whole nightmare of those four years of my life when I saw him three months ago, my heart broke [I] was met at the airport by Someone I wouldn’t even recognize for how thin she had become I’m just scared that my body is just gonna break down Why can’t you take a day off? Yeah, I can’t. It’s just an addiction, and it’s every single day. I wake up and I have [to] do it [we’ll] [meet] Aaron after the break you

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  1. I'm addicted to hating the gym, why go to the gym when you can get a good manuel labor job and get REAL WORLD MUSCLES.

  2. When a child is abuse in anyway….it effects the way they think and feel. I pray she is doing better. Her eating habits were just as bad as her exercise addiction. I pray by now she is doing much better.

  3. Okay i know this is not normal but did anyone hear her say she never gets tired or sore? That's freaken insane shes a warrior in my book, if she was a spartan soldier or something she would of been legendary 😂

  4. OMG That Poor Woman. She made me cry. Holy Cow. God Bless her. I hope she can get the right help. Clearly she is reaching out to others to help them. This is so awful. Love to her.

  5. She should use her power for charity work, helping other survivors and stopping abuse. This might help her with her own past and to say a big FU to it.

  6. I have the opposite problem I'm addicted to being lazy not working out and food.
    Who else suffers from lazy syndrome

  7. Holy shit its been day three where I haven’t even gotten out of my bed and my mom is trying to Bribe me with food

  8. Its ok to workout but she needs calories . By the way she looks shes not eating enough and in a catabolic state . Her bf percentage is too low therefore she burns muscles . Eight hours a day she burns minimum 3000 cals even 4000 only from workout .

  9. I just hope she gets better and just forgets about the past. I know its hard but she deserves so much better.

  10. I do not like the treadmill and stair climber I do some exercises . It is not easy to exercise but I have to push myself because I would like to loose a few pounds people can become addicted to anything I like to eat sugary things but some time I pig out on sweets then I go on a no sweet binge I am not diabetic and have eaten a lot of sugar over the years and I like pasta and potatoes . Beans peanuts beams I am not obese but I can loose a few pounds

  11. Too much? KEEP headphones on and play Hennie Bekker radio. Too little? Pump up the Hip Hop, Gospel or Rock, but pace yourself because if you are like me, you will have to time your intervals and cool down when the time says so.

  12. To be like her its like to drive a car every day with out oil in the engine ,it will work for a wile then catastroffic break down.

  13. This poor woman has a clinical disorder I sure hope she's ok now. her story makes me wish I could help in some way.

  14. This happened to me when I was 11. I wanted to get in shape, and once I saw those muscles in my legs, I couldn't stop. The feeling you get after completing a workout is like a high. You can't stop!

  15. conozco personas que hacen mucho ejercicio y no estan asi para mi que sufre de la tiroides aparte del ejercicio que hace

  16. I hate it because my sister is going through the same thing only she likes to eat and is over weight. Molestation seriously damages people.

  17. I can't stop bitch just sit on the couch get a bag of Doritos and watch Netflix it ain't hard to stop exercising 😂

  18. She needs deliverance from past pain and trauma….Jesus can heal her completely so has He did for millions.

  19. It was the not sleeping and not enough food to burn that was physically killing her. She should have been sleeping 7-9 hours and eating several thousands of calories. = Probably disdained fats and good salt too. Poor thing.

  20. "I cant stop" I mean…you can, just choose not to. Let go of the past, its been 30 years. Not trying to be a dick, but seriously? What does she expect the doctors to do, tell her not to exercise?

  21. My dad sexually abusedn my sister and my mom's is still married to him I am scared he will do the same to me idk what to do when my sister turns 17 she's moving out so she doesn't have to see him I don't want her to leave I don't want him to hurt me like that I am scared

  22. Poor lady. I hope she is doing much better now. She obviously has a lot of drive – she just needs to learn how to channel it better.

  23. İ wake up 5:30 and come home (if i did not sth to do )at 5:00 and o i am teacher. İt is long hour work less payment in my country and after coming home, i have sth to do about school. And housework bla bla . İ mean how can she have 8 hours for sport.

  24. God i thought i was bad. I run a 5k and lift every day – about 2 hours. This is just gross. She looks 60.

  25. So heartbreaking… I can relate… Lord Jesus comfort her and give her peace and true deliverance from all torment.

  26. I honestly feel he same way just not that thin. I love the exhausted feeling I get and the burn I get. But I eat back what I burn so it stays balanced

  27. I hope she’s doing better . We as humans love making fun of others misery’s . we need to love and support each other more . Hope she can pull through . I know she can

  28. I did this for a month I've been active all my life since a child some of us can exercise alot !! I can also hitt gym for 3hrs a day do my walks after and before just to relax.. So if you eat well and I ate alot in that month of 8hrs a day still lost weight I was a rock of muscle sank like a stone in the pool lol only fat was my boob's 🙋it was after a break up with a bf so it mite have driven the extremeness

  29. Why are so many people making jokes? You’re pretty much belittling an addiction. I have suffered from an exercise addiction for about two years after recovering from anorexia, and I can’t tell you enough how much it hurts me to see people making fun of this.

  30. Am i literally the only one who thinks that Travis is struggling with some kind of prescription medicine issue?? His slurred speech…he even looks a little strung out in this episode.

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