Women’s Pelvic Medicine Specialists Strive to Improve Quality of Life | UC San Diego Health

So when patients are referred here to the
Women’s Public Medicine Center what they’re going to experience is a staff
that is completely committed to treating all types of pelvic floor disorders and
women from a multidisciplinary approach they know that we have urologist working
here we have have had physical therapists we have urogynecologists we
don’t look at those individual specialties differently as a patient you
come you’re going to see one of us and each of us is we consider each other to
be sort of equivalent entities and in terms of taking care of these problems
when we are able to treat a patient for one of their pelvic floor conditions our main outcome is how we improve their quality of life so in a
lot of medicine you try to improve a lab value where you try to make a tumor go
away or get rid of something objective that sometimes the patient doesn’t even
know they have with our patients something is bothering them that’s why
they’re here and we want to fix that and in doing so improve their quality of
life. I think the most important thing for patients to know especially women
who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction is that there’s no element of aging
hardship stress prior life experiences that should ever make anyone tolerate
discomfort as far as incontinence and prolapse a lot of women that come to us
have dealt with these issues for many many years and they’re very surprised to
find out that we can use some very conservative methods of just making
their life so much better if something doesn’t feel normal if it doesn’t feel
right please come let us help you
and really show you what is available to help you feel better. So if I could change anything it would be just awareness awareness of you know the fact
that these conditions exist that a lot of people have them and that you don’t
have to live with them

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