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  1. Rachel, thanks for your videos, im just already learning english, and i think that you are an excellent teacher, i understand clearly.

  2. That was great Rachel. I´m pleased to be practicing my pronunciation with your videos. Thanks.

  3. Hello Rachel ! Thank you for all these helpful videos. They helped me a lot with my English. To be honest, you're better than any of my English teachers ever !

  4. Hi Rachel, I have passed all your video teaching how to correct word stress and the "A lot of people ask me if it possible to sound like native speaker…". What is the most gerenal rules for this?

  5. The pronunciation (including stress) is something that has to be learned when you learn the word. There aren't rules general rules, or ways to know the stress just by look at the letters of the word.

  6. rachel i wanna say thank u so much for your work it really helped me in my last exams greetings from morocco .

  7. You're so great! I love your videos! Please continue to post them! I'm brazilian and I study English at the University and helps me a lot!

  8. Rachel, greetings from the US Army officer corps. Thanks for the video. It helped prep me for the my Defense Language Test. Thanks a bunch.

  9. In the 1:59 min. You say ''Maybe it even…''  I simply noticed that you left out the letter ''it'', is that right?

  10. Hi,I want thank you for this video helped me much, now I gonna to practice more.
    I did like very Rachel's video. I will watch others videos NOW rsrsrs!!!!

  11. Hi . . . Thanks for sharing helpful videos, teaching and efforts . . . and . . . a . . . imm . . . your eyes is beautiful . . . I love your eyes . . .

  12. Hello wanna ask about something, I've did a test, and I found an exercice askin : Classify the following words according to their stressed syllable in the table bellow. And this table is devided like dat :

    1st Syllable – 2nd Syllable – 3rd Syllable

    These words are : Accuse – Information – Honest – Newspaper
    My question is, what I'm gonna do now? Put words according to the number of their syllables in the table?

    The second question is, where is the syllable of the word information? is it the "…tion " at the end? If it is, so I put it on the third syllable? I don't understood this excercise

    Thanks for answering…. ( LMAO )

  13. thank u……………………………………………………………very helpful..i have subscribed

  14. I really like the way you describe how to pronounce words/ phrases. Can you post how to pronounce Yin and Yang? I'd really appreciate it.

  15. love the way u teached…its easy to learn while u are teaching..and i practised some words…thank u

  16. Hi, I have been observing that there is no word with two or more syllables that ends an aa sound, so if the spelling ends with a then it takes the schwa sound. e.g. India, China, Pizza, Visa, Charisma, Banana. The mentioned words are ending with a, however all these words takes a schwa sound instead. Please let me know if my observation is correct.

  17. hi rachel!!! how are you, I have confusion with 3 syllable pattern,,, I don't know when to stressed out syllable… like for example…. forfeited word,,, I stressed out the 2nd syllable "feit" but the correct syllable to stressed out is the first syllable 'for…

    I need your help if you can add some video on where to stressed out 1st, 2nd , 3rd syllable… is there any specific pattern?

  18. thanks for your information darling .. i want to ask you if there are some rules in how to cut syllables and how you put stress 😍😃

  19. Hello Rachel, please, from your presence, make a series of 5000 words more common and enter the phrase in the American dialect

  20. Hey Rachel ! I’m an English teacher and I love your way of teaching and instruction ! I hope you the best of luck in your professional life . Keep the hard work up ! Bravo !

  21. This video is awesome! But something weird happened when I had Pratt recorded and analyzed your pronunciations of rational, popular, example, and popular. The pitch forms turned out to be disconnected. They should be smooth and connected, right? How could these happen?

  22. I'm having a problem with this one question, please help me out by choosing the word that is stressed differently and tell me why it's stressed that way
    A.rhetoric B.rheumatic C.religious D. consensus

  23. What a simple method! wow I searched lots of videos regarding words stress but this found very easy….👌

  24. Thanks a lot for this video. Stessed syllable is often described as louder ,clearer,higher in pitch and longer but I feel there's something wrong with that.for instance : Is he a teacher? The first syllable of teacher is clearer,louder and higher in pitch than the second syllable (er).but at the same time the sentence has a rising intonation because it is a yes or no question .that's to say,our voice goes up before the ( er) syllable of teacher. My question is how come the first syllable of teacher is louder and higher in pitch than the second syllable and at the same time the intonation goes up after the first syllable ( not before ) ? Or in other words the( teach) is louder and and higher in pitch than the (er) because it is a stressed syllable and at the same time the ( er) is higher in pitch than ( teach) because the intonation if rising….I hope you get my question.

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